How to View Private Browsing History on iPhone

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Browsing privacy is very important to users. When users are using private or incognito mode, they can freely browse in private, without leaving traces. Browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox all have privacy modes. But for children, they may use incognito mode to browse some unhealthy websites, which makes parents worried. So many parents really want to know what websites their children browse in incognito mode. If you want to visit the private browsing history of another iPhone, no easy. At this time, you need one professional and reliable mobile phone tracking software-SpyX to help you. We will detail you in this article on how to feature the SpyX, and how to use the SpyX to view private browsing history on the iPhone.


View Private Browsing History on iPhone



Part 1. iPhone Private Browsing in Detail


What is Private Browsing on iPhone?

When you use Private Browsing, the details of your browsing aren't saved, and the websites you visit aren't shared with your other devices. Safari won't remember the pages you visit, your search history, or your AutoFill information. You can use Private Browsing Mode to open private tabs, which don't appear in History on iPhone or in the list of tabs on your other devices.


Part 2. How to View Private Browsing History on iPhone someone Else

It is not easy to view private browsing history on someone’s iPhone. All you need is a third-party tool. SpyX is your best choice to view private browsing history on someone’s iPhone. Let’s start together.


SpyX- Best Tool to View Someone's Private Browsing History for iOS


If you are looking for an effective method to view someone’s private browsing history for iOS, never hesitate to choose SpyX. SpyX enables you to track the browsing history of another iPhone easily.


Do you want to know what web content your child or partner is browsing in browser stealth mode? SpyX is reliable and secure phone tracker to view private browsing history on iPhone. You can know what your husband, wife, kid is browsing behind their private Safari browser mode. Except for browsing history on iPhone, SpyX enables you to track more than 40 types of data.





Key Features of SpyX:


See the private browsing history of Safari on iPhone

With SpyX, you can make it clear what web pages the other person is browsing in stealth mode. All of these URls are clearly displayed on the SpyX panel. You can check the other person's browsing records on his mobile phone without anyone knowing. Rest assured, you will not be detected at all.


Monitor over 40 types of data

SpyX stands out among many mobile phone tracking software because of its powerful mobile phone tracking capabilities. It effortlessly tracks over 40 data, including historical and real-time updated data, such as text messages, photos, calls, WhatsApp chat history, ect. With SpyX, you won't miss any valuable message. This means that you know everything on them on your phone. So tracking the browsing records of the other person's phone is a small matter for SpyX.


Location Tracking with Geofencing

You can use SpyX to track the location of target users or set up a geolfence. This is important for parents because they want to ensure that the child is in a familiar and safe area.


Recover data from iPhone

If the browser of the opponent's phone is on stealth mode, you usually can't view the partner's browsing records. But SpyX can help you recover these hidden browsing records.


View Remotely

SpyX makes it easy to remotely monitor your target phone. Even when drinking coffee, you can check the data on each other's phone in real time.


Why Choose SpyX?


Secretly View Private Browsing History

SpyX operates in full stealth mode. That is, you can remotely track the browsing records of the other person's phone without being found. Because you don't leave any trace on your target phone.


Compatible with All iOS Versions

You don't have to worry about SpyX phone compatibility, because SpyX is compatible with all iPhone devices on the market. You can even use an Android phone to track the browsing record of an iPhone.


No jailbreak or root

Jailbreaking harms the mobile phone greatly, and the process is complicated, especially for an ordinary user with no professional knowledge, which increases the difficulty of remote tracking. If you choose SpyX, you don’t need to consider jailbreaking at all. SpyX is very friendly to all users, and you can easily operate SpyX, even if you're not a professional technician.


Best in the Market

SpyX is popular around the world with high praise from customers. SpyX is designed for parental control, employee surveillance and catching cheaters. As one-stop solution for remote phone tracking, SpyX can save much cost and effort for you. With SpyX, you can find more than you want.



How to view private browsing history on iPhone with SpyX?


Step 1. Sign up free

Visit and click TRY NOW button to register a free account. You need to note that the mailbox registered for use must be valid, otherwise you can't receive the relevant email we sent.




Step 2. Setup SpyX for iOS

Purchase suitable plan and bind the target phone with SpyX. All you need is entering Apple ID and password of target phone.




Step 3. Start viewing the private browsing history

Login to SpyX account and start viewing the private browsing history on the dashboard.





Isn't that very simple? Just with a cup of coffee, you can grasp all the dynamics of your target phone. Start using SpyX to view the browsing history on your target phone now!


Part 3. How to View Private Browsing History on Your iPhone

Here are three ways to check your history browsing on your phone.


Method 1. View Private Browsing on iPhone Through Settings

Just follow the steps to view your private Safari browsing history on your iPhone.


Step 1: On your iPhone, click the "Settings" icon.


Step 2: From the list open, find the "Safari" tab and click on it.


Step 3: Then click the "Advanced" button.


Step 4: Click the "Website data" tab.


iPhone settings


If you just follow the above steps, you can view the browsing history on your phone. But this method also has its flaws. You can't use it to check other people's phone browsing records, unless you can get target person's phone and follow the steps above.


Method 2. Use iTunes Backup to View Private Browsing History on iPhone

You can backup your iPhone to iTunes and view your private browsing history.


Step 1: Open iTunes on your iPhone, then click your iPhone's icon.


Step 2: Navigate to the Restore Backup option


Step 3: Restore the deleted browser history by clicking on "Restore"




Method 3. View Private Browsing History on iPhone Via iCloud

Turn on iCloud backup on your iPhone and you can view your private browsing history.


Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone.


Step 2: Click on 'General.'


Step 3: Navigate to the "Erase All Content and Settings" option and click on it.


Step 4: Read and follow the instructions on your screen, then click the 'Restore from an iCloud backup' option.


Step 5: Select a relevant file to restore the private browsing history.




Disadvantages of all these methods:


1. These three methods are limited and do not track all of the history


2. These 3 methods are not going to work very well if you want to track other people's phone browsing records.


3. You need to back up your phone, or you won't track the data.


Part 5. Conclusion

If you want to know how to view someone's browsing history record, then SpyX will be your best choice. You can track all data on your target phone remotely with SpyX. Try SpyX phone tracker to track target phone without being detected.


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