Sydney Camacho

Staff Editor

  • Sydney Camacho specializes in handling intimate relationship and updates related blogs.
  • She is a freelance writer in London, England with a dog.
  • Sydney thinks that happiness comes from inner peace and keeps running for 5 years.
Experience & Education


Sydney majored in psychology in college, and read numerous books. She is also constantly updating her blog. She put a lot of effort into the study of intimate relations. Because there are so many topics for her to explore, and she considers it very valuable to solve others doubts about intimate relationships.


While in college, Sydney has devoted herself to the study of psychology, and she has published articles on sexual relationships in many magazines and newspapers. After graduating from college, she worked as a psychological consultant in a psychological counseling room, which accumulated her a lot of practical experience. She is also the lead writer in a psychology column in a newspaper.


When she doesn't work, Sydney likes to run and keep her inner peace while exercising. She likes getting close to nature, hiking, climbing mountains, etc.


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