• photoGet alerts when the device get out of safe zones.
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  • photoMonitor the movement of your loved ones.
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    What Can I Do with the Geofencing Feature of SpyX?

    Create Geofences with No Effort

    Mark a location of interest and then set the geofence by creating a circular around the location.

    Receive Geofencing Alerts In Time

    Whenever the target enters or exits a geofence, you will receive a notification email.

    Why Will You Monitor kid's geofences?

    You can predefine the safe boundaries like school, home or community for your child by using this geo-fence. SpyX will send you the notification in time once your child enters or leaves the safe region.

    The safe region created by your geo-fence can keep your child away from danger. You will be alerted immediately if something happens accidently. At the same time, a geo-fence can help you track lost or stolen devices.

    How to Monitor Geofences with SpyX?

    Step 1. Sign up Free

    Sign up for SpyX account to track online activities of your target. All you need is an existing email.

    Step 2. Connect SpyX with Target Phone

    Choose suitable plan. Bind SpyX with target phone by entering iCloud credentials. It will takes only a handful of minutes.

    Step 3. Start Monitoring Geofences

    Log into your SpyX account and start tracking your target phone in stealth mode.

    FAQ about Monitoring Phone Contacts

    Geofencing technology works by setting up virtual boundaries or "geofences" around specific geographical areas. When a device, like a smartphone, enters or exits these predefined areas, it triggers location-based actions or notifications.

    The SpyX Geofencing feature is helpful for keeping track of a device's movements and receiving alerts when it enters or leaves specific locations, providing added security and peace of mind.

    To keep track of your kids with Geofences, simply set up geofencing zones in the SpyX app and receive alerts when they enter or exit these areas.

    Yes, SpyX offers a hidden geofencing feature, allowing you to monitor designated locations without the target user's knowledge.

    The Geofencing feature on SpyX is highly accurate, providing real-time location information and reliable notifications based on the defined geofencing zones.


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