Why Should You Use GPS Location Tracker

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Advancement in technology has brought in many security issues. We are all concerned with the safety of our loved ones. And we want to keep track of their whereabouts every minute. Fortunately, we rely on the same technology to solve this problem. In this article, we discuss the benefits of using a GPS location tracker. We also bring you our top pick of monitoring mobile apps for GPS location tracking.


Why Should You Use GPS Location Tracker



Part 1. Why Should You Use GPS Location Tracker

GPS location tracker refers to the use of Global Positioning System technology to determine the exact geographical position of someone. The GPS phone tracker app is currently used to monitor the whereabouts of people and property. Here are three such uses!


1. To track the location of your kids

As a parent, it always pays to keep track of your child. Their curiosity can cause them to wander wide. But with the help of a GPS location tracker, you can rest easy! Because you can quickly know where they are, anytime. When your kid walks a different route instead of home, you can automatically receive a notification. Additionally, the GPS location tracker can allow you to generate online territories called geofences. You can then set up geofences for your kids. If the kids go beyond their online territories, you’ll always get an automatic notification!


2. To track the location of your employees

Are you an employer and looking to monitor the whereabouts of your employees? Then you need not worry. Because GPS location tracker is your solution! So, what do you stand to gain by tracking the location of your employees? A lot! See what we’ve got here for you.


● Increased Productivity

● Lower Operational Costs

● Improved Safety

● Enhanced Theft Recovery

● Minimal Fuel Costs


There you are. You can go ahead and track the location of your employees to enjoy these advantages.


3. To track your lost or stolen phone

You can keep track of your valuables, including your phone using a cell phone GPS tracker. It can also help you to ascertain the position of your lost phone. If the phone is taken from one location to another, you can always get the information needed to track it It is important to note that some mobile phone GPS trackers give “near real-time” results. This means that there is a delay in providing you with the location of your lost phone. Fortunately, the delay is not more than a few seconds. You can still take appropriate action.


Part 2. Monitoring Apps for GPS Location Tracking

Smart technologies and state-of-the-art gadgets are your best friends. With them, you can ensure the safety of your loved ones. Thanks again to the available many phone location tracking apps at your disposal. But this poses another challenge to you! It’s hard for you to pick the right app from the pool out there. We saw this coming. And so, we bring you SpyX, the best GPS phone tracker app for location tracking. Continue reading to the end.


1. SpyX- best spying apps for location tracking


What can you do with a phone tracker app? You can do much more than you think! You can use a phone tracker app to help you locate your phones, family members, and friends. The tracker software can also help you to receive GPS notifications when one of your family members is nearby. Do you still need to hear more? No?Then here you go! SpyX is a phone location tracker app that can help you to monitor your kids’ activity remotely. You’ll never get discovered by your target. The app works in stealth mode. It’ll also help you to view all the messages hassle-free! And what’s more, the tool can allow you to check the GPS location of your target’s device, thus helping you to always know where your child is all the time! In a nutshell, here’s what you can monitor with SpyX.


SpyX phone tracker


● Calls & Messages

● Social Media (WhatsApp, Instagram, LINE, Telegram, Facebook, Snapchat, ect)

Live location and movement history

●Internet Activity

● Others


Steps to Track Target Phone Location with SpyX

To start tracking the location of the target device, follow these steps to set up the location tracker;


Step 1. Sign up Free


The first thing you need to do is to create an account that you will use to track the device’s location. To do that, enter your email address on the Phone Tracker’s main website and then click “Continue”.




Step 2. Enter iCloud Details


Choose suitable plan. Verify the target iPhone/iPad by entering its iCloud login details. It is entirely safe.




Step 3. Start Monitoring GPS Location


You can now easily see where the target device is or where it has been in the recent past. To do that, go to the control panel and click on “GPS Locations”.




2. What can you do with the GPS location tracker spy app?

There are many benefits of using the GPS location tracker spy app. The following are but just a few of what you can do.


Get access to the target’s location history

The beauty of using the GPS location tracker spy app is overwhelming. First, you can get your target’s location history easily. The spy app can also help you record your child’s GPS location. Additionally, you can receive your child’s GPS location sent to you in real-time!


Get Notifications in Real-Time

SpyX location tracker spy app will not only record the GPS location of your child. It will also send the recorded location to you in real-time. What that means is that you can keep track of your child’s whereabouts the whole day.


Link to a Map

Did you know that a GPS tracker for an android phone can link your child’s GPS location to a map? This is the best feature so far since it can help you to take action very fast.  


Geofencing feature on spy app

Geo-fences are online territories that you set up to control the movement of your child. When your child leaves their designated geo-fences, you get an alert notifying you of the wrong move. You can then act appropriately. So, what is your best-hidden GPS tracker for phone location tracking? See what we’ve got for you in the next section.


Part 3. Best Mobile Apps for GPS Location Tracking

Again we are here to help you! Picking your best mobile apps for GPS location tracking is a big challenge. This is particularly so because of the many apps out there. But you needn’t worry. We’ve curated a list of our best four to help out. Here’s what we mean!


1. Find My iPhone

The Find My iPhone is an excellent iPhone location tracker app that can help you solve the safety concerns of your loved ones. It’s only available on iPhone and can help you find the location of your kids, family, and friends. It can also locate all the devices signed into your target’s iCloud account. All you need to do is to turn on family sharing functionality in the iPhones. You can find an Apple device even when it’s offline.


Find My iPhone


2. OneLocator

Tracking by OneLocator can help you quickly find the device of your loved ones by phone number. The free cell phone GPS tracker is designed to help you monitor the location of your child. You can also use it to locate other gadgets. So, what’s your takeaway from OneLocator? You can get


● Free version

● Support for any mobile operator

● User’s location in real-time

● Notifications easily set

● Check battery power remotely

● Find your lost/stolen phone.




3. Life360

Life360 is a “without permission” phone tracker app. It is very user-friendly and reliable. You can easily use it to monitor your kid’s location. It can also help you stay informed about your friend’s whereabouts in real-time. You can also track stolen or lost phones quickly. The best news about Life360 is that it can help you share information across platforms. But, you can simply turn off the sharing feature if you don’t need it.




4. FollowMee GPS Tracker

 Are you looking for a phone tracking app that works discretely in the background? With no chance of your target discovering you? Then you need FollowMee GPS tracker! This app works in complete stealth mode and is the best-hidden GPS tracker for phone. And the best part? The app converts your smartphone into a GPS tracking device. What’s better than that? You can track device location directly from the FollowMee.com website. Better still, the app can work without an Internet connection!


FollowMee GPS Tracker

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