Track Hangouts

  • photoRead all sent and received messages on Hangouts, even deleted.
  • photoView and download photos, videos, audio attached with messages.
  • photoBrowse the Hangouts contact lists.
  • photoView each message with exact date and time stamp.
  • Support all iOS & Android devices

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    Track Hangouts

    What Can I Do with Hangouts Data on A Target Phone?

    Track Hangouts Conversations

    SpyX allows you to read all incoming and outgoing messages on Hangouts. You can even access the deleted messages.

    Track Media Files

    Except for the content of the messages, you can also see any media files that are attached to the messages, including photos, videos and audio.

    Track Hangouts Contacts

    With SpyX, you can also see the contact information of the contacts that the monitored user is communicating with on Hangouts.

    Track Timestamp

    SpyX enables you to see the date and time of each message without jailbreaking the target device.

    Why Will You Monitor kid’s Hangouts?

    Google Hangouts are getting more and more popular with over the world, what makes it much easier to give predators access to your child. To prevent your child from online predators, you need to monitor your child's Hangouts conversations including contacts, photos, map and more with SpyX 

    SpyX enables you view all contents that your child sent or received, even if the messages get deleted, you still have access to it on Tsafely control panel.

    How to Monitor Hangouts with SpyX?

    Step 1. Create Your Account

    Before you start to track kid’s Hangouts activities remotely, you need to create your user account. Just enter valid email in the required area.

    Step 2. Connect Target Device with SpyX 

    Choose subscription plan based on your needs. Then provide iCloud credentials of target phone so that you can bind it with SpyX .

    Step 3. Start Monitoring Hangouts

    With the setup process complete, go to your control panel to begin monitoring Hangouts. Click on “Hangouts” and you can see all incoming and outgoing Hangouts messages. 

    FAQ about Monitoring Hangouts

    Yes. With SpyX, you can track all Hangouts conversations, including incoming, outgoing and deleted text messages.

    Yes. SpyX doesn't require to install app on the target phone for monitoring someone's Hangouts text messages. Because SpyX is web-based online service.

    Yes. SpyX enables you to track someone's Hangouts in invisible mode. The owner of the device will not notice that you are spying on his Hangouts activities. You just log in to your dashboard and begin remote monitoring without anyone knowing.

    Many common phone trackers require rooting or jailbreaking. However, SpyX doesn't. This is a breakthrough for the SpyX technology team. You don't need to finish complex rooting or jailbreaking. Only three steps can start remote monitoring.

    Except for Hangouts, you can also track other social apps with SpyX, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Snapchat, ect. SpyX also enables you to access text message, photos, videos, GPS locations, notes, calendar events. With SpyX phone tracker, you can keep everything under control.


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