SpyX vs Auto Forward

Debating SpyX versus Auto Forward? We'll detail why SpyX ensures better monitoring.

  • tipExceeds Auto Forward by offering greater monitoring features.
  • tipSpyX is fully compatible with smartphones and system versions.
  • tipSpyX stands out for its ease and varied monitoring choices.
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    SpyX or Auto Forward

    A brief look at the comparison below shows SpyX is the clear favorite.

    secondSpy on ios
    *Click on the boxes to see or hide the details
    *Click on the boxes to see or hide the details
    trackingStill supports iOS tracking
    trackingStill supports iOS tracking

    SpyX supports all iOS versions including iOS 17.

    Auto Forward currently does not support iOS.

    data30+ apps data
    data30+ apps data

    SpyX can monitor 30+ data types including SMS, calls, locations and social media apps.

    Auto Forward currently does not support iOS.

    updateReal-time data sync
    updateReal-time data sync

    SpyX can refresh data at any time.

    Auto Forward currently does not support iOS.

    androidSpy on Android
    *Click on the boxes to see or hide the details
    *Click on the boxes to see or hide the details
    updateContinuous product updates
    updateContinuous product updates

    SpyX supports all Android versions including Android 13.

    Auto Forward the product has not been updated since 2022.

    no appNo app needed
    no appNo app needed

    SpyX don't need to install any app on target Android device, impossible to be detect.

    Auto Forward must install extra an app on Android device.

    remoteRemote set-up available
    remoteRemote set-up available

    SpyX remote set-up without having physical access is available.

    Auto Forward must access to the Android phone to finish the set-up.

    easyEasy set-up in 2 minutes
    easyEasy set-up in 2 minutes

    SpyX set up in 2 minutes without installing app or jailbreaking.

    Auto Forward 15+ minutes to install app or even hours to jailbreak the device.

    See demo

    Dive into SpyX's advanced tracking features

    Help you find out what's going on their account, wherever and whenever it's happening.

    MMS/Text Message Monitoring
    Photos/Videos Monitoring
    Call Monitoring
    Location Monitoring
    Browsers History/Bookmark Monitoring
    Messenger Monitoring
    Kik Monitoring
    LINE Monitoring
    Skype Monitoring
    Tinder Monitoring
    Snapchat Monitoring
    WeChat Monitoring
    Hangouts Monitoring
    Keylogger Monitoring
     Wi-Fi Monitoring
    Notes/Reminders Monitoring
    WhatsApp&WA Business Monitoring
    Instagram Monitoring
    Facetime Monitoring
    Calendars Monitoring
    Install Apps
    iCloud Drive

    How to start invisible tracking with SpyX

    Step 1

    Sign Up for Free

    Sign up for a SpyX account with your usual email address.

    Step 2

    Connect Target Device

    Bind the target mobile phone you want to monitor.

    Step 3

    Find Out the Truth

    Start monitoring in real time on the SpyX control panel.
    Choose your usual email as your account, set a password and register a spyx account.

    Why choose SpyX?

    Families Protected
    Monthly Growth Rate
    of Users Renewed SpyX
    24/7 Support

    Real SpyX Customer Reviews

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    Which is the better parental control app: Auto Forward or SpyX?

    We gave both Auto Forward and SpyX a shot, and SpyX came out on top. Auto Forward offers a decent range of features, but SpyX has everything you could need and more, including some really advanced features. In the realm of monitoring solutions, SpyX shines brightly for parents and team leaders alike. You'll find it super easy to use, no need to stress over tech stuff, plus you've got customer support on standby whenever you need it.

    Installing Auto Forward on a phone: Is it easier than SpyX?

    We've talked a lot about installing and using SpyX and Auto Forward. Both require downloading the app on your device, but how you connect them is different. Setting up SpyX on iOS or Android is straightforward. SpyX offers a range of installation options, including for jailbroken or rooted devices. It also provides unique Google Cloud and APK connectivity options. After subscribing, SpyX ensures access to a proficient technical team for any assistance you may need.

    How do the limitations of Auto Forward compared to SpyX?

    Upon scrutiny, it becomes clear that SpyX leads the way in both monitoring capabilities and user interface design. Auto Forward is also an iOS and Android compatible monitoring app. However, most of the monitoring features are limited and there are many customers who have left bad reviews with low ratings.
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