Everything about iOS 15.2 App Privacy Report

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Because your privacy matters and Apple has been doing a great job to give you its privacy rights as a iOS user and with that they make sure that it gives you enough transparency into what your apps are up to and if you’re really sure you want to download register the apps.


Everything about iOS 15.2 App Privacy Report


Part 1. Steps to How to See App Privacy Report

Downloading apps is much safer through Apple’s App Store or Android’s Google Play. But with Facebook’s invasive tracking ads and other apps, both Apple and google have recently introduced transparency features into iOS and Android users. This means that it gives you more insight of how often apps access data and sensors, from your camera, microphone, location and your contacts. Luckily, if you own an Apple smartphone, then you’re lucky because they have this App Privacy Report tool.


Part 2. What Does The iOS 15.2 App Privacy Report Tell You

Your report is broken down into four sections: Data and Sensor access, network activity, website activity and Most Contacted Domains.


1. Data and Sensor access

The Data and Sensor Access shows you how many times your apps access sensitive data and sensors such as your camera, microphone and even location – and when its used when accessed. We all know that it’s okay for your weather and map apps have access to your location, but if you see that your music app is checking where you are, then maybe it’s time to revoke your app’s permission.


 Data and Sensor access


Also, the report helps you as well show when the app is accessing data or sensor and be able to connect the activity to a legitimate function while using the app. Games require sometimes your notification, location and even while sleeping – which can lead to something fishy.


2. Network Activity

This focuses on which web domains your apps have reached for the past seven days. It makes a report between the domains the app contacted “directly” and those reached via by “other content.”


 App Network Activity


This happens when you click an article through a social network, if there’s an ad auto-plays a video. The goal for this is to give you extra insight into why and when your apps are interacting with these links. Sometimes, there are times that people can’t recognize whether the domains and IP addresses that show up on the list are trustworthy in the first place.


3. Website Activity

This shows the internet domains that have been contacted with the websites you have visited through a web browser within the app.


4. Contacted Domain

This shows a ranking of the internet domains that have been contacted by your apps.


Part 3. How to Update App Privacy Settings

Here we’ll be telling you how to navigate your way with the Apple new privacy feature for iOS 15.2:

1. Simply go to Setting.

2. Under Settings > Privacy> Tracking

3. If you wish for future reference to turn off all app tracking, just turn off the option “Allow Apps to Request Track”

4. If you want only selected apps to allow to track or turn then off, whichever is comfortable for you.

If the tracker is on, it will record details about your app activity information is stored locally on your phone that’s good for seven day, now if you turn off the tracking option, it will delete the data from your device.


Part 4. Conclusion

With that being said, if your iPhone is perfectly locked and not shared, App Privacy Report is a great tool to check what apps have been doing without looking.

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