Track Notes Online

  • Track all notes with content, events, locations and description.
  • Monitor voice/images attached to notes.
  • Track voice memos and reminders.
  • View each note with the date and time stamp.
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    Steps to Track Phone with Spyx


    Sign up Free

    Fast to sign up with an email. It is totally free.


    Connect target device

    Connect the target device with Apple ID or Google account.


    Start Spy

    Login to start tracking targeted Phone from Spyx dashboard.

    What Can You Track with SpyX Notes Tracker

    SpyX comes with notes tracking feature, which allows to spy on all Notes, Reminder and Voice Memos. You will know what the users plan to do every day, and what their schedules are.

    View All Notes Remotely

    With SpyX, you can view all notes, reminders stored on the target device. Just login to your SpyX dashboard, Click on “Notes” item, and you can monitor notes remotely.

    See All Details in Notes

    SpyX allows you to track all details in Notes, such as content, events, locations and description.

    Track Attachments with Notes

    You can see voice and images, links attached to notes, voice memos and reminders.

    Track Deleted Notes

    SpyX allows you to track all the notes, Reminders, and Memos on the target device, even when they have been deleted from the device.

    Why You Need to Track Someone’s Notes?

    For Parents

    You bought iPhone/iPad for children, thus you want to know what they do with the device. SpyX enables you to track evens and schedules added in children’s Notes/ Reminders/ Voice Memos. Thus you are clear about what your children are doing recently. You can also know what they plan to do in the near future.

    For Spouse

    By reading Notes, you can find out what your partner has been thinking about, what important activities they have, what plans they have, etc. There may be things you never talk about, and it may help you get to know your partner better.

    For Business

    As a employer, you can track employees’ Notes on device owned by company. You can know some of your employees' recent plans, or travel arrangements, meeting arrangements, work progress, etc.

    Why Choose SpyX?

    Work in Stealth Mode

    SpyX remains completely undetectable. You can track all data of target phone without anyone knowing.

    100% Secure & Reliable

    SpyX is 100% safe and secure. Only you have the right to view the target phone activities. Never leak the data to anyone else.

    No App Installation

    SpyX is online service. You don’t need to install app on the target phone, which makes the operation easy.

    No Jailbreaking

    Complex jailbreaking is not necessary. SpyX is user-friendly. You can operate SpyX smoothly even you are not tech-savvy.

    Real-time Tracking

    SpyX can track data in real time so that you can view updated activities of target phone and get the latest information possible.

    24/7 Customer Service

    SpyX supports 24/7 customer service. If you have any questions about SpyX phone tracker, just feel easy to chat online or send emails.


    Why Track Notes?

    Many children or partners are not good at expression, and they prefer to write down some ideas. By tracking these notes, you can better understand the child / partner's real thoughts and dispel doubts or prejudices.

    FAQs about Monitoring Notes & Reminders

    Yes, Spyx works in stealth mode and the monitored user will not find that you are spying on his phone Notes. You will never be caught.

    No, Spyx doesn't require rooting or jailbreaking the phone to spy on someone's Notes. You take three steps to track someone's Notes remotely.

    Yes, someone can use professional phone tracker to track your iPhone Notes easily, such as Spyx. Spyx will not appear on your phone, and you can't detect it.

    With Spyx phone tracker, you can access someone's Notes without target phone. Once you bind the target phone with Spyx, you can log in to Spyx dashboard and view all Notes, Reminders, Memos in details. That means you can start remote monitoring without target phone.

    You can take the phone when the person is not looking, and then check the phone Notes. But it's not always safe, and you might get caught. The most effective way is to use professional mobile tracking software, such as Spyx. With the help of Spyx, you can track target's Phone Notes without them knowing.


    Less worrying,

    more monitoring.


    You are advised that it is considered a violation of United States federal and/or state law in most instances to install surveillance software, such as the Spyx Software, onto a mobile phone or other device for which you do not have proper ...

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    Disclaimer: You are advised that it is considered a violation of United States federal and/or state law in most instances to install surveillance software .....

    Copyright © 2023 SPYX. All Rights Reserved.