SpyX vs KidsGuard Pro

Can't decide between SpyX and KidsGuard Pro? Let us explore why SpyX offers hassle-free monitoring.

  • tipOutpaces KidsGuard with its comprehensive monitoring features.
  • tipSpyX ensures smooth operation on all smartphones and system versions.
  • tipExperience simplicity with SpyX's diverse monitoring capabilities.
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    SpyX or KidsGuard Pro

    Just a quick look at the comparison below and see why SpyX takes the cake.

    iosSpy on ios
    *Click on the boxes to see or hide the details
    *Click on the boxes to see or hide the details
    social mediaSocial media chats tracker
    social mediaSocial media chats tracker

    SpyX supports multiple social media monitoring including WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, LINE, Snapchat, Skype, Kik, Teams, Telegram, Facetime, etc.

    KidsGuard Pro supports only WhatsApp, Kik, LINE and Viber.

    callCall logs monitoring
    callCall logs monitoring

    SpyX allows users to view contacts, numbers, call times, call duration and even Voicemail.

    KidsGuard Pro unsupported

    GPSAll-in-one location tracker
    GPSAll-in-one location tracker

    SpyX can track the historical location of multiple iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, Airpod, iwatch, and even where each photo was taken.

    KidsGuard Pro can only track location of iPhone.

    androidSpy on Android
    *Click on the boxes to see or hide the details
    *Click on the boxes to see or hide the details
    no appNo app needed
    no appNo app needed

    Spyx don't need to install any app on target Android device, impossible to be detect.

    KidsGuard Pro must install extra an app on Android device.

    iphoneNothing suspicious on target device
    iphoneNothing suspicious on target device

    SpyX nothing will be different on the target phone. Even the most tech-savvy people won't find out you are monitoring them.

    KidsGuard Pro a suspicious app will run all the time in the background on the target phone, causing rapid energy depletion and unusual network usage.

    remoteRemote set-up available
    remoteRemote set-up available

    SpyX remote set-up without having physical access is available.

    KidsGuard Pro must access to the Android phone to finish the set-up.

    easyEasy set-up in 2 minutes
    easyEasy set-up in 2 minutes

    SpyX set up in 2 minutes without installing app.

    KidsGuard Pro need 25-45 minutes to install app.

    Dive into SpyX's advanced tracking features

    Help you find out what's going on their account, wherever and whenever it's happening.

    MMS/Text Message Monitoring
    Photos/Videos Monitoring
    Call Monitoring
    Location Monitoring
    Browsers History/Bookmark Monitoring
    Messenger Monitoring
    Kik Monitoring
    LINE Monitoring
    Skype Monitoring
    Tinder Monitoring
    Snapchat Monitoring
    WeChat Monitoring
    Hangouts Monitoring
    Keylogger Monitoring
     Wi-Fi Monitoring
    Notes/Reminders Monitoring
    WhatsApp&WA Business Monitoring
    Instagram Monitoring
    Facetime Monitoring
    Calendars Monitoring
    Install Apps
    iCloud Drive

    How to start invisible tracking with SpyX

    Step 1

    Sign Up for Free

    Sign up for a SpyX account with your usual email address.

    Step 2

    Connect Target Device

    Bind the target mobile phone you want to monitor.

    Step 3

    Find Out the Truth

    Start monitoring in real time on the SpyX control panel.
    Choose your usual email as your account, set a password and register a spyx account.

    Why choose SpyX?

    Families Protected
    Monthly Growth Rate
    of Users Renewed SpyX
    24/7 Support

    Real SpyX Customer Reviews

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    KidsGuard vs SpyX: Which parental control app stands out?

    After using both KidsGuard and SpyX, it's obvious that SpyX has the edge. KidsGuard offers plenty, but SpyX has everything and then some, including more advanced features. For parents and team leaders, SpyX stands out as the premier monitoring solution. Its intuitive interface eliminates the need for complex technical operations, coupled with ongoing customer assistance.

    Installing KidsGuard pro on a phone: Is it simpler than SpyX?

    The installation and usage of SpyX and KidsGuard pro have been widely discussed. Both require downloading the app onto your device, but binding them differs in difficulty. Setting up SpyX on iOS or Android is straightforward. SpyX offers various installation options, including for jailbroken or rooted devices. It also provides unique Google Cloud and APK connectivity options. After you've subscribed, SpyX ensures you have access to a skilled technical team for support.

    What are the weaknesses of KidsGuard pro have compared to SpyX?

    When you compare the two tracking tools, you'll discover that SpyX stands out for its superior monitoring features and overall user experience. KidsGuard can offer a lot of parental control features, but it's not the best compared to other trackers. This is because KidsGuard has a very complicated monitoring setup process on your child's device. You must disable basic Google Play Protect (a basic security feature) to access all Android features of the app. And many iOS features won't work unless you jailbreak your device.
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