Track WhatsApp

  • Track all WhatsApp chats including private and group messages.
  • View photos, videos, messages, docs shared via WhatsApp.
  • Monitor WhatsApp calls, contact list, keystrokes and locations.
  • Monitor all WhatsApp activity without jailbreak.
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    Steps to Track Phone with Spyx


    Sign up Free

    Fast to sign up with an email. It is totally free.


    Connect target device

    Connect the target device with Apple ID or Google account.


    Start Spy

    Login to start tracking targeted Phone from Spyx dashboard.

    What Can You Track with SpyX WhatsApp Tracker?

    You are so wise to choose SpyX for tracking someone’s WhatsApp. Because SpyX can make WhatsApp hacking so easy and convenient. With SpyX phone tracker, you can spy on WhatsApp messages, call logs, notification on the target phone. Let’s learn more details about SpyX WhatsApp tracking features!

    Track WhatsApp Messages

    SpyX enables you to track all sent and received text messages exchanged on WhatsApp. Except for tracking text messages history, you can also view images, voice, files shared via WhatsApp. And you can read these messages with details, such as sender, receiver, date, timestamp.

    Track WhatsApp Call Logs

    With SpyX phone tracker, you can be clear who the monitored user talks to on WhatsApp. SpyX tracks WhatsApp call logs with details as contacts, timestamp, call duration.

    Track WhatsApp Notification

    SpyX allows you to track WhatsApp notifications of received calls and messages on the target phone. And the monitored user will not notice that you are spying on his WhatsApp account.

    Why You Need to Track Someone’s WhatsApp?

    For Parents

    WhatsApp is a very popular social media app with a large number of users. People use WhatsApp for group chatting, voice messages, file sharing and location sharing. These features make their daily life convenient. But, we should also pay attention to the cons of WhatsApp, especially for children.

    Many online predators prefer to use WhatsApp and find the right minor as their fraud target. If your child does not have a strong sense of safety precautions, it is likely to be cheated, and more seriously, the child is suffering from physical and mental damage.

    Some scammers also use WhatsApp to make scam calls or send links with viruses. Adults can identify the bad guys' tactics, but children are likely to be tricked.

    Therefore, in order to protect the safety of children, it is very necessary to use professional mobile phone tracking software to monitor the children's WhatsApp.

    For Spouse

    Are you curious about who your partner is talking to on WhatsApp? Perhaps knowing the results will surprise you. SpyX enables you to view text messages, photos, videos, files and GPS locations shared on your partner’s WhatsApp without them knowing. Don't think wild, but find evidence. SpyX can help you check whether your partner is cheating on you.

    For Business

    Employers want to check whether employees are revealing significant data to competitors via WhatsApp. What’s more, company track employees’ WhatsApp on the company-owned devices to know whether employees have any complaints about the work, or whether employees are focused on the work during office hours.

    Why Choose SpyX?

    Work in Stealth Mode

    SpyX remains completely undetectable. You can track all data of target phone without anyone knowing.

    100% Secure & Reliable

    SpyX is 100% safe and secure. Only you have the right to view the target phone activities. Never leak the data to anyone else.

    No App Installation

    SpyX is online service. You don’t need to install app on the target phone, which makes the operation easy.

    No Jailbreaking

    Complex jailbreaking is not necessary. SpyX is user-friendly. You can operate SpyX smoothly even you are not tech-savvy.

    Real-time Tracking

    SpyX can track data in real time so that you can view updated activities of target phone and get the latest information possible.

    24/7 Customer Service

    SpyX supports 24/7 customer service. If you have any questions about SpyX phone tracker, just feel easy to chat online or send emails.


    Why Track WhatsApp

    WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps on the world. People use it to sent text messages, photos, files and share locations, have calls. whatsapp has a wide range of users, from ages 3 to 90. Most parents spy on children’s WhatsApp to view WhatsApp conversations, call logs, photos, videos, ect. In this way, they can make sure whether children are facing online threats, scam calls or predators.

    FAQs about Tracking Someone’s WhatsApp

    With Spyx WhatsApp tracking software, you don’t need to install app on the target phone. Just login you spyx account with any browser, then enter iCloud details of target phone so that you can monitor it remotely.

    Yes, of course you can monitor WhatsApp remotely with Spyx. That means when you spy on someone’s WhatsApp remotely, the monitored user will not detect your behaviors.

    Spyx allows you to track someone’s WhatsApp without target phone. Because app installation on the target phone is not necessary.

    No, you don’t need to root or jailbreak the phone to use Spyx social spy app. This is obvious advantage of Spyx without root or jailbreak. Spyx is user-friendly to all customers who are not tech-savvy.

    Yes, Spyx allows you to view shared photos via WhatsApp on the target phone. Except for photos, you can also view deleted text messages, voices, videos, files, GPS locations shared via WhatsApp.

    Yes, Spyx makes it possible to read deleted text messages sent or received on WhatsApp. You will never miss out any text messages with Spyx phone tracker.

    When you consider tracking someone’s WhatsApp, there is no better than Spyx phone tracker. Spyx stays hidden and keeps everyone’s personal information safe. It is easy to operate Spyx without special knowledge required. Spyx has strong WhatsApp tracking features so that you can control all activities on the target phone.

    With Spyx WhatsApp spy app, you never worry about being detected or caught when tracking someone’s WhatsApp. Spyx works in stealth mode. It is totally hidden and undetectable.

    If you need to monitor your kid’s conversations on WhatsApp, you can choose Spyx. The whole operation is simple. Register, purchase, bind the target phone, monitor your kid’s phone activities on Spyx dashboard.

    With Spyx phone tracker, you can track all WhatsApp chats, see the time and date of each conversation, access collected data remotely from your online control panel, review WhatsApp activity, even on iOS devices without jailbreaking it.


    Less worrying,

    more monitoring.


    You are advised that it is considered a violation of United States federal and/or state law in most instances to install surveillance software, such as the Spyx Software, onto a mobile phone or other device for which you do not have proper ...

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    Disclaimer: You are advised that it is considered a violation of United States federal and/or state law in most instances to install surveillance software .....

    Copyright © 2023 SPYX. All Rights Reserved.