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By default, Facebook makes the majority of its users' personal information public. People who are worried about their online privacy may opt to make their Facebook profiles private in order to limit what others may see on their profile.


Regretfully, there are still ways for people to see your user information on Facebook, even if your purpose was to create an anonymous account. In this blog post, you'll learn about methods and loopholes that other Facebook users are able to exploit to get access to someone's private Facebook account, as well as what you can do to secure your personal information.


How to view private Facebook photos


Part 1. How private Facebook profile works


A secret Facebook profile is one that you cannot access unless you are friends with the owner. When viewing a private Facebook profile, you will not see any user information and, in many cases, no profile photo. The user has disabled any public-facing profile options, making the profile less anonymous but more private.


Several approaches existed in the early days of Facebook that permitted at least a partial see of a private Facebook account. For example, adding someone as a friend once provided access to that person's Facebook profile, regardless of privacy settings.


Another alternative was to change the Facebook profile URL in order to view profile photographs and other uploads. Third-party apps that might circumvent at least some of Facebook's privacy settings were also available at the time.


Fortunately, Facebook has blocked the vast majority of these backdoors and workarounds. It is quite difficult to access a private Facebook profile because of the enormous scrutiny Facebook faces about the privacy of its users.




Part 2. 6 best ways to view private Facebook profile


Even if you have switched your Facebook account to private, someone with bad intent can still access your private information. Facebook is well-known for its security and privacy issues, and for good reason.




Despite the company's promises that it is always trying to ensure that your private data remains private, there are many workarounds that allow anyone to view your protected Facebook page. Knowing about them can help you protect yourself from hackers, data brokers that gather user information in bulk, and unwanted focus from other Facebook users.


Way 1. Best private Facebook profile viewer online-SpyX


SpyX is without a doubt, by far the best Facebook photo viewer available for Android and iOS devices. The app is used to view other people's Facebook photos, profiles or chats, even if they have changed their privacy settings.


Not only that, but you can take advantage of the automatic screenshot feature to see what someone is doing on Facebook. The best part is they'll never know about it. You can also access their hidden photos without becoming friends.


Screenshot of SpyX's homepage


What makes SpyX the best Facebook private photo viewer online:


  • Works in 100% incognito mode. No chance of being discovered.
  • Quick and easy setup. Only a few minutes.
  • Monitor Facebook in real time.
  • Provides full access to view private Facebook profile information.
  • Inspect data remotely through its web-based control portal.
  • Track other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Discord, Skype, etc.
  • Surveillance video apps YouTube and TikTok.
  • Record everything in the target phone: record surround sound, record calls, record phone screen, etc.
  • Access the target's phone camera to take a photo through their camera.
  • Track the keywords you set and get alerted when they search.


How to use the best Facebook private photo viewer-Step by step guide:


Step 1. Sign up for a free account with your valid email.


How to create an free account with your email.


Step 2. Choose the device you want to view.

If the target phone is "iOS", select the "iOS" option. If the target phone is "Android", select the "Android" option.


Choose the device you want to monitor,iOS or Android.


Step 3. Start viewing private Facebook photo anonymously.

Now you can not only view Facebook photos anonymously, but also monitor more than 30 other kinds of data, such as text messages, call logs, location, browsing history, WhatsApp and more.


The dashboard of SpyX real user.



This is the most effective Facebook private pictures viewer if you are looking for an easy way to do the job. Using SpyX won't require you to get Facebook account password, and you can monitor Facebook without others knowing. There are other ways to do the same. They may not be as famous, but they are worth a look.


Way 2. View private Facebook photos via Google Indexing


Some users do not need to view your private profile to have access to your kept hidden photos or personal data They may find much of your private information on Google if you are not vigilant with your privacy settings. The invader can use a method known as Google indexing to analyze information on a website (Facebook) and incorporate it in search engines. Google basically finds whatever information about you on Facebook that has been set to public and displays it online.




To obtain information about a Facebook user, simply enter their name into Google search and include Facebook in your request to refine the result. Google will then show you all of the information it finds on Facebook about the person concerned that has been set to public.


How to get around it: 


Step 1. By adjusting your Facebook privacy settings, you may simply limit the information that Facebook is permitted to share with Google. To do so, launch the Facebook app on your Android or iPhone and navigate to “Settings & privacySettings”.


Step 2. Scroll down to Audience and visibility and then click on “How people find and contact you


Step 3. Select “No” under Do you want search engines other than Facebook to connect to your profile? You can also edit these settings in the browser version of Facebook.




Way 3. View private Facebook photos via Fake Facebook Friends


The third method is via a fake friend. These are users who have discovered ways to view non-friends' Facebook postings.


Someone eager for access to your private Facebook page may build a completely fake profile in order to befriend you and acquire access to your Facebook profile.


A fake friend profile may use well-known information to deceive you into accepting a request. For example, the (stolen) profile may include a person of a similar age, equivalent hobbies and Likes, or claim to be from the same area, school, or business; anything to build an artificial link.


If someone is actively targeting your account, they can create the appearance of a colleague by using information obtained on other accounts related to yours.


The difficulty of detecting a fake Facebook friend is determined on how you utilize your account. A fake request is easy to detect if you are already a highly private person with a small number of Facebook friends.


You may change your Facebook friend settings, such as hiding your Friends list and limiting who can send you a friend request.


Way 4. See private Facebook photos via Social Engineering


When the previous two approaches fail, a user might use social engineering to get access to a private Facebook account. When a user engages private mode, they may opt not to keep it entirely private but to restrict access from those outside of their friends group, which is a gap that you may exploit.


While doing so, they might choose to allow access to “friends of friends”. That implies that if you and the targeted individual are friends on Facebook, you'll be able to view the target's profile, even though it's set to private.




For this strategy to work, only one mutual friend is required. You can send a friend request to one of their friends if you don't have any. Another aspect that may prevent you from proceeding is if the targeted individual has their friends list hidden as well. In that situation, you may try looking for their connections on other social networking sites other than Facebook, though this may take some time.


How to beat it: 


Step 1. Limit your Facebook friend list. Open a web browser on your PC and go to Facebook. 


Step 2. Navigate to “Settings & PrivacySettingsPrivacy” > “How people can find and contact you”, and then pick the right choice next to “Who can see your friends list”.


In the mobile app (iOS and Android), the path’s a little different: 


“Settings & privacySettings”  “Audience and visibility”  “How people find and contact you” “Who can see your friends list”. Choose the Only me option for ultimate privacy, and you will be the only one who can see your friends list.


Step 3. Make all of your social media profiles private. Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other social media networks that may include your personal information are all included.


Way 5. View private Facebook photos via Source Code


This approach differs greatly from the earlier ones and is also rather challenging. However, it can assist you in seeing private Facebook images. To do so, you must first obtain the target account and then use an internet browser to read the source code. This is how you utilize the private Facebook picture viewer.


Step 1. Right-click on the Facebook account after opening it. A drop-down menu will appear; select the "View Source Code" option.


Step 2. Immediately a page containing all the source code will open, click on the page and then tap "Ctrl + F" on the keyboard. On the top of the source page, a blank box will appear.


Step 3. In this black box, type the codes shown below one by one. You don't need to use all of them; simply begin at the beginning and keep entering until one of them operates and you see private Facebook photographs on the screen.




   · Poke-_target=

   · Profileid="

   · Profileid=

   · Profile_id:

   · actorIDs:

   · data-referrerid=

   · data-profileid=

   · profile_id":

   · feed_subtitle_

   · actorid:

   · ownerid:

   · author:


Way 6. Exploit a loophole in Facebook’s account privacy policy


Facebook's account privacy tools used to be more lenient than they are now. For instance, it was probable to modify a user's Facebook URL and immediately access picked personal information, such as images and videos. The platform now appears to have swung into action to prevent this.


Facebook keeps tying up loose ends, making it more difficult to access private accounts and user data. However, a few loopholes still work. One of them is tagged photos.


When two or more individuals take a photo and share it with their Facebook friends, they may tag each other to assist other users identify everyone in the picture. If your target has been tagged in a photo, you may quickly discover them by utilizing Facebook's search function. To do so:


Step 1. Open “Facebook” and click on “Search.”


Screenshot of Facebook.


Step 2. Enter the following into the text field: Photos of <Name>


Screenshot of photos.


Once you do this, Facebook will run an extensive search and display photos in which the person has been tagged.


All the above 6 methods can effectively help you view private Facebook photos, you can choose the most suitable one according to your needs. Besides, here are safe photo sharing sites that can help you browse albums with your friends.


Part 3. FAQs


Q1. How can I view someone's Facebook privately?


There is no doubt that SpyX is the best private Facebook viewer online. It works in hidden mode, no apps or icons appear on the phone you want to view. During your viewing, there will be no pop-up prompts on the target phone, so you can view someone else's Facebook data in private without being known.


Q2. How can I view anonymously on Facebook?


SpyX is a stealth Facebook viewer, helping you view someone's Facebook anonymously. With SpyX, you can see all the contact list, Facebook chats, photos and other files on Facebook.


Q3. Can I see Facebook photos without an account?


The answer is Yes! SpyX is the best Facebook private viewer. You just need to register a free account with your email, follow the instructions to finish the connection, and then you can start viewing someone's Facebook photos without needing an account.


Q4. What is the app that lets you view Facebook profiles anonymously?


I recommend SpyX, the best Facebook profile viewer! It works in stealth mode, allowing you to view all activities on Facebook without being detected, including contacts, chat history, photos, and other data.


Part 4. Conclusion


We all know that seeing private Facebook images is very difficult because of the site's rigorous privacy settings. This is why an efficient Facebook private photo reader is necessary, capable of easily breaching that security.


For this purpose,SpyX is recommended out of all the other alternatives. It is highly advanced and comes with lots of high-end features. You may effortlessly monitor your loved one's Facebook activities without being friends or being found.

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