7 Internet Safety Tips for Kids that Parents Need to Know

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There are two main dangers when kids surf the internet. One is that children are easily exposed to violent and pornographic content. That means predator can target children through easy and anonymous access. The other danger is that children trust the online information better than parents' advice. That means children are easily impacted by the improper information on the internet. Maybe they will take false action and get harm. Parents can’t stop child use internet, so it’s necessary to know security tips for kids.


7 Internet Safety Tips for Kids that Parents Need to Know



Part 1. 7 Internet Safety Tips for Kids


Internet is everywhere, so parents should pay attention to the internet safety, get to know important security tips and take effective method, such as use a parental control software like SpyX first.


Method 1. Use a Parental control App


What are you afraid most when kids use the internet? The content that poisons the ideas of young people, such as cybercrime, cyberbullying and sexual assaults. How to ensure digital safety for your kids? The most simple way is to use parental control app, such as SpyX. It makes parents have easy access to child’s call logs, text messages, iCloud data, and GPS location.


If you want to track kid’s behavior of mobile phone, never hesitate to choose SpyX. It is the best parental control app you ever own. You have the total right to track kid’s phone without them knowing. SpyX is easy to use. It doesn’t need complex jailbreak or app installation. You just need to get credential and password of kid’s iCloud. Let SpyX take responsibility for tracking and monitoring children’s mobile phones, and parents can relax.


SpyX phone tracker



Step 1. Register 

The first thing you need to do is to create SpyX account with exisiting email.




Step 2. Purchase

We have different plans for you, 1 month plan, 3 months plan, 12 months plan, and you can choose suitable plan for practical needs.




Step 3. Connect 

Bind the target iPhone with SpyX. No need to install phone tracker app on the target phone, which makes the whole process much easier.




Step 4. Monitor

Login to your SpyX Control Panel and start monitoring the target iPhone.





Method 2. Connect to Secure Wi-Fi Networks


When children go out, they like to connect to free wi-fi networks. Free wi-fi network is easy to connect to. And children use free wi-fi network instead of their own internet for saving money. However public free wi-fi has hidden dangers. Free network gives scammers who are likely to use free wi-fi to break into children's phones and get their personal information and data. Such cases can often be seen in the news, and the consequences are unimaginable. So as to protect children from free network, parents should ensure that children’s private network works well and charge for their network frequently.


Method 3. Erase All Data of Stolen Phone


Once your child’s phone is stolen, you can use IMEI number to see the last phone’s location first. With the help of the “Find My Phone” service by Google and “Find My Phone” app by Apple, you can track your kid’s phone. If you can’t find the stolen phone, you should take the next step. However, the safer way is to delete all information from your kid’s phone. In this way, you can prevent scammers steal data from stolen phone and protect the child.


Method 4. Pay attention to Mobile Safety


Many people pay attention to the security problem of computers, but ignore the security problem of mobile phones.In fact, with the development of the mobile Internet, young people now spend more time on their mobile phones than on their computers.There is much more private information in your phone than a computer. So mobile phone security issues cannot be ignored.


In order to ensure the security of mobile phones, parents can set the boot password, fingerprint verification or two-factor authentication, and install anti-virus software. If parents want to get a direct way, just try phone tracker like SpyX. It can help parents get to know what their children do on the phone.


Method 5. Don’t Share Intimate Content


Children feel free to share private messages, photos on the phone. They believe that simply removing this private information from their phone will ensure their security. Such a naive. Because even if they delete the information from their phone, the recipient may keep it, and some recovery software can restore it. So teenagers should not easily share inappropriate content.


For parents, they are anxious to know whether their children browse and share explicit content. Under this condition, a parental control app is necessary. SpyX is such as phone tracker. It can show what children do with phone, such as tracking call logs, text messages, notes, etc. Once parents find improper details, they can chat with children and stop their behavior in time.


Method 6. Keep Personal Data as Secret Online


Do you know how rampant the online cheaters are? Maybe they're lurking in the chat record with your child. Therefore, parents should especially tell their children not to easily share their personal real information online, such as name, mobile phone number, home address, email, bank card and so on. Let your child keep your personal information like a secret, and do not leak it to strangers easily.


In the face of complex cheaters, young children cannot fully recognize their skills. It is better to be safe than sorry. So parents can choose a monitoring software for their children. Monitoring software like SpyX can also protect children when parents can't accompany them all the time. For example, if parents find the child's personal information in the chat record, they can stop communication in time and tell the child the dangerous consequences of doing so.


Method 7. Content Shared Online Remains for a Long Time


“The content share online can remain for a long time. “ Parents should tell this truth to the child. Sometimes children think that they share photos and messages online, then delete them, so no one can find these content. In fact, those content is stored on external serves. Some predators or scammers can get these information and take harmful actions to children. In order to ensure personal security, don’t easily share private information.


Part 2. Final Thought


After knowing main safety tips for protecting children online, which one is the best? Obviously the first one-SpyX parental control app. Some parents will give their children some safe advice on the Internet, but not all children will listen to advice. At the same time, the children experience is still shallow, easy to be cheated by a few words, leak personal information, be cheated by bad guys, lose money or encounter cyberbully. In addition to helping children strengthen Internet safety awareness, parents had better choose a monitoring software to track children's mobile phone dynamics in real time to ensure children's safety.


Part 3. FAQs


Q1. How do you keep safe online?

It is important to build the awareness of Internet Safety.


1. Don't share personal information.

2. Double-check and verify links.

3. Use secure public Wi-Fi.

4. Use a VPN.

5. Be careful who you chat with.

6. Turn off your Bluetooth.

7. Use antivirus software.

8. Use secure passwords.


Q2. Why is Internet safety important?

Internet safety is related to everyone’s life, especially the teens. For little kids without much experience, they easily become the target of online predators or scammers. Online Safety protects the people using them from harm by the devices and networks through awareness, education, information and technology.


Q3. What are Internet safety rules for kids?

List the following Internet Safety Rules for the kids and Remind them to be extra careful every time they go online.


1. Keep your confidential data offline.

2. Check a website's reliability.

3. Use a strong password.

4. Use two-factor authentication.

5. Avoid suspicious online links.

6. Keep your computer updated.

7. Beware of free Wi-Fi and downloads.

8. Double check online information.


Q4. What are dangers of the Internet?

Be careful when surf the Internet.


1. cyberbullying (bullying using digital technology)

2. invasion of privacy.

3. identity theft.

4. your child seeing offensive images and messages.

5. the presence of strangers who may be there to 'groom' other members.


Q5. What’s the best parental control app to ensure kid’s internet safety?

SpyX is the best parental control app. It can track all activities on kid’s iPhone, including block websites, track browsing history and monitor social media chats.

Parental Control

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