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What is Android keylogger



Android keyloggers are also known as keystroke loggers. Keystroke logger is used to record every keystroke you type on your Android device. Keyloggers can record a lot of information about your activities. For example, the passwords you enter, the websites you visit, the messages you send and receive, and so on can all be recorded and captured by keyboard.



Keyloggers can be divided into the following categories in general: 


Hardware keylogger

This type of keylogger transmits data to the computer via the keyboard, which is intercepted and recorded as a keystroke. And it is often difficult for users to detect their presence.


Software keylogger

This type of keystroke recorder is software. It can be downloaded by a user via a web page, or it can be installed as a virus by malware.


Memory-injecting keylogger

It modifies the code of the software by entering malicious code into the memory of the running software to steal the information that the user has typed on the keyboard.


Remote access keylogger

By remotely monitoring the information typed on the target device, it can transfer the data on the user's typed device to a server or email, and the user will be able to view the information remotely.


Is there a free way to keystroke logging Android

Yes, the Android operating system offers several ways to be able to implement a keylogger. Here's how to free keylogger Android:


Accessibility Service

Android's accessibility service can capture keystrokes. Only apps with Accessibility Services permission can record keystrokes made by the user.


Input Method Service

A keylogger can replace the default keyboard in Android as the new input keyboard. In this way, the keystroke can record all the information of the user's keystrokes.



Hooks is a computer programming technique that modifies or extends operating system and application software by intercepting function calls, message and event passing. So keystroke loggers can use hooks to capture keystrokes.


In addition to the above methods, we can also use some more efficient methods, such as keylogger apps.


Top 5 free keyloggers for Android apps


App Name compatibility Install the app Free version Money-Back Guarantee
SpyX Android/iOS NO App,NO Jailbreak Demo 15-day money back guarantee
Msafely Android/iOS NO App,NO Jailbreak Demo 15-day money back guarantee
Hoverwatch Android Yes Demo/Free trial No
uMobix Android Yes Demo 14-day money back guarantee
mSpy Android Yes Demo 14-day money back guarantee



SpyX is one of the best keylogging Android&iOS software. Users can easily keyrecord mobile phone data without downloading the app. Whether it's keylogging your own phone or someone else's phone, SpyX can satisfy you. With SpyX, users can Keystroke logging 30+ apps like phone calls, text messages, pictures, videos, and activity of various social software, etc. More features can be referred to the demo. What's more,the operation mode of complete privacy does not compromise any data privacy of the user.



keylogger programs

  • Keylogger of phone location. GPS can view the real-time and historical location information of the device
  • Keyboard capture of text messages. You can keyboard capture the text messages received, sent and deleted on the device
  • keylogging calls. Keyboard capture can record all incoming, outgoing, missed, canceled calls. All calls details are clear, name, number, duration, email.
  • Keystroke recorder mobile phone browsing history, including browsing URL, browsing date, browsing time, historical browsing record
  • Keylogger of photos&videos. You can keylogge screenshots, send and receive photos&videos in the iCloud and apps. keystroke logger is also capable of capturing all the pictures and videos taken on the device
  • Keylogging notification messages. Record calendars, notes notifications, event reminders, etc
  • keystroke logger of popular social apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, WeChat, etc. Record the chatter and chat content on social apps
  • keylogger can capture the forgotten password



  • Hide the identity information, the data security guarantee
  • Support for both Android and iOS devices
  • No need to download the app
  • Easy data synchronization
  • user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • 15-day money back guarantee
  • 24 / 7 customer service



Msafely phone keylogger is a new product that is growing really fast. In a short period of time, Msafely developed almost the same features as SpyX. It supports both Android and iOS, you can keylogging 10-20 apps at the same time with Msafely.



keylogger programs

  • GPS location services, Keylogger phone location.
  • Keystroke capture can record text messages received, sent and deleted on the device
  • You can record contacts' names, phone numbers, call logs
  • Keylogger mobile phone browsing history
  • Keylogger of photos&videos. Users are able to keyboard capture all the pictures and videos that remain on the device
  • Keylogging notification messages.
  • keystroke logger common social apps



  • Hide the identity information, the data security guarantee
  • Support for both Android and iOS devices
  • No need to download the app
  • user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • 15-day money back guarantee
  • 24 / 7 customer service



  • Data synchronization will take a little time
  • There are relatively few keylogger software



Hoverwatch is an Android keylogger app. Not available for iOS. Users need to download the app to use the keystroke logger. Hoverwatch' keylogger offers a free trial period, but there is no money-back guarantee after purchase.



keylogger programs

  • Keylogger for Android allows you to track the location of the android device
  • Keylogger capturing text messages, pictures, audio and video files
  • Android keylogger keeps a log, the contact name and the duration of the call



  • Private information protect
  • 3-day free trial



  • Keylogger only supports Android
  • Data cannot be synchronized in real time
  • Need to download the app
  • No money back guarantee



uMobix's keystroke recorder is only available for Android. Users can use keylogger for Android to record time, date, text and app name. The key logger can record up to 100 pieces of information. To use Android keylogger, users need to download the app on the target phone.



keylogger programs

  • Android keylogger trace date
  • Keylogger capturing text and application
  • Keylogger for Android allows you to track ID
  • Ability to view 100 records



  • Privacy Protection
  • 14-day money back guarantee



  • Keylogger only supports Android
  • Need to download the app



mSpy is an application that allows you to keylogger the apps you access. This includes the time of your visit, the name of the app, and the text you visited.

Mspy's keylogger needs to download the app on your phone, and if you want to spy on someone else's phone, you need to download the app on someone else's phone. The whole installation process will be more complicated. But the app can be hidden on the phone.



keylogger programs

  • Record the name of the app visited
  • Keylogger text
  • Keylogging the date and time of the apps that you visit



  • Hide app
  • 14-day money back guarantee
  • 24 / 7 customer service



  • Keylogger only supports Android,Keylogger for iOS is not supported
  • Data cannot be synchronized in real time
  • Need to download the app


keylogger software is ranked by what factors

It is difficult to choose the best Android keylogger. We need to compare these keylogging softwares from all aspects when we choose. Here are the factors we need to consider:


Keylogger's features

What a keylogger can do is an important factor for us to consider. Full-featured keystroke software is one that has the ability to capture pictures, monitor text messages, track social media activities, and record website visits, etc,. The more features and comprehensiveness a keylogger has, the higher it will rank.


Privacy Protection

Keylogger can record most of the user's information. Therefore, users should choose a keylogger that protects their privacy. And the keyboard recorder does not leak any of their data. What's more, the keystroke recorder will run in private mode on the target device. The monitored user or other software can not detect it.


Device support

Users always want to choose a perfect keylogegr. So it is crucial that the keylogger can be used on different devices. Keystroke capture can support both Android and iOS, is the most ideal option for users.


Customer Support

Generally, keylogger software has customer support. Considering that users will encounter various problems when using it, keyboard capture will have a dedicated technical team to solve user problems. The timeliness of problem solving determines how high or low we rank.


User Interface

It is an interface that conveys information. Users can more intuitively view different features in a friendly interface. A good user interface is reflected in various aspects, such as design, description, typography, colors, and more.


Users can consider the above factors when choosing a keylogger for Android.


How to use SpyX's Android keylogger

SpyX is an easy to use keystroke software for parents, employers and personnel without jailbreak. The keystroke logger requires no app download and is available for iOS and Android. SpyX is capable of keylogging more than 30 software. SpyX allows you to keyrecord phone numbers, text messages, emails, notes, GPS locations, and keystrokes of social media apps like Instagram, Telegram, snapchat, etc.


Here are simple steps that allow you to use SpyX:


Step 1) Enter SpyX



Step 2) Create SpyX account for free with just your email



Step 3) Add the device you want to monitor



Step 4) The home page is a dashboard for an overview of all features



The sidebar can be seen for specific features



What are the benefits of using keylogger

The use of keyloggers, although controversial, can have several benefits in specific situations.


Monitoring Children's Online Activities

One of the main benefits of using keyboard capture is to tracker children's online activities. That can create a healthy environment for children to grow up. With the development of the Internet, the online safety of children has become essential for parents. Keylogger not only help parents find who their kids are communicating with, but they can also detect if the child has subject to cyberbullying.


Employee Monitoring 

If you are an employer, you can use keylogger to monitor your employees' activity. Keylogger not only can protect the company's data, but also improve employee productivity.


Personal Data Security 

Use a keylogger to keep your personal data safe. Users can detect any suspicious activity. Someone wants to steal your personal information, such as credit card information or passwords. This helps prevent personal identity theft.


Catching Criminals 

Some law agencies will use keylogger to investigate and catch cybercriminals. Keylogger can be used to collect evidence from cybercriminals, terrorists, or others. This helps maintain online safety.


Password Recovery 

Keyloggers can help users remember passwords. It prevent users losing or forgetting important passwords. By recording keystrokes, keyloggers can capture passwords that users input. Users can regain access to their accounts.


Evaluation of the Android keylogger by SpyX's users

Zoma: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Spyx's keyboard capture app is very efficient and reliable. The user interface is user-friendly and each key is accurately recorded. My kids use iPhone and spyx works too. So great!! Keystroke Recorder can help me keep my kids safe by tracking my child's online activities.


Selina: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

keystroke logger works great for my Android phone. Its features are amazing and it's easy to operate. In terms of privacy, I feel very relieved that my data will not be leaked


Ebenezer: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I'm having a bit of a hard time with Spyx's Keyboard Capture. I told customer service,they handled it in a timely manner and were very patient. 


Na'amai: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I use Spyx's keylogger to monitor my company's employees, and it is useful for increasing the productivity of employeess. SPYX's keylogger is able to operate in stealth mode, which not only monitors my company's employees, but also protects my company's data. Spyx is the best keylogger I've ever used.



Are keyloggers legal at work? 

If you are the guardian of your child and your child is under the age of 18, you have the right to use the keylogger on their devices. If you are concerned about whether a text tracker is right for you, please check with your state's laws and regulations before using it.


Can a keylogger be detected?

No, SpyX is totally hidden and undetectable. There will be no alerts or notifications shown while you keylogging the target phone, which means they won't notice anything different or suspicious. You never worry about being detected or caught by the monitored user.


Can iphones get keyloggers?

Of course, SpyX's keylogger is not only available for Android phones, but also for iPhone users to download and use. SpyX's keylogger is fully compatible with both Android and iOS.


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