How Can Technology Help To Prevent Child Trafficking

Emilie Burke

Child trafficking is an abuse of human rights, and there have been continuous attempts to determine the best way to prevent and end child trafficking. Even so, criminal gangs running child trafficking syndicates try to outsmart the system and society daily. Government, law, and human rights agencies have tried to counter child trafficking organizations, but still, there has been a need to do more. Technological advancements have been a great help within and outside those agencies. These developments have seen children who have been trafficked recovered and united with their families. Monitoring apps, artificial intelligence, facial recognition technology, awareness technology, reporting technology, and data management technology are some significant technological advancements that play a major role in preventing and reverting child trafficking. This article explains how to use the mentioned examples to prevent child trafficking.


prevent child trafficking

Part 1. How Can Monitoring Apps Prevent Child Trafficking

Parental control is legal and monitoring your child is part of parental control. How you practice parental control influences the level of safety that you have for your child. Monitoring is done efficiently by monitoring apps, and in many ways, this can directly prevent child trafficking. The following aspects of monitoring can help prevent child trafficking.


1. Call Tracker

A call tracker is one of the many features of phone tracking apps. From a monitoring app remote control, you can listen to incoming and outgoing calls on your child’s phone. The feature allows you to determine the exact time they made calls and the call duration. Having call information about and from your child and knowing who they are talking to helps you determine when they are facing danger and move in to prevent them from any possible harm. You can intercept predators and possible traps to lure your child into being trafficked.


2. Social Media Monitoring

Predators hide behind fake social media accounts and lure children into their traps. Social media monitoring will help protect your child by knowing who they are talking to on their social media accounts. From a monitoring app, you can monitor your child’s WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and any other social media messenger that they are using. From a spy app remote control, you will see who is messaging your child, and if there is anything that is of alarm, you will counter it before the worst happens.


3. GPS Location Tracking

Monitoring apps can determine the real-time location of a device. Having your child's device monitored will show you when they are in unusual locations you do not know. When you realize such a scenario, you can move in quickly before they can be harmed or taken away.


4. SMS Tracker

The SMS tracking feature of a monitoring app intercepts all messages on your child's phone with details like when they were received and who exactly sent them. Reading the contents of messages on your child's phone will help you know when someone is trying to lure them if they can’t share it with you.


5. Best Monitoring App-SpyX

SpyX is a spy app that will help you know all activity on your child's mobile phone. SpyX is available for Android and iOS devices. Are you planning to get a phone tracker for your child? I recommend SpyX, and here is why.





The app is invisible, meaning it remains undetected on your child's phone. Meaning they cannot know when you are spying on their device.

Track all calls and know who called them, when they called and what they said by listening.

Monitor SMS and read all sent and received messages on your child's device. Additionally, you can read deleted messages.

Keylogger records every keystroke on your child's phone, so you can know the messages they are sharing or the contents they are searching for online.

Track your child’s location using GPS. Tracking locations helps you determine where your child is or where they are going.

View all multimedia files on your child's phone, including photos and videos.

View your child's internet browse history and learn what they are looking for on the internet.

Delete apps and block certain websites you consider harmful on your child's device.



One-month plan at $48.99/month

3months plan at $27.99/month

12months plan at $11.66/month


How To Get SpyX? 

Follow these three simple steps to get SpyX.

1. Sign up by creating an account for free.

2. Pick a plan that suits your needs.

3. Automatically start monitoring your child and have the peace you deserve.


SpyX will save you your worries. With a remote control panel, you will monitor your child through their device.


Part 2. Facial Recognition Technology

The technology helps law agencies by scanning the internet to identify victims of trafficking.


1. Spotlight

Spotlight processes millions of data elements to help identify and safeguard possible victims. The speed Spotlight uses to process information saves time on investigations and misleading information.


2. Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam is a product of Marinus Analytics that scans the internet and compares images of missing children with sex ads to find possible victims. Traffic jam helps identify missing persons through this process and put a check on traffickers.


3. TraffickCam

Trafficking advertisers advertise their victims by sharing photos of the victims in hotel complexes. TraffickCam uses public photos of hotels to help authorities match venues and act as a basis for comparison. In turn, this will help authorities have tracking points for their investigations to rescue victims.


Part 3. Awareness Technology

Awareness technology involves simulations, apps, games, and virtual reality aimed at educating the public on matters of human trafficking. Such technology invests in creating awareness of how human trafficking might play out and the possible course to take when you notice such scenarios.


Part 4. Reporting Technology

Reporting technology deals with creating an avenue for reporting suspicious activities and or known cases of trafficking and witnesses to those cases.



The Stop APP provides a platform for the general public to report any incidents of trafficking or suspicious activities meant to give way to trafficking. Such reports help authorities rescue victims and apprehend perpetrators.


2. CyberTipline

CyberTipline is a platform where you can report discovered or suspected cases of child sexual exploitation. Reporting will help rescue children and give them a chance to live a decent and everyday life.


Part 5. Database Management Technology

Database management technology helps to process data through various demographics such as age, gender, and origin. The data is received from various points and organized into files and formats meant to identify cases of trafficking by specific criteria. The processing helps in zeroing in on organized gangs’ operations and patterns.


Part 6. How Do AI and Deep Learning Prevent Child Trafficking

AI and Deep Learning process human trafficking data that is too complex for the human brain. They then create patterns and possible risk outcomes in a known data set. They will then use this pattern to predict the risk of human trafficking. The prediction helps respective agencies to stay a step ahead and counter the risks from translating into trafficking outcomes. Child trafficking is a problem today. Children should stay home, go to school, have a chance to be kids, and grow up. Your effort to perform efficient parental control and report trafficking incidents, together with the effort of law agencies and technology, will give children worldwide that chance. To defend, report and support.


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