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  • photoTrack sent and received LINE text messages, even deleted ones.
  • photoView and download images, videos, files shared via LINE.
  • photoSee private or group chats on LINE.
  • photoTotally anonymous and remote monitoring.
  • photoMonitor their status updates on the timeline.
  • Support all iOS & Android devices

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    Tracker LINE chats

    Can I ensure online safety with a LINE tracker 

    SpyX LINE tracker is a monitoring software that allows users to monitor LINE Messenger chats on target devices.

    SpyX is marketed as a tool for parents to monitor their children's activities on smartphones and for employers to track employee communications.

    • Track private and group chats on a target user's LINE account; receive, send, and delete messages.

    • Access all media files, including pictures, videos, and attached files.

    • Monitor the target's LINE followers and follow accounts.

    • See the exact timestamp of each message.

    • Monitor LINE call logs: incoming and outgoing calls with phone numbers and contact names.

    Therefore, SpyX LINE Tracker is a reliable solution to help you monitor your kids' activities on LINE and ensure their safety.


    Ready to track LINE Messenger with SpyX Spyware

    Now that you know about SpyX LINE Messenger spy software and its uses, let's find out how to use this LINE tracker.

    There are three steps below:

    Step 1: Create an Account: Visit the SpyX website, provide an email address and other relevant details to create an account on how to use this LINE tracker.

    Create an account by visiting the SpyX website and providing your email address and other relevant details. You will then receive an email with login credentials and further instructions.

    Step 2: Bind the device you want to monitor:

    If the target device is an iPhone, you can monitor LINE chats without physically accessing the device. Enter the iCloud information (i.e. Apple ID and password) of the target device in the SpyX panel. This will allow SpyX to remotely sync the target device's data to your account.

    Step 3: Start LINE Tracking


 Steps for using SpyX


    After installing SpyX on the target device, you can log in to your SpyX account from any device and start LINE-tracking chats and other activities on the target device.

    Therefore, it is helpful to monitor LINE messenger conversations for various reasons, such as parental control, employee monitoring and relationship monitoring. SpyX LINE Tracker is the best remote monitoring software to monitor LINE conversations and other activities on any target device.

    To ensure the effectiveness and reliability of SpyX LINE Tracker, we recommend you to try it now and experience it for yourself.


    Why SpyX LINE Tracker Stands Out

    According to lots of users, SpyX is said to be the top choice for phone monitoring apps. Aside from its full range of monitoring functions, what else would you like to know about SpyX's additional benefits?

    Stealthy and efficient operation

    SpyX Phone Tracker works silently and allows you to view the data of your target mobile phone without attracting the attention of the other party.

    Absolutely Safe and Secure

    SpyX Phone Tracker provides 100% security, only you can access the information of the target mobile phone, and it will never be disclosed to others.

    No Apps to Install

    SpyX Phone Tracker is an online service that does not require any apps to be installed, making it easy and convenient.

    No Jailbreak Required

    No need to go through the tedious steps of jailbreaking, SpyX user interface is user-friendly and easy to understand, so you can get started quickly without any technical background.

    Real-time data tracking

    Provide real-time tracking function, instantly know the latest development of the target mobile phone, always keep in touch with the information.

    24/7 Customer Support

    Our customer support team is online 24/7, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are always ready to help you.


    Why keep an eye on LINE

    It is believed that people will choose to use LINE tracers in the following situations. In life, it will be very easy to be puzzled by the behavior of others. Well, a LINE tracker can easily help us find out the truth. You can track LINE instant messages and daily interactions without getting his cell phone.

    Parental Control

    Guardians or parents may want to monitor their children's LINE conversations. Find out about their lifestyle preferences. Ensure their safety and protect them from online predators or cyberbullying.

    Employee Monitoring

    Employers may want to monitor LINE chats. See records of voice and video calls they make. To make sure employees don't disclose confidential information or engage in inappropriate behaviour.

    Relationship Monitoring

    Individuals may want to monitor their partner's LINE sessions to check if they are being faithful or hiding something from them.

    Security Concerns

    Someone may want to monitor LINE chat logs and timelines for suspicious activity or potential security threats.

    These are the top four reasons to use SpyX LINE tracker. There can be many other reasons depending on the user's needs.


    FAQ about Monitoring LINE

    You need to have full control over LINE chat with your children or employees if you want to ensure children secure or manage employees better. SpyX helps you achieve the goal quickly and easily.

    Yes. SpyX is the ideal tool for parents who want to spy on children's LINE app without anyone knowing. SpyX can track incoming and outgoing LINE messages. Remotely.

    Yes. With the help of SpyX, you can monitor someone's LINE Messages without target phone. After you bind the target phone with SpyX, you can log in to dashboard and view all LINE chats. That means you can start remote monitoring without target phone.

    A lot of chat messages you treasure are stored on LINE Messenger. What if you accidentally deleted some LINE chats on your phone? Or do you know what to do if your phone gets lost or stolen? After installing LINE monitoring app on your phone, you can back up your LINE chats online and easily restore them.

    With SpyX, you can spy on your target's LINE without them knowing, track all the sent and received direct messages with timestamp. SpyX LINE tracking feature works perfectly on all iOS devices.


    Less worrying,

    more monitoring.

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