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With the rapid rise of Snapchat usage, it's becoming more controversial to hack someone's Snapchat. While it can be a great tool for communication, due to the needs of monitoring child and employees' Snapchat online activities, there are many fake websites and hacking tools in order to cheat users. That's why it's important to know how to hack into someone's Snapchat properly.

In this blog, we will compare 5 Snapchat hack methods. Help you find a reliable and easy-to-operate method to hack someone's Snapchat account safely.


What Are Common Ways to Hack Snapchat?

Is it possible to hack someone's Snapchat account? The answer is yes.

Following is the quick summary of hacking tools that can help you to hack into someone’s Snapchat account:




Method 1: Getting Snapchat Spying Apps-SpyX is your First Choice

1. SpyX-best for hacking Snapchat account

SpyX is reliable and easy-to-operate to hack Snapchat, which offers a range of features and services to help you keep track of your employees and your children.

With SpyX, you can view detailed te­xt messages, photos, videos, and vanishing images on the target Snapchat account. You can even track the exact time and date of the media files exchanged in Snapchat, view video duration, as well as photo gallery, screenshots and Snapchat conversations.


screenshot_20231120_095950_4d3bbe3084spy snapchat


To enjoy the above SpyX services, you only need three steps, which are described in detail below.


  • Simple operation without app installation. Binding a target device with an iCloud account.
  • Track someone's Snapchat both historical and real-time messages.
  • Read all information on the target Snapchat account in invisible mode.
  • Remote tracking Snapchat account anywhere, anytime without installing app.
  • Has a very user-friendly interface and 100% Secure Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Support all devices(non-rooted Android and non-jailbroken iPhones).


  • It's not free and has a charge.

2. Hoverwatch-Common Snapchat Monitioring App

Hoverwatch is a specialized monitoring software that lets you hack into Snapchat accounts without their knowledge. You can use this tool to hack into their accounts without their knowledge and monitor the social activities of your children, employees, and spouses on Snapchat, providing you with first-hand information to help you monitor them better.



  • Spy all their Snapchat pictures online.
  • To get all the information about Snapchat, the device must be rooted.
  • Sign up free and protect your Snapchat account privacy.


  • You must install Snapchat Spy app on the target device.
  • Not available for iOS devices to hack Snapchat account.

3. Cocospy-Keep tabs on your target's Snapchat activity

Cocospy is also a spy tool to hack someone's Snapchat to monitor what you care about at any time, whether it's a child or a business. You can clearly see the photos and chat records of the hacked Snapchat account. Operate remotely with 100% confidentiality.



  • Read all exchanged messages in the target Snapchat account.
  • Hack child and employees' Snapchat without root.
  • Check a live demo before you buy it.


  • You need to install the application specifically.
  • Cannot access Snapchat on iOS devices that are not jailbroken.

4. UMobix-Spy apps to hack Snapchat

With UMobix, you can monitor your child's Snapchat account in real time, see everything that's happening on her smartphone or tablet, whether they are subjected to cyberbullying and internet addiction, in order to ensure your child's internet safety.



  • Real-time control and prevention of Snapchat cyberbullying of children.
  • Hack someone's Snapchat history chats without knowing.


  • Jailbreak required for iPhone devices.
  • Limited functionality when monitoring multiple devices.

5. XNSPY-Hack Snapchat Tool

XNSPY and SpyX have a lot of features in common, which enables you to monitor someone’s Snapchat activities remotely. With this tool, you can browse Snapchat conversations and view photos and videos from anywhere using a smartphone.



  • It has a live demo after you enter the Snapchat account.
  • Hacking into someone's Snapchat account is invisible.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Available.


  • Expensive monthly package.
  • iPhone requires jailbreaking for full functionality.


Method 2: Phishing to Hack Snapchat

Phishing is a type of cyber attack designed to persuade potential victims to divulge sensitive information and is a common way for hackers to break into other people's accounts. Hackers send links to individuals in an attempt to obtain information and the social media that is hacked is not only Snapchat, this method can also be used to hack into other people's Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Gmail and other social media accounts. 


What do you look for in this way?

Phishing to Hack Snapchat has become more sophisticated over the years. It is estimated that about 32% of all breaches involve phishing, and about 64% of organizations have reported at least one encounter with a phishing attempt.

Although phishing is common, it requires the executors to have specialized knowledge to be able to phish in different situations with different phishing methods. According to the interface of the user's Snapchat account, clone the page, set up reasonable tips and jumps, so as to hack the Snapchat account to monitor at any time.

Weak points:

  • Difficult to operate, technically challenging.
  • High web hosting fees and legal risks.


Method 3: Hire local hackers to hack someone's Snapchat

Another way is to look for legitimate technicians who specialize in hacking Snapchat. There are a lot of Snapchat hackers online who claim to be great, but it's hard to find one who is reliable and worthy of your trust. They tend to be very familiar with website operations and advanced programming, hacking into each other's Snapchat accounts to help you see chat messages.


But you need to know:

Whatever the reason, there are a lot of hacking Snapchat services available online that we need to distinguish between the real and the fake to prevent being duped.

Many people hire hackers to gain access to child and employees' Snapchat account to help you steal sensitive information on Snapchat, but encountering unethical or unprofessional hackers who leave any clues or evidence and eventually catching will result in serious legal penalties. That's why it's important to only use hacking Snapchat services provided by reputable companies that follow all legal guidelines. 

Weak points:

  • Difficult to find experienced professionals.
  • Expensive to hire and need to take risks.


Method 4: Hack someone's Snapchat by SMS or Email

Through Email and SMS, you can receive the Snapchat reset password link, change the password, and log in again, so as to hack child and employees' Snapchat account and completely control the information of the target phone

It may seem like a simple procedure, but it requires physical access to the target cell phone, which can easily be detected by the user.

Weak points:

  • Targeted Snapchat account can easily find themselves being monitored.
  • Not easy to operate and requires Snapchat account password verification.


Method 5: Get his account number and password directly.

In addition to the above methods, the most direct means is to know the target user's account and password, log in to Snapchat, and view all the private messages sent and received by the monitored person. For simple passwords set by kids can be easily gotten to know the list of contacts and friends on Snapchat to make sure they are in a safe online environment.

Weak points:

  • It's hard to get the other guy's Snapchat account password.
  • Invalid if he has changed his Snapchat password.


How to Choose the Most Appropriate Way to Hack Snapchat?

Listed above are the common ways to hack Snapchat, but not all of them are appropriate. There are several factors you should consider when deciding which method to use for hacking Snapchat:


Ease of Use: It is important to choose a monitoring solution with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, which will ensure smooth navigation and easy access to the information you need.


Compatibility: Verify whether the method is compatible with the operating system of the intended device.


Cost: Consider the value and price of the method based on your needs.


Capabilities: Check key features such as Snapchat history spying, completely hidden application performance, audio and video file archives viewing, and GPS location tracking.


Stealthy Operation: The ideal monitoring solution should work in the background, leaving no traces or signs that the Snapchat account is being monitored.


Choosing a cost-effective Snapchat hacking app is the wisest choice. Whether the target device is Android or iPhone users, from the above pros and cons, it is clear that SpyX is the most recommended Snapchat tracking app. SpyX has more comprehensive and rich features compared to other software, supports all iOS and Android devices. SpyX allows you to know all the information that happens in his or her Snapchat account, and it is difficult to be detected without the need to install the application!


How to Hack into Snapchat with SpyX| Step-by-Step Guide

Start hacking into Snapchat in 2 minutes without accessing the Phone.

Step 1. Sign up Free

Create a free SpyX account by clicking on "Free Registration" and entering your E-mail address.




Step 2. Add iCloud Account Credentials

After purchase, provide the Apple ID and password on the target device to access iCloud Backup content.




Step 3. Start Snapchat Tracking

You're done! Click on the left navigation bar to monitor and track their Snapchat chats, photos and more in real time with your phone.




Let's hack an Snapchat account.



1. Can you hack someone's Snapchat?

Yes, Snapchat is not entirely secured and can be used to hack into other people's Snapchat accounts in a variety of ways. If you choose the SpyX tool, hacking into anyone's Snapchat will be very easy and enjoy the most complete tracking features! It allows you to track child and employees' Snapchat messages, including text messages, audio messages, exchanged photos, videos, files, stickers, emojis, and more.

2. How to hack Snapchat account?

Before hacking someone's Snapchat, you need to enter a valid Email to create a user account. Choose the right price plan for your needs. Provide the iCloud credentials of the target phone in order to connect it to SpyX. You can then start accessing the backend by clicking on "Snapchat" on the left sidebar. Here you can see all the Snapchat messages on your device. Click on an individual message to see the message content and any additional media.

3. How to screenshot Snapchat chat without them knowing?

The SpyX Snapchat Spy app runs in stealth mode, which means that hacking someone's Snapchat with SpyX is completely undetectable and very secure. Not only can you see screenshots of their Snapchat, but you can also monitor the target user's location at any time. You don't need to install apps or jailbreak/root the target phone. Log in to your SpyX account to view it!

4. Can I hack Snapchat without Rooting or Jailbreaking?

Yes, SpyX is so easy to operate that you don't need a jailbreak to hack into child and employees' Snapchat. You can start remote hacking in just three steps. Sign up for free, buy SpyX and bind it to your target device, go to the dashboard to hack.

5. How did SpyX remotely hack someone's Snapchat account?

SpyX is a popular monitoring app for Snapchat and over 20 other apps. It works by synchronizing the cloud-backed data on the phone of the target you want to hack to their system so you can monitor all the data on any device. The entire process of tracking Snapchat is completely untraceable, safe and reliable.



To help users make the best decision for hacking into child and employees' Snapchat, we've reviewed the features, pros and cons of each Snapchat hacking method. If you are registered to use the SpyX application, you'll find it very easy to hack into someone's Snapchat. And SpyX offers a 15-day money back guarantee. You can also read our other articles, such as the Top 5 Best Social Media Spy Apps for Android & iPhone.

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