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SpyX is a popular mobile phone monitoring software. SpyX collects data (location, SMS, call information, etc.) from the cloud drive of the target device and then transfers the data to your mobile phone. To view the information on the monitored device, you simply log in to your SpyX account on your own smartphone or computer using any browser. The whole process is completely untraceable, safe and secure.
If you are still struggling with no way to invisibly track your target mobile phone's information, then you can definitely try SpyX phone tracker. You can browse our free demo which shows most of the features of SpyX. After logging in to your SpyX account, you can not only browse the call records, photos and videos, and location information of the tracked person's mobile phone, but you can also view the deleted text messages and chats sent in any of the social media apps (Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.). You can click on the features page of our product where each feature is described in detail. If there are any other needs with questions, Welcome to contact us at [email protected] .
SpyX tracks data in real time, so you can see the latest online activities on your target phone and get the most up-to-date information possible.You can not only monitor the real-time location of your target users but also spy on their dynamic real-time chats.
SpyX is compatible with any Android device (Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Motorola, etc.) and iPhone. SpyX is available for different versions of Android and Apple. We have detailed manuals for both iPhone and Android devices, and once you're successfully tethered to your child's phone, you'll be able to track various types of data on your dashboard.
No, you don't need to install apps on the target device. The data collection and transfer process is based on cloud technology, requiring no extra app on the target phone. Our monitoring solution is completely hidden and untraceable.
Of course! Our customers are from all around the world. As long as you have a device with internet connectivity, you can smoothly utilize our services everywhere. You can monitor the mobile phone of the tracked person even if you're not in the same country.
It depends. You need to have the iCloud/Google account, password, and verification code of the target device. If the same iCloud/Google account has been signed in on other devices before, you can use those devices to complete the verification steps. Access to the target phone is not always necessary.
No, you log into your SpyX account in your phone and monitor the data to the target's phone are always updated and viewed remotely without his knowledge. There will be no alerts on the target mobile phone during the monitoring process.
The operation is very simple. After logging in to your SpyX account, select the monitored person's mobile phone model, Apple or Android. Fill in the Apple ID and password on the target iOS device. Fill in the Google account and password on the target Android device. Verification is done via security code, device or SMS. After verification, you and the monitored person's mobile phone can be bound successfully.
SpyX has helped many parents to monitor their children's mobile phones to ensure their safety online. Just three steps are needed to turn on mobile phone monitoring easily. Firstly register for a SpyX account and subscribe to the relevant package. After that, log in SpyX account in your mobile phone and bind it with the tracked person's mobile phone successfully to track it remotely. There is no need to install special software, and you can easily monitor in three minutes. If you still have questions about the operation process, you can visit the user guide or contact our human customer service.
No, you can't. If a mobile tracking app claims to be able to monitor it with a phone number, the product is overstating its capabilities. If you know how phone tracking works, you know that you can't track all the data on a phone with just one phone number.
SpyX monitoring is rich in features and it's easy to operate. After signing up for a SpyX account, you can track your real-time and historical location without the target phone's knowledge. In addition, you can track other data such as SMS, WhatsApp, Photos, Calls, Location, LINE, Browser, Contacts, Emails, Cloud Drive, Files, Wifi, Calendar, Notes, Events, Reminders and more.
SpyX tops the list for its simplicity, powerful tracking features, affordable pricing and 24/7 customer service. And SpyX is the only online mobile phone tracker that does not require the installation of an application. Other spy apps require additional apps to be installed on the target phone, which can be easily detected and removed. With SpyX phone tracker, you can view social media chats on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Instagram, Kik and more. You can also track GPS locations, photos and emails.

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