Private Instagram Viewer App without Human Verification

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Nowadays, the Internet isn't the safest place anymore. As there's a lot of social media networks, they are full of malicious profiles that look for their victims. Some of the platforms declare that they are up-to-date in terms of privacy policy standards, yet there are still activities and behaviors that cannot be controlled.


The biggest question here is: how can we protect our loved ones from online threats in the social media world without looking overprotective? Like for Instagram, then we highly suggest going for the best private instagram viewer apps. To give you a proper idea, Private Instagram viewer apps are designed to help you monitor and check their accounts without being too overprotective. Here, you'll be able to see activities such as shared photos, private messages and other history of the app used within that day. Here, we'll further discuss accessing a person's Instagram account without human verification needed.


Private Instagram Viewer App without Human Verification



Part 1. How To View Private Instagram without Human Verification   -spy app


1. SpyX– Best Private Instagram Viewer App without Human Verification

SpyX is one of the most top-rated monitoring apps which is for security purposes and making sure that your loved ones are protected from harm online. Its goal is to provide you a safer world by providing you with some features to have information about your family's whereabouts on their social media account and the internet itself.


SpyX phone tracker



● Convenient Dashboard

SpyX created a dashboard that has all the information that you need to monitor your loved ones. They have a neat and very organized dashboard and that’s user-friendly to use whenever you want to check and track apps used such as Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Tinder, Hangouts, Skype and other social media apps and networking platforms. Besides from the social media apps, you can also track and get access on their mobile device such as their messages, call history, contacts, browsing history and many more. The design is straightforward to use and using it will be that easy and they also have a tutorial on how to figure things out while you’re new to the app. SpyX offers multilingual support to help you easily navigate your way in your own native language.


● Screen Recorder

Most of the features of apps have keylogging which is their main advantage of monitoring apps, but with SpyX you have the ability to do screen recording in which you can take screenshots and record everything that your loved one has accessed to, talked to and many more. The app basically records that your loved one is up to and it provides you the exact time and action took place. In that sense, you can easily check if your kids were playing some game or if they were actually studying while you’re away from home or in a meeting.


● FREE access to premium features

If you’re new to the app and unsure whether you want to have full access to the app or not, SpyX is giving you a limited feature version of the app which is free of charge. The app is giving you some time to enjoy the app and once you’re fully decided to go all out,  SpyX has great premium bundles to choose from depending on your budget.


- You won't be exposed whenever you're using SpyX, it will give you complete stealth mode whenever you’re using the app to check on your kids or loved ones.

- 24/7 access as long as the targeted device is connected to the Internet.

- Easy to navigate with the use of the dashboard.

- Easy operation, no need to jailbreak or root the device.

- Full access to the 24/7 customer service - chat, phone and email.

- Super secure  - only you can have access to the information on the registered device.


2. Why is SpyX the best app to view private Instagram accounts?

Majority of the apps offer free and paid mobile monitoring apps. The question here is, why is SpyX one of the best to view private Instagram accounts without human verification?  The reason behind this is SpyX offers a very reliable service with an affordable cost subscription. While other apps offer their free services on the app but are not that reliable and could waste your time, SpyX is in the middle ground; it has affordable subscription terms and a very supportive service. SpyX has an Instagram spy feature that fits for Instagram accounts. Basically, it doesn't need any human verification but it gives you a view of their private Instagram accounts while in stealth mode.


Here are some reasons why SpyX is a great app for private instagram followers viewer:


● No human verification or survey needed: basically, you'll be able to monitor your loved ones easily just by making sure that their device is accessed to the internet and you'll be able to check them in stealth mode.


● Not required to jailbreak or root devices: easy to monitor by just following simple instructions to register the device that is available for iOS and Android users.


● It gives you complete access to track everything such as their galleries or album of the user's private instagram accounts.


● Easy to monitor followers and following on their Instagram accounts.


● Easy to monitor any Instagram notifications - such as DMs received and sent and etc.


3. Steps to Use SpyX


Step 1. Sign up free with a valid email.


Private Instagram Viewer App without Human Verification


Step 2. Choose suitable plan and bind the target device with SpyX


Private Instagram Viewer App without Human Verification


Step 3. Login to your SpyX dashboard and start monitoring Target Instagram


Private Instagram Viewer App without Human Verification



Aside from being able to access their Instagram account, SpyX has a feature that you can monitor other social media accounts, mainly Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, Snapchat and more. It can also tap their calls, text messages, Keyloggers and other necessary activities on their smartphone device.


Part 2. Some Other Private Instagram Viewer Apps

If you want to explore other apps that can help you get access to private Instagram accounts on the selected devices, apps like mSpy, GlassGram, Instalooker, CocoSpy, uMobix, etc., provides the viewing feature that you need.


The said apps can be free or paid. However, those free apps have limited features and there might be a tendency that they are not as reliable as the premium apps since most of the paid apps are costly. That's why we're here to make sure you get the right app that can be fit for you to be able to save more time and weigh things down for you for your easy access and use to the private Instagram accounts.


1. mSpy

mSpy is another amazing Instagram Tracker alternative. It can track call logs and calls on iOS devices. Using the mSpy monitoring app you can view incoming and outgoing calls, monitor your kids' call logs and easily retrieve any further call information. mSpy is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It also has other tracking features like tracking social media messages, emails, iMessages, photos and videos, etc.




2. GlassGram

This is another great tool for viewing private Instagram accounts. The app is free from ads and surveys. This app offers the following subscription plan depending on your choice to be able to have a complete feature of the Instagram profiling. You can either use the limited-feature or go for the premium subscription to view all content without any hassle.




3. Instalooker

Looking for a back door to view someone's private Instagram account without any human verification? Then Instalooker is the best for you. It's a free app, easy-to-use tool fit for viewing private Instagram profiles. It's a spy tool which is safe to use.




4. CocoSpy

Another spy and monitoring app is Cocospy, it has a free but with limited-feature access and paid subscription options to choose from. They've been in the market for quite a decade already and this has a feature to help you view someone's private Instagram account.




5. uMobix

Another powerful tool that can help you monitor your loved ones. uMobix is designed to help you lower your exposure to harassment, cybercrime and sexual content, violence and etc. It provides a full package cell phone tracker that helps you keep posted about the activities on the device online. It’s simple to install, have the power to monitor and restrict their permissions whenever accessing the internet and WiFi network, gain access to their deleted messages, calls, contacts and their edited versions to check if they have modified it or not.




Additional features:

● 24/7 monitoring with timely logs and alerts.

● Great for monitoring social media networks.

● Provides detailed overview of their messages, call history , contacts and other info on the device.

● GPS location and GeoFinder to help you navigate real time of your loved ones actual location through a single SMS.


Part 3.  Alternative Ways To View Private Instagram Accounts without Human Verification

If you're looking for other ways to do and don't wanna sign up for something you're not gonna have for long term purposes, here are some ways that you can view someone's private Instagram account without human verification.


1. Send A Follow Request To The Account Owner Directly

If you want to take it the old school way: make an alternative account and then send a follow request to the account owner directly. You can take the risk by following them but take note that there's a downside to this as it could be possible that they will either reject or accept you. If you don't want to create an alternate account, you can take the risk by using your own personal Instagram account and then send a follow request. There you can tell if they’ve put you on pending, rejected or you've been accepted. Expect that once you do this, stories might give you limited access to view as they could filter out what the user wants everyone to see. Another way is that you can ask your friend or any close one to follow them for you. This could add more work for you as you'll be having a middle man to do it for you and maybe get accepted too and that’s the time you can gain access to their account for viewing.


2. Use Google Search To View Private Instagram Account Actions

If step 1 isn't working for you, then this is a sign to use the power of Google image search. What you can do is go to Google image search and then copy paste the private account’s Instagram name and do an image search. Note that there’s a small chance that you’ll be able to receive real time results on their photos or posts through Google search but it can give you some brief information about the profile you wanted to know more about.


Part 4. Conclusion

It's okay to be protective of your loved ones especially threats on social media have been rising and it shouldn't be taken for granted. If you’re not careful with your account, there could be possible big risks and exposure to something you didn't even sign up for. Using the right tools, tips and apps for assistance that you need with the private Instagram viewers will give you extra help that you need to get the job done for you. Tracking your loved ones and knowing that you are monitoring them gives you some peace of mind and could help you communicate with them even better is something that you can do. Making sure that their safety is secured.




Q1. Can you track deleted Instagram account?

Yes, you can track deleted Instagram accounts. If you have the accounts username and password, you can use a website like to download all of the account's photos and videos.


Q2. How do you find someones location on Instagram?

If you know the person’s Instagram username, you can go to their profile and click on the three lines in the top left corner. Then select ‘Settings’ and scroll down to ‘Request Location Access’. If the person has location sharing turned on, their location will appear on a map. If they don’t have location sharing turned on, you won’t be able to see their location.


Q3. Can you be tracked on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram can track your activity on the app. However, they only track what you do on the app itself and not what you do on other websites.


Q4. Can someone get your IP address through Instagram?

Yes, someone can get your IP address through Instagram if they have access to your account and your posts are public. Your IP address is a unique identifier that can be used to track your location and activities online.


Q5. How to track an Instagram account?

1. Keep an eye on the recent posts

2. See the online status

3. Track who someone followed recently

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