Track All Emails

  • Monitor content from all incoming / outgoing emails.
  • Check the date and time stamp of every email.
  • View the senders and recipients saved in the address book.
  • Monitor emails in hidden mode.
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    What Can You Track with SpyX Email Tracker

    Email is frequently used in your daily life and work. People send emails to report their work, advance appointments, job hunting, etc. By monitoring someone's email information, we can learn about his daily life.

    Track All Inbox and Outbox Emails Remotely

    SpyX allows you to track all incoming and outgoing emails along with attached media files and timestamp.

    View Each Email with Date and Time

    You can know the exact time and date when each email is sent / received. This helps you to track a thing more clearly.

    Track Contact Details of Email

    With SpyX, you can track contact details of the user sending or receiving emails to/from the target user.

    Track Email Notification

    SpyX also allows you to track the email notifications related to received emails, unread emails.

    Track Email in Hidden Mode

    SpyX helps you track email in invisible mode. It can remain hidden on the target device. And you don’t need to alter the target device by jailbreaking or rooting it to monitor the emails.

    Why You Need to Track Someone’s Emails?

    For Parents

    Parents spy on children’s email to check whether they view some inappropriate content or subscribe some inappropriate sites with their emails. Thus parents can keep alert and protect children from potential internet dangers.

    For Business

    Employers monitor employees' emails to see how much progress is being made on a project or to detect if an employee is leaking business data to other non-employees. Email monitoring This is very important to protect your company's data security.

    Why Choose SpyX?

    Work in Stealth Mode

    SpyX remains completely undetectable. You can track all data of target phone without anyone knowing.

    100% Secure & Reliable

    SpyX is 100% safe and secure. Only you have the right to view the target phone activities. Never leak the data to anyone else.

    No App Installation

    SpyX is online service. You don’t need to install app on the target phone, which makes the operation easy.

    No Jailbreaking

    Complex jailbreaking is not necessary. SpyX is user-friendly. You can operate SpyX smoothly even you are not tech-savvy.

    Real-time Tracking

    SpyX can track data in real time so that you can view updated activities of target phone and get the latest information possible.

    24/7 Customer Service

    SpyX supports 24/7 customer service. If you have any questions about SpyX phone tracker, just feel easy to chat online or send emails.


    Why Track Emails?

    Afraid that employees sell company data, upcoming product blueprints, business ideas, and business strategies? SpyX can track emails to protect employees from email abuse and corporate theft. Afraid that kids watch pornography or subscribe to adult online magazines? Parents can monitor email with SpyX to affirm children’s thoughts.

    FAQ about Tracking Emails

    You can track email location with SpyX phone tracker. It allows you to track all incoming or outgoing email with date, time, and location of each email.

    No. SpyX is total hidden and undetected. There is no app icon on the target device. When you use SpyX to track emails, it works in stealth mode without anyone knowing.

    SpyX makes it easy to read someone’s Email without password. After you bind the SpyX with target device, you go to control panel and click on “Emails”, then you can track the emails on the device.

    If you want to read someone’s emails without them knowing, SpyX phone tracker is your best choice. Because you don’t need to install app on the target device. There are not abnormal signs on the target cell phone. With hidden and stealth mode, the owner of target device will not know that his emails are being monitored.

    Yes. If you choose SpyX to track email, you don’t need to root or jailbreak the target device. In this way, SpyX is simpler to operate with 3 steps.


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