Jerry Wiggins

Chief Editor

  • An enthusiastic and creative customer-focused writer, adept at details.
  • Publish a series of phone tracker reviews and phone spy blogs for Spyx.
  • Jerry likes dating his best friends to ride and go camping on weekends.
Experience & Education


Immersed himself in phone and technology, you think he must be an IT-related major. Instead, He opted for the Journalism. The educational background brought him the technology world. During college life, he had to have spontaneous access to the latest technology trends and inventions. The more he acquired, the more he comes to like phone and technology, especially how a Phone tracker works and how to solve phone monitoring problems.


Jerry has always been a top student, ranking first. This is because he is very interested in his major. This heat from the heart drove him to diligently explore, practice, and produce. At the same time, he is good at summarizing, and updates what he learns and thinks on his blog every week.


Jerry enjoys riding with friends. Being close to nature makes him feel very relaxed. 


How to Track My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

How to track your child's phone without their knowing? We have listed detailed and practical ways to track Android and iPhone. Specific method steps such as Find My Device and monitoring apps.

2024-05-22 07:57:11

A Quick Guide to OTP, Meaning, Examples, Process, and Benefits

What is OTP and what is it used for in parental control settings? We will give you the meaning, usage and examples of OTP (One Time Password)!

2024-05-17 12:36:00

Know how to hack iPhone messages & keep your messages safe

Learn about iPhone text message hacks, how they work, and ways to secure your messages. Explore methods, signs of hacking, and protective measures.

2024-03-12 07:36:59

How to secretly forward text messages (Android & iPhone)

Discover the discreet methods to forward text messages on both Android and iPhone devices without detection, including step-by-step guides, pros and cons, and valuable tips.

2024-03-13 03:52:18

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