Track Phone Contacts

  • View all contacts stored on the target phone remotely.
  • See contact details with name, number, email.
  • Download contact lists from the target device to your own device.
  • Browse all social app contacts at the same time.
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    What Can You Track with SpyX Contact Tracker

    SpyX helps you track contacts on the target device in detail. You can view all number, name and Email address. By monitoring contacts, you can know whether your children, partner are contacting with suspicious person. What’s more, you can also view social app contacts at the same time.

    Track Contact List

    SpyX allows you to track all contacts saved on the target user’s phone remotely.

    View Contact in Detail

    On your control panel, you can view contacts with names, phone number and email.

    Access Social App Contacts

    You can also see social app contacts, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram.

    See Calls&Text History of Contact

    SpyX also allows you to see all the call and text history of every contact on the device.

    Why You Need to Track Someone’s Contact?

    For Parents

    Parents can track the contact list on their children's phones and verify that all of them are people they know. This allows parents to familiarize themselves with their children's social circle and know who their children's friends are. If you find someone suspicious in children’s contact list, such as a strange note, you need to be on the alert to avoid potential dangers.

    For Business

    As employer, you can spy on contact list on the employees’ mobile phone owned by company. Then you can find who your employees are talking to and access the complete information of the contact saved on the phone.

    Why Choose SpyX?

    Work in Stealth Mode

    SpyX remains completely undetectable. You can track all data of target phone without anyone knowing.

    100% Secure & Reliable

    SpyX is 100% safe and secure. Only you have the right to view the target phone activities. Never leak the data to anyone else.

    No App Installation

    SpyX is online service. You don’t need to install app on the target phone, which makes the operation easy.

    No Jailbreaking

    Complex jailbreaking is not necessary. SpyX is user-friendly. You can operate SpyX smoothly even you are not tech-savvy.

    Real-time Tracking

    SpyX can track data in real time so that you can view updated activities of target phone and get the latest information possible.

    24/7 Customer Service

    SpyX supports 24/7 customer service. If you have any questions about SpyX phone tracker, just feel easy to chat online or send emails.


    Why Monitor Contact

    Contact is the basic function on cell phone. Every cell phone user will use address book. For Parents, SpyX allows you to view contacts which your children have connected with. parents have idea of what happened to their precious children. For company manager, SpyX will monitor employee behaviour in the case of top secret files leaked tentionally or unintentionally. For marriage partners, marriage is a community of interests. Knowing who the other person is in touch with can help reduce suspicion and strengthen trust between families.

    FAQ about Tracking Phone Contacts

    You can track someone’s contacts with free and paid methods. There are a number of phone trackers on the market. The most effective and simple method is SpyX phone tracker. You can use SpyX to track someone’s contacts without jailbreak or root. App installation on the target device is not necessary.

    With SpyX, you just login to your SpyX account with any browser. Then go to dashboard and click on “Contacts” on the left column, then you can view contact list with details on the target mobile phone.

    If you choose other common phone monitoring app to track contacts, you need to root or jailbreak the phone. For SpyX contact tracker, jailbreaking or rooting is not required. Because SpyX is iCloud-based service.

    Yes, of course SpyX is a hidden contact tracker. There is no app icon on the target mobile phone. And you will not be found when spying on the target’s contact list.

    For parents, they spy on contacts, SMS logs and call history on children’s devices to check whom children have contacted the most. Once they find anyone suspicious on the contact list, they can get alert and avoid potential dangers. In this way, they can protect children from scammers, predators.

    For remote monitoring, you need to get iCloud credentials for target phone. What’s more, internet connection on the target device (Wi-Fi or data plan) should be working.

    No, you don’t need to install app for monitoring contacts. Because SpyX is kind of iCloud based service. All you need is to get iCloud credentials for target cell phone.


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