Viber Tracker

  • photoRead all sent and received messages on Viber.
  • photoView multimedia files (images, videos, documents) shared via Viber.
  • photoAccess logs of Viber call duration and timestamps.
  • photoBackup and archive the target's Viber data.
  • photoMonitor Viber in stealth mode.
  • Support all iOS & Android devices

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    Track Viber with SpyX

    What Can I Do with Viber Data on A Target Phone?

    View Direct Messages

    Get direct access to their private chat conversations. View their sent or received direct messages on Viber.

    Track Followers and Following

    Know how many followers your target Viber account has and who the monitored user is following.

    Track Content with Timestamp

    SpyX provides you with the exact date and time of when a particular activity took place.

    Why Will You Monitor a Kid's Viber?

    As one of the most popular social networking services, Viber has billions of users all over the world. If your child also likes sharing life or being direct on Viber, you need to make sure they don't send or share inappropriate contents and take care of these hiding online predators who might hurt your child.

    With SpyX, you are able to view all direct messages sent as well as the shared links in direct messages so that you can ensure that your child didn't send inappropriate content.

    How to Monitor kid’s Viber with SpyX?

    Step 1. Sign up Free

    Type in your valid email address (valid one) to create a new SpyX account. It is entirely free.

    Step 2. Add iCloud Credentials

    Choose a suitable plan. Next, share the iCloud account details used on the target device.

    Step 3. Start Tracking Target’s Viber

    Go to the online control panel using your SpyX account. By clicking on “Viber,” you can view every possible detail on the Viber account.

    FAQ about Monitoring Viber

    Yes, SpyX enables you to spy on someone's Viber remotely. Once you finish setup, you can log in to your dashboard and view all messages on target's Viber.

    If you are considering spying on someone's Viber, SpyX is your best choice. It ranks top with reasonable price, strong tracking features, no app installation, no jailbreak.

    You can take target phone while the person isn't looking and check the Viber, but it's easy to get caught. The most reliable way to check other people's Viber messages is SpyX.

    SpyX supports location tracking feature. You can track someone's location in real time as well as movement history.

    Of course SpyX is a hidden Viber spy app. App installation or jailbreak is not required. You can spy on someone's Viber in invisible mode.


    Less worrying,

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