How to Hack Metro PCS Phone Call Logs?

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Hacking process, very common issue to monitor someone’s activity to find where they are now. But what interesting we find in using metro Pcs? Tracing a call log is possible in all apps and when it comes to metro Pcs you will observe friendly method to access it.


MetroPcs, is a major service provider to cell phones in United States. You have various options to hack Metro Pcs without letting target person knowing about it. Some may question you “Hacking is illegal and why you want to do it? No worry! You can get the authorized metro Pcs call log hack software with relevant features. We help you to track your beloved one’s activity using metro Pcs call log hack if you might have a thought to do. When you hack the metro pcs call log you will have an idea regarding time, date, and you will get the list in chronological order.


Waiting for what, let's have a look at the process.


Hack Metro PCS Phone Call Logs



Part 1. Is it possible to Check Other’s Metro Pcs Phone Call Logs?

Yes! It’s possible to check someone’s metro Pcs call log hack. In Metro Pcs it also there is also the possibility to get hacked by a software. We can’t say that Metro Pcs is very easier to hack but some tools will be well defined to capture all loops and holes. Technology has grown and unlike before where we had terms only to get records of our call history, now we can trace other’s call history without them knowing. Here is a list of information that we can get:


· You will get detailed history of target call history.

· The time measure available with the feature.

· You have been expanded with many subscription methods.


Part 2. How to Check Other’s Metro Pcs Phone Call Logs?

Metro Pcs, the cell phone provider has a methodology to check other’s Metro Pcs call log hack instantly. Let’s see the steps to undergo the process easily.


Step 1: Open the official website of Metro pcs and choose the “Support”. By clicking that you will have a drop down list showing “My account”.


Step 2: Login using username and password and start registration. For the security reasons, you may get any identification number.


 Check Other’s Metro Pcs Phone Call Logs


Step 3: After the set up of account you go to the menu “Metro Pcs phone number” and enter the number of the target device. Once it is done, you will get the picture of target phone for your confirmation.


Step 4: From that choose “Account usage & activity” and then to “call details”. You can view the options at the center and at the top. You will have option to choose weekly or monthly subscription.


Step 5: You will be directed to the window where you can find number of call list, time your target person starts to speak and end etc.


 Metro Pcs phone number


Part 3. Use Phone Hack Tool to Hack Metro Pcs Phone Call Log

Do you have an idea to track call history from the target device? You might have! But how will you execute that? Either, checking directly the target device or to question your beloved one’s. When your beloved one kept the phone and busy at another work; you planned to check the call history. There might be a situation your beloved one may see you while checking their phone. At that moment, you can’t face them. Do you think checking directly a phone is a correct way to track the call history? No! We are here to give you a tip to use phone hack tool. You can use phone hack tool to metro pcs call log hack whenever you want to check. There is no limitation, and it is trustworthy to use hacking tools. Important thing is your beloved one doesn’t know that you are tracking their call history.


What is Phone hack tool?

Many hacking tools are developed to hack metro Pcs call log hack. Can you say all the hacking tools will be designed in same figure and same feature? Actually No! Every software is different in it’s capacity and efficiency. Phone hack tool checks the target call history in real time and not only tracking call history is possible. You can monitor SMS, Phone touch tag, WhatsApp chat etc. At foremost, you will have a complete guide to use phone hack tools with distinguished explanation.


Best phone hack tool SpyX:

The most popular and best phone hack tool is SpyX. The name itself denotes it’s process and it gives you the complete customer support from starting to till end. You can observe a tremendous good process when you install and it come up with all features in up-to-date. SpyX was granted with proper license and authorized manner to track not only the call history, it is also eligible to track SMS, car tracking, lost mobile, password etc. You are highly advisable to choose SpyX as the best option which is guaranteed for outcome and security.


Part 4. How to Use SpyX to Hack Metro pcs Phone Call Logs?

As said before, SpyX is the most commonly used hacking software to trace the location or messages or calls. You can access SpyX without jail breaking and it is most flexible in mobile as well as in PC. It has a progression to collect data’s as per requirement from the target device and to update everything in our mobile or PC. Let’s see the step to Metro Pcs call log hack:




Step 1: Create A Free Account

Launch the SpyX software in your mobile or PC. Create the username and password to sign in and set up the correct information’s to complete registration.




Step 2: Choose Suitable Plan

After registering, you can choose suitable plan, 1 -month plan, 3-month plan, 12-month plan. Then bind the target phone with SpyX.




Step 3: Start Monitoring Calls

It will direct you to the dashboard. From there you have many services listed at the left of the window. You choose the option “call” and then you can see the activities of metro pcs call log hack thoroughly. It shows you the time such as call started; call ended, location, SMS, browser history etc.





Note: You will get the complete list of incoming and outgoing calls from the target device. You can also find the number to which they called frequently.



Hereby, the article was guided using SpyX as the best phone hack tool for Metro pcs call log hack. Now you can track their activities easily without knowing them and come out from the cheater’s activity.

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Disclaimer: SPYX'S SOFTWARE INTENDED FOR LEGAL USE ONLY. You are required to notify users of the device that they are being monitored. Failure to do so is likely to result .....

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