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"Jailbreaking" is a term familiar to many iPhone users, especially when it comes to monitoring someone’s iPhone. However, implementing monitoring through jailbreaking is extremely difficult and requires a deep understanding of coding to have any chance of success. Since the difficulty is so high, are there ways to monitor an iPhone without jailbreaking?


Yes! This article will introduce how to use the best iPhone spy app to help you spy on someone's iPhone without jailbreaking! It will also introduce free methods that come with the iPhone to help you achieve the requirement of monitoring someone's iPhone without jailbreaking.


Part 1. Is it possible to spy on iPhone without jailbreak


Yes, spying on someone else's iPhone without jailbreaking can be challenging, but with the help of specific methods, you can achieve it easily. That's right, you can use SpyX. SpyX can help you effortlessly monitor someone else's iPhone without jailbreaking. If you are struggling to find a good way to spy on someone's iPhone, then please continue reading!

Viewing the browsing history on your iPhone can also help you get to the bottom of it. Find out about someone's hobbies and behaviour by tracking their phone.


Part 2. How to spy on iPhone without jailbreak-Using SpyX


2.1. Why SpyX monitoring does not require jailbreaking


SpyX is currently the only iPhone spy software on the market that does not require installing any app on the target device or jailbreaking. To understand why SpyX can achieve monitoring without jailbreaking, you need to know the main methods currently used to monitor iPhones on the market.

There are currently 3 main monitoring solutions.


iCloud Authentication:


With iCloud authentication, you can complete Google's 2-step verification according to the instructions in the monitoring software's dashboard. This method does not require you to install any app on the target iPhone, making the connection process very simple.


USB Connection:


Use a USB cable to connect the iPhone you want to monitor to a computer you have prepared in advance, and then transfer the data from the target iPhone to the computer. This method requires you to have physical access to the target iPhone. The transfer time can vary depending on the Wi-Fi and data transfer volume.




In simple terms, jailbreaking allows you to install third-party apps on your iPhone. It gives these apps access to the iOS system's root, allowing you to install apps not allowed by the Apple Store. Basically, it frees users from the "jail" of using specific apps. This method is very difficult technically, and ordinary users cannot implement it.


SpyX uses iCloud authentication to spy on someone's iPhones. SpyX does not require you to jailbreak or have physical access to the target device to install any software, making the whole process very simple and easy.


2.2. What is SpyX


As a rising star in the world of iPhone spy app in 2023, SpyX quickly gained fame for its comprehensive monitoring capabilities. It can help you monitor over 30 types of data, such as SMS, call logs, GPS location, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more.


Additionally, it is also widely recognized for its iCloud connection solution. This connection method means that you don't need to physically access the target device to install software, nor do you need advanced computer coding skills to jailbreak the target device.


Screenshot of SpyX's homepage


2.3. Features of SpyX


  • No need for jailbreaking.
  • No need to install any app on the target iPhone.
  • Works in hidden mode. There is absolutely no logo or icon on the target iPhone. There will also be no alerts popping up on the target iPhone during your monitoring.
  • User friendly-Connect in 3 steps.
  • Spy on 30+ apps, such as SMS, Call, GPS location, WhatsApp, Instagram and more.
  • Tracking in real-time. No matter when or where you are, and no matter when or where the target device is, all phone activities are being monitored in real-time in SpyX's dashboard.
  • High compatibility: Supports all ios system, no matter iPhone 7, iPhone 8, or iPhone 11, iPhone 15, SpyX can provide monitoring solution.


2.4. What data SpyX can spy on


SpyX enables you to spy on all these phone activities.


General features:


Social media:


2.5. Step by step guide to using SpyX to spy on someone's iPhone without jailbreak


In only 3 steps, you can start spying on someone's iPhone without jailbreaking.


Step 1. Create a free account with your email.


How to creat an free account in SpyX.


Step 2. Choose the device you want to monitor—select "Android" for an Android phone and "iPhone" for monitoring an iPhone.


Choose the device you want to monitor,iPhone or Android.


Step 3. Start monitoring.


The dashboard of SpyX real user.


Step 4. Spy on the target device.

Now, in SpyX's dashboard, you can spy on the target iPhone remotely. Monitor various data like text messages, browser history, GPS location, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more.



Screenshot of SMS chat from SpyX's dashboard


  • Browser history.


Screenshot of browser history from SpyX's dashboard



Screenshot of GPS location from SpyX's dashboard



Screenshot of WhatsApp chats from SpyX's dashboard



Screenshot of Snapchat chats from SpyX's dashboard


Further reading: Deep review of 10 best iPhone spy app without jailbreaking.



Part 3. Free method to spy on someone's iPhone without jailbreak


Apart from powerful iPhone spy spyware like SpyX, there are some free built-in ways on the iPhone that can help you monitor someone's iPhone without jailbreaking. However, it is important to note that these free methods are not designed for monitoring purposes, so they have various drawbacks and are not perfect monitoring solutions.


Using "Find My iPhone" to spy on someone's iPhone without jailbreak


"Find My iPhone" is a location service provided by Apple for tracking or locating lost or stolen iOS devices, such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. So, if you just want to track someone's location for free and without jailbreaking, this method may meet your needs. 

If you're worried about your kids playing in unfamiliar places, here's how to find someone's location.


Need to Know

  • Make sure that both your iPhone and the iPhone you want to monitor have "Find My iPhone" enabled. If the target device does not have it enabled, you will need to access the target device to enable this feature, otherwise it won't work.
  • You need to know the iCloud account and password of the iPhone you want to monitor.



Now you can follow the steps below to monitor the location.


Step 1. Go to ‘Settings’ > [Your Name] > ‘Find My’ > ‘Find My iPhone’ and make sure that it is turned on. (Both your iPhone and the iPhone you want to monitor need to be checked to make sure this feature is turned on.)


Step 2. On your iPhone or computer, open a web browser and then visit the iCloud website (。


Step 3. Enter the iCloud account and password of the target iPhone.


Step 4. Click on the "All Devices" and select the iPhone you want to spy on.


Step 5. Now you can see the location of the iPhone on a map.


Steps of how to turn on ‘Find My iPhone’




    The process is easy to understand and follow.


    It's free.



    It can only help you to track someone's location.


    You need to know the Apple ID and password.


    You will need to get physical access to the target iPhone.


Part 4. Why do you need to spy on an iPhone


To find a lost iPhone


Tracking a lost phone is one of the reasons to install spy apps. You can easily find your lost iPhone through spy apps.


For Parental Control and Supervision


Before introducing your kids to the gadgets, they should know they must use them under your supervision and control. It would be best if you had spy apps to track what content they are watching, the types of games they play, online friendships, etc. Healthy watches help in the better development and nourishment of children.


Prevent online bullying


None of the parents want their children to be in any harmful situation. The Internet is so vast; where it offers a lot of perks, it has its downside too. Kids are like angels. They have no vision for future dangers. Cyberbullying is like poison penetrating kids. For the safety of your children, it is very important to monitor them.


Check on elderly individuals


When a human gets old, he is no less than a kid. Monitor your elder ones when they are home alone or are traveling alone; for your peace of mind, it is very important that you have a spy app to monitor their phone activities.


Part 5. FAQs


Q1. What's the best spy app for iPhone without jailbreaking?


After comparing all the iPhone spy apps on the market, SpyX is undoubtedly the most powerful iPhone spy software. First of all, its connection solution is very simple and it doesn't require you to install any software on the target iPhone. Secondly, it helps you to monitor more than 30 kinds of apps such as SMS, location, photos, browsing history, bookmarks, WhatsApp and so on. Lastly, it doesn't require you to jailbreak.


Q2. Is there a free iPhone spy app that doesn’t require jailbreak?


Currently, there is no iPhone spy software that is free. "Find My iPhone" is the free way which helps you to track someone's location without jailbreaking.


Q3. Can I spy on someone's iPhone without an Apple ID and password?


Yes, you can do this by using the USB connection option. The USB option doesn't require you to enter the Apple ID and password of the target iPhone. But this way requires you to get the target iPhone and transfer the data using USB.


Q4. Can I spy on an iPhone with just the number?


There is no way with current technology to spy on someone's iPhone just by knowing the phone number. If some brands claim they can do it, take it with a grain of salt.


Part 6. Conclusion


That's it! That's how to spy on someone's iPhone without jailbreak. by comparing the ways above, no doubt SpyX is the best choice. Whether you're a parent or an employer, SpyX allows you to monitor an iPhone remotely and in real-time without the target user knowing, all in just three simple steps.

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