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The Clubhouse is an app for Android and iOS users where thousands of people communicate through audio in chat rooms. It is used worldwide, and the prime reason is that celebrities themselves chat directly. People get to talk and communicate with them. It has an age restriction which is 18+. Does it naturally raise the question of whether it is safe for your kids to use this app? Is there any guide for Parents to keep a check on their kids' safety? None of the parents want their children to be anti-social but is socializing this way appropriate or not? In this technology era, keeping your kids away from social media is very hard, but can always maintain restrictions. A simple rule of restriction is first to get to know about the thing you want to impose restrictions about.


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Part 1. What Is a Clubhouse

As mentioned earlier, it is a platform where users communicate through audio. You can join any chat room as a listener, and as a moderator, you have the choice to create a chat room. Chat rooms can be public or private. You can sign up through your phone and get a verification code. After logging in, you can join any chat room or create your own. You can connect your Instagram account too. Each chat room has a discussion topic. You can listen or ask the moderator if you want to discuss this topic.


what is clubhouse

Part 2. Clubhouse Age Rating

The age restriction is 18 years and above.This age group is valid for this app, but there is nothing like forbidding underage persons to use this app. Anyone can fake their identity and age to log in. It needs a proper age-verification system. Children can face bullying, hate speeches, and other inappropriate activities.


Part 3. Is Clubhouse Appropriate for Kids

When a barrier is maintained, it always comes with rules. However, an age restriction is stated while logging in to this app, but there is no prevention from faking an identity. It is not a parental control app. Following are some reasons why this is not a safe social media parental control app?


1. Difficult to moderate conversations

It is hard to control adults during a heated conversation. Bad language, behaviours in anger, etc., will bring aggression in your kids. Though moderators usually turn mics off, the environment of that room will affect your kid in the long run.


2. Anonymity

Kids without any guidance become prey to cyber predators. Entering a public chat room with anonymous people is a great opportunity for cyberattackers. Under-age kids are innocent. They do not know the intention of any unknown person.


3. Inappropriate Content

Each room has a topic for discussion. As it is for adults, all types of topics are in conversation. Kids might encounter inappropriate content, which is not good for their mental health and personality development.


4. Hate Speech

Hate speeches have very negative effects on people. Adults can grasp hatred and bullying to a certain level. Imagine a child's mind is so fragile and vulnerable. Hateful comments like racism, religion, body shaming, etc., are cut like a knife, and kids are like flowers which can shatter easily.


Part 4. How to Make Clubhouse Safer for Kids

The Clubhouse is the talk of the town. It is certainly hard being a parent to stop your kid from using it. Anything forbidden increases curiosity. Rather your kid gets exposed to the Clubhouse by any other person, be the first to permit them to use it. But before proceeding with this thought, let's make it safer for your children to use it.


1. Explain the Risks

Communication is the key to success in solving all sorts of problems. Give your kids permission to use it but explain all risk factors. Tell them the danger of getting bullied and how to avoid inappropriate conversations.


2. Setup Privacy Control

Setting up a privacy control will give kids the perks of this app, yet under observation. Create a separate room for close family members. Your child will join this room, which is how your kid will be safe on social media.


3. Monitor usage

 Monitoring while your kid uses this app will help you in the long run. Can connect the Clubhouse to an Instagram account. Tracking your child will let you know what content is being shared.


4. Report any problems

Anything preplanned is always well organized. You prepare yourself for the unexpected dangers beforehand. Reporting problems regarding this app to your kids and telling them about the problems they are facing will be a great help.


5. Discuss the Importance of Age Restrictions

Children should know that if they are being restricted from anything, it is for their good. Explain to them the importance of age restriction. Tell them why it is inappropriate for them to experience those things which are not age-appropriate. Talk to them openly about the effects of breaking such barriers that will harm their mental and physical growth.


6. Use Family Accounts Instead of Public Accounts For All Social Media Apps

Family members are known by your kids and by you. Interacting with them not only makes relationships healthy but also makes children feel free to fly. The safest way is to use your acquaintance accounts.


 Use Family Accounts Instead of Public Accounts For All Social Media Apps


Part 5. Best Parental Control App SpyX

The best way to monitor your children is by using spy apps. The Best Spy App is SpyX. It is one of the best parental control apps. It does not track Clubhouse conversations, but once your kids bring people from Clubhouse to their social media accounts, you can easily track their activities.


SpyX phone tracker



1. View app Usage History

SpyX has distinctive features. One of them is you can view app usage history. How often and what sort of content is being watched by your kids.


2. Monitor Content Shared

Tracking the content being shared is another feature SpyX offers. You get to know the kind of stuff they are interested in and hence can guess the company they are keeping.


3. App blocker

It can straightaway block someone bothering or bullying your kid through SpyX. While tracking your kid's activities, blocking will remove access to your child's account if you come across a harmful or obnoxious person. It gives great peace of mind.


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4. Activity Report

SpyX has an automatic alert. After every 5 minutes, it gives an update about the targeted device. Any activity which can be a cause for your kid's distress can be observed beforehand.


5. Explicit content detection

SpyX scrutinizes content and makes it easier to detect inappropriate content. Through SpyX, you can monitor your children's activities and tendencies. If they tend to something dangerous, you have the notification about this through SpyX.


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6. Location Sharing

SpyX has a very strong system of location tracking. Through GPS the location of your child can easily be detected. They might be in trouble or kidnapped, or in any other dangerous situation. You can comfortably access the location.

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