How to Block Someone from Seeing Your Posts on Instagram

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You might be wondering how to prevent someone from texting you after choosing to prevent them from viewing your Instagram posts. While preventing someone from seeing your profile can be embarrassing, there are other options. Utilizing the platform's "Restrict" feature is one option. This gives you the option to exclude certain users from viewing your posts, but it does not prevent them from sending you Facebook Messenger messages.


Archiving your postings is one of the simplest ways to prevent a certain user from seeing them. This indicates that only users who have been given permission to follow you can see these posts. Given that it doesn't call for you to delete the followers, this option is the ideal for keeping your postings private. Taking their account completely off of their list is another option to block someone on Instagram. Your images will remain private in this manner and won't be shown to the individuals you have blocked. Looking at their profile photo is another technique to determine if someone has limited your Instagram account. On their profile photo, a green "Active Now" dot will be visible.


Block Someone from Seeing Your Posts on Instagram



Part 1. Can You Hide Instagram Stories or Posts

You can archive a shared post to remove it from your profile and prevent your followers and other Instagram users from seeing it. All of the likes and comments on a post are retained when you archive it.


1. Hide posts from some followers on Instagram

You cannot, however, make your Instagram posts invisible to someone who is following you. However, there are a few additional steps you might do to increase the security of your Instagram. To start, you may always set your account to private, allowing only those you choose to follow you to do so. Here's how to go about it.


· Launch the Instagram app.

· Go to your profile by switching.

· In the top-right corner of the screen, tap the three stacked lines.

· Select "Settings."

· Choose "Privacy."

· The "Account Privacy" tab.

· Turn on "Private Account" in the menu.


2. How to make your Instagram account private

This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make your Instagram account private using the Instagram mobile app. Both an iOS and an Android device allow you to make your Instagram account private.


· Open the Instagram app on your iOS or Android device first.

· Then select Settings from your profile.

· Tap Account Privacy after selecting Privacy from the list of options.

· To make your account private, you must next tap the button next to Private Account.


You can use a computer or a mobile browser to set your account to private by following the instructions below:


· You must first access on a computer or mobile device.

· You must then click the Human icon, followed by Menu.

· Click Privacy and Security after that.

· Click the box next to Private Account, which is located below Account Privacy.


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Part 2. How to Hide Instagram Posts without Losing Followers


1. Restricting specific followers

You can limit someone's access to your profile on Instagram by restricting their account. This indicates that, as a user who you have not restricted, they do not have the same options to communicate with you.


· Go to your Instagram profile.

Don't forget to log into the account you want to prohibit the user from using.


· Visiting their profile

Use the search feature to find their profile or look through your followers to find it.


· Click on “…” option

On their profile, you can find the three-dot button in the top right corner. When you click it, Instagram will present you with all of your alternatives.


· Select "Restrict."

Press Restrict, which is the first choice you'll see, to complete the process. Your restriction of this user will be verified by Instagram.


2. Blocking a few of your followers

Listed below are the steps to take if you do decide to block one of your Instagram followers:


· Open the Instagram application.

· Use the Search function or scroll through your list of followers to find the account you want to block.

· In the upper right corner of the screen, click the three horizontal dots.

· Click Block.

· To confirm, press Block once more.


Part 3. Is It Possible to Hide an Instagram Post from All Users?

While there isn't presently a mechanism to prevent certain followers from seeing your posts, there are options you can modify that will help you limit the posts you see and decide whether only your friends or the general public may view the posts you produce.


Part 4. How to Hack Instagram Accounts with SpyX


● SpyX gains access to all conversations occurring inside the Instagram account being monitored and makes them accessible to you through its online dashboard. The messages include timestamps, the actual message, and the participants in the exchange.


● SpyX evaluates media assets such as movies and images that have been uploaded or shared with other users over messenger when hacking an Instagram account.


● You'll get information on the target account's friends, posts, likes, comments, settings, and Instagram groups to which they belong.


● SpyX tracks every Instagram activity in stealth mode, preserving your identity throughout the hacking process. Due to the absence of an icon on the target device, the owner of the Instagram account on which you are spying is unaware.


SpyX phone tracker


Steps to Hack Somone's Instagram with SpyX


Step 1. Sign up Free with Valid Email




Step 2. Enter iCloud Credentials of Target Phone




Step 3. Start Tracking Instagram





Part 5. Conclusion

In 2012, Facebook purchased Instagram, a free online photo-sharing tool and social media platform. Through a mobile app, Instagram users can edit and upload pictures and quick videos. Try Instagram's Restrict option as an alternate if only someone's comments are grating on your nerves. But you should block the person if you no longer wish to communicate with them in any form. Even if it's a personal choice to remove someone, you should give it some thought first. Their likes and comments on your pictures and videos will be deleted when you block them. Unblocking someone won't bring back their prior comments and likes. Blocking someone does not prevent them from seeing your comments and likes on anything shared by public accounts or accounts they follow.

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