Benefits for Kids to Play Outdoor Games

Emilie Burke

It is estimated that kids spend six to seven hours each day in front of modern gadgets like television, tablets, laptops, and smartphones. In today's society, kids are substituting active, outdoor play for a more sedentary lifestyle, which negatively impacts their health and wellbeing.


The impact of social media has caused kids to spend their entire day on their parent's smartphones. But parents these days are more aware of the negative consequences of such addictions. That is why they encourage their children to play outside.


outdoor games for children


Fortunately, some parents aim to raise their children to be physically healthy, well-rounded, independent, and compassionate. If you are one of these parents then you must feel proud about yourself because spending more time outside is the best way to instill good qualities in your children.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution to keep them healthy since every kid has a different family history, circumstances, and eating habits. But playing outside will impact only a positive way on their health. Kids also play differently depending on where they live. In general, children can benefit from playing outdoors in many ways that include great mental health, social skills, building confidence, and much more.


Part 1. Benefits of Playing Outdoor Games

Children have always enjoyed playing outside because it allows them to express themselves creatively and connect with others in a healthy way. Back in the day, playing outside was a favorite pastime for every child, but today there has been a strong trend toward children who prefer to stay indoors. There are countless reasons why children benefit from playing outdoors.


Playing outside keeps kids active and can increase their physical stamina. In addition to strengthening their muscles and bones, playing outdoor games can also increase their immunity, reduce diabetes, lower risks of heart problems in the future, and most importantly lower obesity risks.


1. Gives them a chance to learn something new

It is possible to enhance young children's learning abilities by playing outdoor games. Outdoor environments provide a learning space in which children can discover new things. From exploring beautiful plants to building relationships with peers, they learn a lot by themselves. Children learn essential life lessons and skills they cannot learn from books or classroom learning alone, including communication and social skills, problem-solving, and acquiring new information regularly.


2. Help their physical growth

Playing outdoors keeps children active and improves their fitness and strength. Running, walking, and jumping around makes their muscles stretch and strengthen their bones. The benefits of external games also include increasing immunity and reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Being in the fresh air and sunshine provides vitamin D naturally. When children are exposed to electronic gadgets for an extended period of time, their vision can be affected. But when they play outside, their vision can be improved during the golden hour.


3. Greater openness to parents and caretakers

Playgrounds and parks provide children with many opportunities to make friends and believe it or not friendships teach them a lot. Exploring different relationships with the outside world can make them strengthen their relationships with parents and loved ones at home.


The age gap between them and their play partners often contributes to their inability to socialize appropriately. The ability of children who play outdoors to socialize appropriately can instantly connect with their parents as they become more outspoken, confident, little extroverts, and accept a lot of suggestions.


4. Help them gain social abilities

The experience of playing with others is more enjoyable when games are fun. When children play with other children, they learn that it is a joyful experience. Additionally, children may form new friendships through games as they often play with others outside of their circle of friends. As a result of the interaction, new friendships may blossom and sometimes they find a best friend for life.


5. More consciousness of oneself

The development of self-consciousness depends on internal activity and orientation when your children process information about themselves, rather than just receiving it. During infancy and childhood, the environment and people around determine a child's self-consciousness. That is why playing outside can influence this factor in a positive way.


6. Helps to develop personality

It is not just inborn characteristics that contribute to your personality, but also the way we think and act as a result of the development of cognitive and behavioral patterns. Your child can learn social skills, communication, anger management, and basic manners and develop confidence during this stage.


7. Use all five senses

A kid from age 2 to 5 who watches a lot of television is using only two senses - sight and hearing. As they grow, this can seriously limit their ability to process and respond to sensory stimuli. As they throw volleyball or play hide and seek, they engage more of their senses by exploring the outdoors.


8. Enhances their motor abilities

Movement directly develops a child's gross and fine motor skills, but outdoor play also benefits the brain. They will have active reflexes and sharp minds if they play regularly.


9. Develop a sense of autonomy


They gain confidence and are equipped to handle life situations in the future. Children can also develop qualities such as discipline, sportsmanship, and leadership through outdoor play.


10. Help with brain growth

Playing outside allows kids to invent games, explore their surroundings, and have feelings of independence. By creating games, solving problems, and implementing their ideas and solutions, they also develop their organizational skills and decision-making abilities. Creating and following rules are also important skills that kids learn as they play.


Part 2. Conclusion

Playing outside is not only fun but it promotes good health in your children. They will have a fixed schedule of digestion, appetite, and sleep that is determined by a daily clock. For the rest of their lives, they will maintain a healthy routine.


Give your child those extra minutes next time they ask to play outside. They will experience these benefits not only during their childhood but throughout their entire lives. As a result of children playing outside, they will lead better lives as adults.


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