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Tracking phone SMS, calls, locations, social medias, etc.

All-in-One Phone Monitoring App

All-in-One Phone Monitoring App

Track cell phone locations, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, photos and other 30+ apps.


Monitor all sent and received text messages on the desired phone, including those that have been deleted.

See user activity on social apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, LINE, Snapchat, Discord, etc. Check call records, images, videos, and shared files.

View all images and videos on the target device, even where the photos were taken with SpyX location tracker.

Track all incoming, outgoing and missed calls, with details like names, duration, and specific time with SpyX phone monitoring app.

Track their location and route of various devices like phones, tablets, smart watches, headphones and more at the same time with SpyX GPS tracker.

Look into browsers' history and bookmark on the target phone through SpyX phone tracker.

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Start monitoring in real time on the SpyX control panel.
Choose your usual email as your account, set a password and register a spyx account.

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Backed by decades of technology accumulation in phone hacking and reverse engineering, we strive to provide the most powerful, safe, and easy-to-use phone tracking solution. Our mission is to bring you a happier life by offering traceless tracking experiences.

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What devices can SpyX monitor

SpyX works with all smartphone&tablet brands and popular mobile operating systems (Android and iOS).

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Do I need access to the target phone?

It depends. To use SpyX phone tracker, you need to have the iCloud/Google account, password, and verification code of the target iPhone or Android phone. If you use one account on many devices, you can finish the verification on all of them. Access to the target phone is not always necessary.

How SpyX mobile tracker works?

SpyX cell phone tracker collects data from the cloud drive of the target phones and then transfers the data to your phone. You don't need to install any apps on the target devices or perform jailbreaking while tracking phone. The entire process is completely traceless and secure.

How do I get the target Cloud account?

There are various ways to get someone else's cloud account:

• Make up some excuse to login your cloud account on the target devices or let them login their cloud account on your device.

• Register a new cloud account and sign in on the target device before you give the phone to your child.

• Visit official websites like iCloud or Google Drive. Check if there are any auto-filled accounts on the sign-in page.

• Make up an event that they might be interested in and request their driving account as part of the event registration.

Those methods can make the later verification step much easier. People often use the same email address they use most frequently for their cloud account. You can try guessing using some common options.


What is the best app to monitor your child's phone?

SpyX you deserve. You won't find another phone monitoring app with such a wide range of features. It works on any device and you can visit its demo page to experience all its features. It's easy to use and very user-friendly.

Is the phone monitoring software undetectable?

Yes, SpyX cell phone tracking solution is completely invisible and secure. You don't need to install apps on the target phone or jailbreak/root it. There will be no alerts or notifications shown while you monitoring the target phone, which means they won't notice anything different or suspicious. SpyX mobile phone monitoring app is your wise choice.

Can I spy someone's phone with another phone?

Yes, you sure can monitor someone's iPhone/Android phone with SpyX on phones, tablets, or PCs, anytime and anywhere. You can check out SpyX's free demo page. That's the monitoring data after your successful installation, you can not only see the call logs, geo-location in real time, but also the chat message logs of more than 30 popular social software and so on. Believe me, SpyX is an outstanding mobile phone monitoring app.

Do I need to install an app to monitor phone activity?

No, you don't need to install apps on the target phone. The process relies on cloud technology and does not require an app on the target mobile phone. There are multiple implementations for monitoring someone's phone with SpyX. It takes only three minutes to register for use. SpyX mobile phone monitoring software you can trust.

How does phone monitor track a phone?

SpyX location tracker allows you to track the real-time and history GPS location of the traget phone without them knowing. Furthermore, you have the ability to track a wide range of data including text messages, WhatsApp, Messenger, LINE, Snapchat, Instagram, images, phone calls, geographical locations, internet browsing history, contacts, emails, cloud storage, files, Wi-Fi, calendars, notes, events, reminders, among other things.

How to track a phone number?

You can use a phone lookup service to find the last recorded location of a phone number, but this method is ineffective if the phone number isn't in their database.

Or you can use mobile tracker like SpyX to track a phone number by monitoring the cloud account on the traget phone. Once connected to the target phone, SpyX allows you to track the phone's location in real-time no matter where the phone is.


How to monitor kids' phone?

With Apple Family Sharing or Google Family Link, you can set up parental controls on your kids' phone, restricting their screen time, purchases, and communication contacts. However, these features have limitations, and your kids may become aware that you're monitoring them.

If you're seeking a more potent and undetectable monitoring solution to safeguard your kid's mental health, SpyX phone monitoring app is the better option. You deserve it.


How to track someone's phone for free?

You can request location sharing from the people you want to track on Google Maps or in an iPhone Family Sharing group. These services are free to use. Or you can choose to track someone in secret through paid phone tracker like SpyX. SpyX not only tracks someone's location but also let you know about their digital activities, such as who they're chatting with, what messages they're exchanging, what's in their photo album and more.

How to check for monitoring apps on your phone?

SpyX helps you to monitor the target phone remotely. Login to spyx account to bind the iCloud/Google account of the tracked person.SpyX phone monitoring software works on both Apple and Android devices. With SpyX, you can view pictures, videos, documents, and other data from the target device on your phone."

How to check for monitoring apps on your phone?

You can check if you have a monitoring app on your phone by doing the following:

1. Check to see if there are any applications on your phone that you don't recognize.

2. Scan your phone with security or anti-spyware software.

3. See which applications are requesting too many permissions.

In any case, the use of cell phone monitoring software should comply with laws, regulations and ethical standards. If you want to find lost cell phones and keep your kids safe online, then SpyX is the best choice for you. The monitoring process is invisible and it is easy to use and features rich.

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