How to See What Someone Is Doing on Their Phone

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Are you interested in what your lovers, employees or children do with their phone? This is understandable. Because many children involve themselves with social media, send hundreds of text messages and pictures, maybe they face the risk of predator. Some employees may leak company data to others. Some lovers are not sincere to date with others at the same time. At that time, guess doesn’t work. What you need is practical method. Here we will introduce five solutions to help you see what someone is doing on their phone. 


See What Someone Is Doing on Their Phone



Part 1. Can you track someone’s phone legally?

It is important to learn low before starting monitoring. We are appreciate that you check your local rules before monitoring someone’s phone. Of course you can’t spy any phone you want. But you have total power to keep an eye of your children who are teens. You can monitor them without them knowing. If you want to track your lovers’ or employees’ phone, you should get their permission first.


Method 1. Choose a Phone Monitoring App

Whatever methods you have tries, I am confident that professional parental control app- SpyX is the best. It gives more than what you want. The user-friendly experience and reasonable price can win your trust.


You don’t waste precious time on jailbreak or app installation. Easy operation makes SpyX popular for person without knowing phone technology. Three steps is enough! Sign up free, verify iCloud, start monitoring! Amazing! SpyX can browse text messages, events, notes, calendars and other data accurately on the phone. You will also have access to their photos, videos and emails, phone call history and their GPS location. How powerful the monitoring features are!


Step 1. Sign up free

Create SpyX account with an email first. 




Step 2. Choose suitable plan

We have three plans for different needs,  1 month plan, 3 months plan, 12 months plan.




Step 3. Connect target phone

Enter the Apple ID and password of targrt iCloud. 




Step 4. Start monitoring

Login your SpyX Control Panel and start tracking target phone remotely.





Method 2. Take Their Phone when They Don’t Use

Totally free and basic method you know! If you don’t want to pay for phone monitoring app, you can consider this direct solution. Just take phone when they don’t use phone or aren’t looking. You can take action at midnight while they are sleeping well. Open the phone and find what they do most with phone. To make this solution available, you need get their phone password. Every time you want find secrets from their phone, you need to pay attention to their status. Once they don’t hold the phone, just take action fast! Compared with getting phone to check messages, monitoring software online is so flexible and easy. You can track phone without them knowing for long time.


Method 3. Get Their iCloud Account

Once turn on the iCloud on the phone, what you do with phone will sync to the iCloud account. If you can get iCloud credentials, you will get all data from the target iPhone. Just sign into iCloud account on any apple device, Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Then you can see photos and videos stored on their phone, their calender events, text messages sent and received, all emails. But it is not perfect solution. One thing you should notice is that once you sign into iCloud on another device, they will receive an alert on their phone to notice them that they are signed in another device. You can imagine what they will react when they get the alert message? So maybe you should get their phone first before you sign in iCloud account elsewhere.


Method 4. Install HD Cameras

It's not the most ideal strategy to see all that somebody does on their telephone. In any case, under the right lighting conditions and with the right camera, it does only the stunt. You could find cameras especially valuable on the off chance that they utilize their telephone similarly situated and in a similar spot.


For instance, assuming they generally pick a similar spot on the couch and falsehood a specific way, you can utilize this technique to see what somebody is doing on their telephone.


If so, set up a top quality camera and point it toward them. Ensure your camera is set up to record either to the cloud or an interior drive. Then enjoy the moment. The camera ought to catch everything.


Remember that a camera with high goal and zoom usefulness is ideal. It's additionally vital to take note of that assuming they move out of position or slant their telephone in a specific heading, you will not have the option to catch what's there. Also, in the event that the lighting transforms, you may be in really bad shape.


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Method 5. Get more Details from Their Friends


If you want to get valuable information, maybe you should try to chat with their friends. Because not all children are addicted to the Internet and social interaction. Many children still prefer to communicate with their friends in real life. They share their joys and sorrows of their life with their friends. But parents should not hold much hope, children’s friends will not leak any secrets usually. Some of them may tell some extracurricular activities. So parents’ accompany and sincere care is the core to let your children open up their heart.


Part 2. Do More with Phone Tracker-SpyX

You will never find a phone monitoring app like SpyX on the market. It wins billions of customers’ trust with easy operation, complete tracking, strong functions and reasonable price. With other phone spy app, you need complex jailbreak and app installation. All these doesn’t exist with SpyX. It is light, easy and functional, designed for your specific monitoring need. Never hesitate to choose SpyX when apply for parent control. Let’s protect children from danger together. 




Q1. How to know if someone is spying on your phone?


1. High data usage.

2. Poor battery life.

3. Slow performance.

4. Unexplained activity when device is on standby.

5. High temperature when not in use.

6. Strange sounds during a call.


Q2. What are spy apps disguised as on iPhone?

iOS spying software is often well-disguised (parental-control apps can function as a form of spyware), which makes it difficult to detect iPhone spyware. Spyware hides on your iPhone, recording your behavior, including your location, passwords, emails, texts, calls, etc. Think of everything you do on your iPhone.


Q3. Which Is the best iPhone Spy app I can use?

Of all the monitoring apps available in the market, SpyX is the most ideal. This is because it is easy to use and provides the most detailed information of the bunch. It is particularly the most ideal solution to use when you have never used a monitoring tool before. The whole monitoring process with SpyX is straightforward and simple.


Q4. Can someone see you through your phone camera?

Yes, you can be spied upon through the camera of your smartphone. There are several applications that can be found online that assist in spying on someone through their cell phone camera.


Q5. Can you see what someone else is doing on their phone?

It's even possible for someone to monitor your cell phone's activity without ever even touching it. Mobile spyware, like SpyX phone tracker, can be used to monitor information such as calls, text messages, emails, location, photos, and browsing history.


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