How to Hack Someone's Facebook Account Easily

Eric Watts

Facebook is one of the most popular forms of social media. Billions of users enjoy it every day, with the highest security standards. If you want to improve your hacking skills, or you just want to keep an eye on your kids, Spouse Crack Facebook Password is essential. While you should avoid doing anything illegal, you must know how to protect yourself and your family from someone gaining access to your account.


You might want to read their Facebook Messenger messages, but don't want anyone to know. For example, you find out that your spouse is cheating on you, and you want to access the messages they sent to your lover as proof. Or you might want to check what your kids are up to on Facebook, but don't go overboard. As a conscientious parent, you have to make sure they are safe on social media.This is one of the most convincing arguments for considering how to hack into a Facebook account. You may have found some promising ways to hack Facebook accounts via URLs in your searches. However, it is crucial to question the legitimacy of these methods and whether they produce results or are merely scams.


Like all other forms of hacking, we have many ways to hack people's facebook. You just have to choose the best way that will give you the bad results you are looking for in spy missions. Also, you will need to choose a method based on your level of technical expertise. The reason is that while all of these methods will allow you to track a given Facebook account, some of them are easier to use than others. That's why this part of our post will delve into more detailed information on each method of tracking your Facebook profile. Here are some ways you can optimize to successfully complete your new espionage mission.


1. Use SpyX Spy Tool to View Someone’s Facebook Information


SpyX is the easiest and most effective way to hack a Facebook account. It is a spyware that allows you to see what your kids, spouse are doing on Facebook. You'll be able to read their messages, view their downloaded pictures, and more! SpyX doesn't need to be installed on the target phone, so they won't even know you're spying on his Facebook.





SpyX can easily monitor someone's conversations on various platforms like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Tinder, with this feature you can even view deleted messages as it collects all social media conversations and Display them in one convenient place. SpyX can also check the real-time location of the target phone in real time, letting you know where he is.


2.Facebook "forgot password" option




If you want to hack into your Facebook account without going through investigations or complicated steps, the "forgot password" option on the Facebook login page is very simple and valuable. While it does require some knowledge of the target account, you can do it without arousing suspicion.


Go to the Facebook login page and select "Forgot Password" to get started.


Select "No longer have access to these" and enter the target's email address. A password reset link will be sent to your email. If you are familiar with the target's security question answers, you can initiate the password reset process by entering the target's security question answers.


Alternatively, you can select "Recover account with friends" and request a security code from any of the friends listed on the target. Once you have the code, you can reset your target's Facebook password and access their account. There is one problem though. A password reset link will also be emailed to the target, so they may access it before you. Completing the procedure as quickly as possible is essential to prevent this. This approach may seem simple and economical, but it's not perfect.


3: Weak Passwords





You might be surprised to know that most people use very weak passwords. The most common passwords are very simple:





When you enter some simple, commonly used passwords, such as "qwerty" or "password," there's a good chance that you can gain access to someone's account. Additionally, many people use personally identifiable information as passwords. If you know basic details like a person's first and last name and date of birth, it's easier to hack into their Facebook.


If the person is not very smart, then in this case you will have to use a robot to test different password combinations. These bots can run through thousands of password combinations in a short period of time.


However, you should remember that a good password combines lower/uppercase letters, numbers and special characters. It should not have any personal information. For example, if a password has only lowercase letters, it automatically becomes easier to crack.


4. Phishing


Phishing is the most common technique used to crack FB passwords. It is very easy for someone with little technical knowledge to complete a phishing page. This is why phishing is so popular. Many people have fallen victim to phishing pages due to its believable layout and appearance.


How does phishing work?

Simply put, phishing is the process of creating copies of well-known website pages with the goal of stealing other sensitive information like user passwords or credit card details. In our case, this means creating a page that looks very much like the FB login page but uses a different URL, such as or or whatever pretends to be legitimate. When a user lands on such a page, he/ She probably thinks this is the real Facebook login page, asking him/her for his/her username and password. So, people who don't find the suspicious phishing page will enter their username and password. Password information will be sent to hackers who create phishing pages. Meanwhile, victims are redirected to the original FB page.


Example: John is a programmer. He used some scripts to create a FB login page that allowed him to grab username and password information. John puts this fake login page in Peter is John's friend. John sends Peter a message, "Hey Peter, I found a free online money making trick, you should definitely check out". Peter navigates to the link and sees a FB login page. As usual, Peter entered his username and password above.


hacking part


Peter's username and password are sent to John and Peter is redirected to the money making tips page And that's it; Peter's Facebook account was hacked.


Note that phishing is done by third parties via email; most of the time. So, always beware of phishing emails, or you could lose your Facebook account, credit card details, or any other sensitive data


Some super perfect phishing pages




Most people won't suspect this page (snapshot given above) because there is an https prefix with a green security icon, and is error-free. However, this is a phishing page. how? Make a note of the URL correctly. It is Therefore, is a subdomain of Unlike Firefox, Google Chrome does not distinguish between subdomains and domains.


SSL certificates (HTTPS) can be obtained from many online providers. Some providers offer 1-year SSL certificates for free. For starters, creating a perfect phishing page like the one given above is not a big deal. So, watch out for it.


5. Keyloggers




A keylogger is a software tool used to record keystrokes on a computer or mobile device. In turn, this records everything you type with the keyboard and stores it for use. Typically, keyloggers are installed as software applications in the operating system to track keystrokes, but there are also hardware keyloggers.


A hardware keylogger, also known as a physical keylogger, connects to a computer via a USB port and records everything from the keyboard before sending it to the computer. There are various mobile keyloggers that do the same thing on various operating systems.


How does keylogging work?


All keyloggers run in the background and cannot be viewed by the user until you know the keylogger password and the shortcut to view it. It will log all keys pressed and give you a detailed report of when and what key was used for what application - in short, a clear report to identify the password.


Anyone who reads the keylogger logs will be able to see Facebook passwords or any passwords and sensitive information typed like credit cards, bank usernames, passwords, etc. Whenever you log into a public computer, there is a risk of losing your Facebook password to other people.


Many people are using mobile keyloggers these days. It can track the phone's keypad. Therefore, any sensitive information typed on a mobile keyboard is vulnerable to hacking.




I'd say if you want a quick and effective solution for not just spying on Facebook (but the whole phone - the victim might be using a messaging app you don't know about), then the clear choice is SpyX. Not only is this simple and effective, it is also untraceable for victims.


With SpyX you can see what's going on on your wife or husband's phone, your kids' devices, or spot the real-time cheating spouse location or any possible target. You never have to worry about apps you didn't know they had.

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