How to Avoid Technology’s Harmful Impact on Your Kid

Emilie Burke

Nowadays, life is really fast. You don't have time to spend it with your loved ones, and your children do not have time to spend with you. We all are riddled with such circumstances, which are a blessing of technology. As nothing comes with its cons only, it has its pros too. What a five-year-old knows today was known by a fifteen year old in the past. Everything is under your fingers. All keystrokes are ready to answer and solve your problem quickly.



How To Avoid Technology's Harmful Impact On Your Kid 

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity." Albert Einstein.


Being a parent, you feel guilty about throwing your kids in front of this monster technology. Please don't feel bad. It is completely in your hand. It is up to you how you would make your child's personality or break it. All you have to do is find ways to extract as much benefit as possible. The keys are still in your hands. Which door to open and which not is your decision. Here we are to eradicate all your worries. First, to solve a problem, you need to find the root cause.


Part 1. How Digitization Is Affecting Your Kids

Following are some reasons why your kids are being affected by Digitization.


1. Digital addiction

Addiction at its peak is the worst. Kids are kids. You are the boss so let them know that as well. It would be best if you made some rules regarding their screen time. This addiction to Digitization has the worst effects. Talking to them face to face will irritate them while they are on their device. After all, you cannot text them everything.


 digital addiction


2. Social Disconnection

"Man is by nature a social animal". Aristotle. When your children's social skills are not being polished properly, it will have drastic results on their future life. It is because they don't know how to tackle relationships and human behaviours.


social disconnection


3. Underdeveloped Basic Skills

Speech delay is the most common problem in toddlers and kids. It affects the pace of learning brutally. Moreover, the children cannot stay with their age group due to lack of speech, leading to mental health issues. Basic manners and living abilities all are affected due to no interaction with humans.


Part 2. How To Avoid Technology's Harmful Impact On Your Kid

Our children are growing with technology. New inventions and innovations develop their thinking abilities positively if technology is used positively. To develop an abundance mindset, parents should know how to tackle the negative impact of technology on their kids.


Following are some of the ways.


1.Use Parental Control App-SpyX

Use a spy app. SpyX is one of the safest and most successful  ways to monitor your child. It is compatible to track Android and also track iOS .One of the best is SpyX which claims to satisfy 87% of customers. It is easy to download and affordable, and your child will never know about being scrutinised. It has unique features like


• Monitoring every keystroke

• Location can be located

• All calls are recorded

• All searches on the Internet are in access

• Can read all chats

• Can read all chats

• Monitoring of pictures they are receiving and sending

• Remain undetected


Now, if you want to have this app with you. All you need to follow are three steps to get rid of most of the unseen problems regarding your child.


Step 1 : You need to sign up for your child's email account and purchase a subscription. This app offers many packages. Choose the one suitable for you and get free access to your child's device. You can reach any device they are using.


Step 2: The next step is to go into your kid's account and find a message from SpyX. Religiously follow the instructions in the message and sign in to your control panel. Finally, install the software on the targeted device.


Step 3: Check if it's running or not. Now all set. Just go to your control panel and control your child without letting them know, so they don't feel confined. To track iPhone, iCloud credentials are required. If 2FA is on, then physical access to the device is needed. In iPhones, you have to re-login after 14 days.


2. Take Them to Local Parks

Lack of physical activity leads to many unseen problems your child has to face in the future. Like obesity, different kinds of syndromes, and cervical issues. Parents should interact with their kids and tell them about the benefits of physical activities. For example, with a setup of the daily routine of going to the park, their screen time will diminish automatically.


Take Them to Local Parks


3. Keeping Your Child Active


Being a parent, you are the head of the family. From day one, kids should know that you are the boss. That doesn't mean to smother them; they should follow the rules. These rules must have something to keep your kids active. You can make them join the gym, swimming, or any sport that will help in boosting your child's health and overall behaviour.


Keeping Your Child Active


4. Construct A Bond With Your Kid


As your kid grows, so is your relationship with him. It is developed from the beginning. Try to indulge yourself in your kids' activities. Play games together physically as well as on devices. This way, you will have an eternal bond with them, and your relevance will encourage them, even in their teens, to be connected with you.

Part 3. How Can Parents Combat The Negative Impacts Of Technology

Technology has gains and losses just like any other thing. Where we seek advantages from this, it is simultaneously affecting our generation. It is parents' and teachers' duty to give them a track that takes them to their final destination successfully. Following are some ways to help you avoid a negative impact on your child.


1. Solitude Avoid

Your child should not be using the device unattended or in isolation. The Internet is like a sky, and the sky's the limit. Leaving your child alone and without proper guidance will have a disaster in your life. For proper development of their mental and physical health, kids should know they cannot use the device without your consent.


2. Join Or Be Part Of

Be a part of what they are playing or doing. You can watch television together, listen to music, participate in the discussion, or play any board game. You become friends with them, which will pay you back in the long run where in future, they will discuss all their matters with you.


join or be part of


3. Be Reasonable

Try to be reasonable with your kids. Please do not force them to follow hard and fast rules. For example, most parents are against technology; that can be a good idea for a kid under two years but not for grown-up kids. Plus, kids should be relevant; otherwise, their peer group will mock them for lack of knowledge, leading to many mental health issues.


4. Watchdog

You cannot leave your child unattended and unmonitored. Keep an eye on them but make sure not to let them know about it. Give them wings to fly but keep the leash in your hand.


5. Kids Are No Robots

Remember, you cannot install or uninstall anything in your kids' brain. They are not robots. Each childhood experience impacts the development of your kids' personalities. Just make sure they are holding the rope tightly.


6. Encourage Creativity And Imagination

A room for creativity and imagination can be left when being the parent; you encourage it. When your child shows you his imagination, try to recognise it. Most kids make a lot of mess while creating their imaginary world, don't scold them for making a mess. Instead, encourage them to be imaginative?


Part 4.Conclusion

Technology is everywhere, from getting up to your alarm to having a good sleep at night. Technology has overtaken everything. Positives of anything are beneficial, while negatives are always harmful. Every parent should keep their kids under observation yet undetected. It is the most reliable way to succeed.

Parental Control

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