How to Ensure Your Child’s Safety at Home

Emilie Burke

A safe environment is part of parenting. Concepts and skills are taught and learned both in formal and informal settings. Every parent or guardian got a responsibility in educating a child on what's safe and what isn't to prevent and reduce accident exposure and occurrence.


Ensure children's safety at home


Part 1. Why Is It Necessary to Teach Your Child Safety Measures?

1. Teaching your children safety measures around the kitchen, garden, playroom, bedroom, and all appliances in your home reduces exposure to harm because they understand what surrounds them and how to survive around it. 


2. Mental health and safety are as important as any physical safety. Every child needs a listening parent. Convince your children to trust and confide in you. This way, you will know what is going on in their lives. 


3. The duty of raising young ones can be overwhelming. Correct safety information will teach what to incorporate into your home and what to throw away. This article takes you through how to ensure your child’s safety at home. 


Part 2. How to Ensure Your Child's Safety at Home

1. Let your child memorize important numbers and addresses. If your child happens to wander off your home compound, knowing their home address and contact numbers helps anyone looking to get them back home safely.


2. Teach your kids to stay away from strangers. Teaching your children not to be okay and comfortable with just anyone is not a lack of manners anymore. Strangers have turned into predators. Your child will never know who is good or bad. The only safe thing they need to know is to stay away from strangers.


3. Let them know that playing on the road can harm them. Roads motorists with different levels of expertise and practice. A child playing on the road is in harm's way. Kids need to know that it is not safe to walk or play on the road. Teach them the use of path walks and how to be safe there.


4. To protect your children's safety, teach them the difference between good and bad touches on their bodies. Psychopaths sexually harm babies. Your child will only report or turn down such acts when they can identify and differentiate. Educate kids as early as possible to protect them from sexual assault.


5. Make sure your child shares only limited information online. The internet is an exciting platform for young ones who want to explore. Unfortunately, it comes with predators preying on your children. You can use the SpyX app to ensure you track and monitor your child's online activity. The spy software is the best phone tracker for parental control. The app is invisible and available for both Android and iPhone users. If you want to worry less and know more about your child, get the SpyX phone tracker now.


6. Teach your kids to stay away from unknown or dangerous products. Of course, you got to invest a lot in letting your kids know what is harmful and what is not. Let them make a habit of leaving it untouched if they are not sure about it. What you don't know doesn't harm, the same goes with what you don't touch.


7. Encourage your kid to chill out with their friends in your own home. Reduced movement means reduced trouble. To protect your children's safety, provide a comfortable home for playing and chilling out to encourage your children to prefer chilling there and not any other place. 


8. Teach your child self-defense techniques. Not all schools offer self-defense techniques lessons which means you have to go the extra mile and invest in teaching your children when to defend themselves and how to do it. 


9. Talk with your kids regularly. They can only confide in you if you give them that connection and assurance of a go-to friend as a parent. Talking will let you know what is happening to them, what they are facing, and how you can be of help. 


Part 3. Tips and Tricks to Keep Kids Safe in Different Areas of Your Home

Spending time to understand the surroundings inside your home and the risks they pose to your growing children will save you and them. From your garden to your children's bedroom, understanding the risks each place, item, equipment, or structure has will help you know how to keep your kids safe. Here are general house tips to keep your child safe at home:


Kitchen Tips

1. Teach them what is harmful around the kitchen and what is not. Educate kids about fires, knives, electric wires, and other items you identify as hazardous.




2. Use insulated cables and keep them out of reach to protect your children from accidental electrocution.


3. Install high cabinets instead of low ones to enable you to keep things like medicine out of reach. Kids love experimenting with medicine, do not leave syrups and pills within reach.


4. Install a lockable door. Locking your kitchen when you go out to the garden or shopping means you have locked away any harm a kitchen could pose to your children.


5. Do not leave items recklessly lying on the floor. A child can crawl or run and stumble on carelessly stored items which can cause physical harm. Keeping your kitchen neat is not just about cleanliness it also helps keep your little ones safe.


6. Use baby chair locks to restrain and reduce your child’s movement to a particular location. Such tricks will have them on a check when handling chores like cooking or washing dishes which might not allow you to multitask.


7. Revise the safety and technology of the tools, appliances, and items you use in your kitchen. Invest in those appliances and tools that come with a competitive safety advantage. Throw in a few more dollars for safety.


Bathroom Tips

1. Teach your children that a bathroom is a no-go zone. Encourage them about the possible dangers. Besides putting safety measures in place, teaching your children is important too.


Bathroom safety for kids


2. After use, ensure you drain bathroom water completely. Kids love playing in the water. They don’t understand what risk that could have on them. If you leave any water in the bathtub, your child could drown. Regardless of how insignificant you think the amount is, always drain it all.


3. Dry your bathroom floor with a mob and use slip-proof mats to ensure that there is no trace of water or soap to cause your babies to slide and fall.


4. Lock the bathroom door to keep all items in your bathroom out of reach from your children. Ensure no access to cleaning soaps and agents to avoid ingestion.


5. Bath your child by yourself. When you leave young ones to bathe all by themselves, they could start exploring in the bathroom. Exploring can expose them to dangers like scalding from overheated water.


Kid's Playroom and Bedroom Tips 

1. Do not have electronics in your children's bedroom. A bedroom is for sleep. A TV, radio, or iPad in the bedroom takes away the chance of your child having enough sleep.


Do not have electronics in your children's bedroom


2. Use lower beds. Beds in your children's bedroom should be relative to their age and height to prevent accidental and fatal falling when climbing or getting out of bed.


Use lower beds for kids


3. Install high windows with window guards. As we said earlier, children love to experiment a lot. They will try to climb up the window or push against it to see what happens. A high window and a window with a guard will save you any possibility of that.


install high windows with window guards


4. Eliminate electric appliances. Appliances like electric blankets, heaters, and radiators are not child safety friendly.


5. Ensure the toys you get your children are age-appropriate and safety-conscious.


6. Being a parent or guardian comes with responsibilities that call for sacrifice. Your children's safety is as important as anything else on your schedule. They say knowledge is power. Update yourself with the latest software, appliance, or tricks meant to promote safety in your home for the little ones and enjoy parenting.

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