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  • photoSpy on sent, received and deleted messages remotely.
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    Track Text Messages

    Best text message tracker for Android and iPhone

    If you are considering tracking someone's text messages online, do not hesitate to choose SpyX Phone Tracker. What's more, the target user will never notice that you are monitoring his SMS remotely.

    You can track:

    Sent & Received Messages

    With SpyX Phone Tracker, you can view all text messages sent and received on the target device. You can track all chats and latest messages in real time.

    Deleted Text Messages

    SpyX gives you easy access to all text messages on your dashboard, even deleted ones. This means you won't miss any valuable text messages.

    Track Files Attached to the Messages

    SpyX lets you view any photos and videos from the target device. This includes other SMS messages on social media.

    SMS & MMS Log Detail

    Besides the content of the text message, you can also view the date and time when the text message was sent or received.


    Why Track Someone’s Messages by SpyX?

    For parents

    Worried about who your kid's chatting with online?

    Concerned your child is being cyberbullied or sees inappropriate content?

    Curious about the chats happening on your child's phone, especially with strangers?

    For employees

    Ever thought about keeping tabs on what your employees are texting?

    Worried that sensitive company information may be leaked through chat?

    Noticed any issues at work because of employees misusing their phones?


    SpyX SMS Tracker supports access to everything inside someone's mobile phone. In addition to the basic SMS monitoring features, you can monitor much more!


    Track Text Messages in 2 minutes

    Step 1

    Sign Up for Free

    Sign up for a SpyX account with your usual email address.

    Step 2

    Connect Target Device

    Bind the target mobile phone you want to monitor.

    Step 3

    Find Out the Truth

    Start monitoring in real time on the SpyX control panel.
    Choose your usual email as your account, set a password and register a spyx account.

    FAQ about Tracking Text Messages

    SpyX is different from other tracking software. It works on any version of Android and iPhone. He can track deleted text messages on iPhone. There are only three steps to using SpyX sms tracker, which is very user friendly. SpyX provides  a detailed iPhone manual to help you.

    Yes, SpyX is such a great phone tracker you can use to track someone's text messages without access to the phone. SpyX enables you to browse all text messages on the target phone, even deleted messages.

    And with SpyX you can track text messages in just three minutes. First sign up for a SpyX account and subscribe to the relevant plan. Then you can see the real-time data after successfully connecting your device. Via the demo page of SpyX , you can feel its powerful tracking ability intuitively.

    Yes, choose SpyX mobile phone tracker to help you track text messages on your target device without installing software.

    Because SpyX is an online service. You don't need to install the application on the target phone.

    If you want to view text messages from another mobile phone but can't physically access it. Then SpyX mobile phone monitoring software can meet your imagination. Read text messages and phone records of your kid's mobile phone without the other person's knowledge.

    Of course, with the SpyX Text Message Spy app you can easily view deleted text messages and even detailed text message logs.

    SpyX is loved by many people with its professional technology. You can see on the SpyX demo page that the content of every text message of the monitored person has been recorded. You can view it after you subscribe and log in to the control panel of SpyX.

    No, you don't need to complete jailbreak to track someone's SMS. SpyX is friendly to all non-technical users. Our technical team has solved this problem.

    Sign up for a SpyX account and bind the device you want to monitor. After successful subscription, you can see text messages from other people's mobile phones in your phone.

    SpyX can support you to view the SMS content of the target device. As the top cell phone tracker, its monitoring function is very comprehensive. After binding the target device successfully, you can track the real-time geographic location of the monitored cell phone on your cell phone in real time. SpyX's whole tracking process is simple and invisible.

    Yes, you can. After logging in to your SpyX account, all the monitored data of the target mobile phone appears on the Control Panel. And you can click the Export button. All monitoring data can be cached.

    After you choose to subscribe to SpyX as your home management tool, you can remotely watch their incoming and outgoing message logs. As well as monitoring their every word in the online world.

    SpyX is very user friendly and you don't need to jailbreak or root. monitoring other people's mobile phones is just a matter of three steps. Firstly you sign up for a free account using a valid email. Choose the right plan. After successfully binding with the target device you want to monitor. Go to the SpyX panel and click "SMS" in the left column. You can see all the SMS records.

    SpyX has very comprehensive monitoring features. You can check out SpyX's monitoring demo page. As you can see in the left control bar, SpyX can not only track SMS, but also see the target device's address book, photos videos, mobile phone location and chat messages in other social media.

    Just subscribe to SpyX and bind with your target device successfully. You'll be able to easily see all their interactions on their mobile phones. And the tracking process is completely invisible.


    Less worrying,

    more monitoring.

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