Track Installed Apps

  • View installed apps on the target device.
  • See the date and time the apps were installed.
  • Block harmful Apps and games.
  • Track installed apps in hidden mode.
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    What Can I Do with the Apps Installed on the Monitored Device?

    View Installed Apps

    SpyX lists the names and installation dates of all of the apps on the target device.

    View and Download Photos from Apps

    If there are media files, like photos, saved using apps then you will be able to download them.

    Why Will You Monitor kid’s Installed Apps?

    To prevent child from being influenced by inappropriate apps, stop smartphone addiction and help them get focused, SpyX can not only track installed applications and monitor usage frequency, but also supports to set time restrictions or downtime for apps and even block them.

    How to Monitor Installed Apps with SpyX?

    Step 1. Create A Free Account

    Visit and click on the "Sign Up Free" button to create the account you will need to monitor the apps.

    Step 2. Enter iCloud Login Details

    Choose suitable plan, then connect SpyXwith the target’s iCloud account. To do that. Provide the correct login details of the device. Ensure the login details provided are correct.

    Step 3. Start Tracking Apps

    Go to the control panel on the device and then click the “Installed Apps” on the left column, then you can track the apps installed on the target device.

    FAQ about Tracking Installed Apps

    You can ask your children to show his or her phone to you, or you can log into their apple id to check apps they have downloaded. Or you can use parental control solution like SpyX to monitor what apps your child has download.

    You can use phone tracker like SpyX to monitor apps download.

    SpyX will list all apps installed on the target phone and show the time your child spend on each apps.

    Parental control solution like SpyX can let you monitor app activity. It list all apps installed on the target phone and show time spend on each app.
    Yes, you can use cell phone tracker to track installed apps without having access to the target phone. You can connect the target device using cloud account, then you can monitor installed apps on the target phone anytime, anywhere.
    SpyX not only allows you to track installed apps, it also allows you to track other 20+ app's data at the same time. With SpyX, you can track location, SMS, contacts, photos, videos, WhatsApp, Messenger and more.

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