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You might have heard of tracking applications for couples to help you find out if your partner is cheating. But do you know that you can also determine that by checking your girlfriend texts?


For example, Tinder and AmongChat on your partner’s phone are red flags. Similarly, chatting apps like Signal and Viber are also alarming. Apart from these, cheaters use numerous other apps to keep their affairs hidden. So what are some ways to catch a cheating boyfriend. Please read on.


This article tells you all the cheating apps you might find on your partner's phone. However, before we talk about hidden cheating apps for Android, it's critical to know other signs of cheating in a relationship. In some cases, we might forgive the cheater.


A lady is opening various social media platforms on her phone.


Part 1. 7 common signs that your partner may be cheating on you


Besides cheating apps, your significant other’s behavior and response to situations are important indicators of cheating. Here are the most common signs of cheating partners:


Behavioral changes

When your partner is involved with someone else, they might find it difficult to stay calm around you. It could be because of the “guilt” of cheating or the attention they get from the other person. If your better half suddenly starts getting aggressive, and you rule out other reasons like financial or work-related stress, it’s time to keep a close eye.


Spending too much time on their phone

Cheaters chat and call quite frequently to avoid being doubted by any of their partners, and thus, you will always see them on their phones. If they have been using their phones sneakily and being more active than usual, it's worth a thought.


Priority shift

Often, partners of cheating men and women feel that they are no longer their priority. As they need to cater to the other person in their lives, they are not able to manage proper time for both. Eventually, you see them forget about an important task or a significant occasion.


Sudden interest in improving appearance

Lazy partners who have been couch slouches throughout their time with you tend to take an interest in improving their appearance for the other person in their lives. They might want to look better to cast an impression or fulfill their new partner’s wishes. Some join the gym, while others start skincare, or change their dressing style.


Over or underspending

While it is common for cheating spouses to spend less on their SO when they are cheating, some many overspend to stay out of the radar. You might observe sudden changes like bringing flowers or buying your expensive jewelry all of a sudden. So, even if your partner is spending prominently more than usual, it could be a way to keep you busy and away from the mess.


lack of intimacy

Like financial matters, intimacy is another significant factor in such relationships. Most partners tend to reduce the frequency and interest in intimacy when they are involved with someone else; they’re having their needs fulfilled already.


However, you might be surprised to know that some people also start taking more interest in being intimate when they are cheating on their spouse. The reason is the same as overspending money – avoiding suspicion.


A couple is having a breakup.


Though these are the most common signs of cheating partners, it’s not a must that they represent infidelity. Your partner might genuinely want to spend more on you or they might be stressed about something else in their life. Thus, these signs of cheating are not the ultimate litmus test.


It’s best to keep a close watch if you suspect cheating and gather evidence. It will help you realize if you are mistaken or you need to find an exit plan.


Part 2. 10 popular apps that cheaters may be using


People suspecting their partners of cheating must be vigilant of the hidden cheating apps for iPhone and Android. Let's tell you what apps do cheaters use commonly:


1. Viber


Viber is a messaging app like WhatsApp, but it is one of the most widely used hidden cheating apps for Android and iPhone today.


Viber lets users create chats that automatically vanish after a period, ensuring the cheating partner leaves no trail. Furthermore, it needs a passcode to open the hidden chats; this application is a bright red carpet for people in relationships, especially when your partner downloads it without informing you.


Viber icon.


2. Signal


Signal has become popular among cheating apps, and spouses often wonder, “What is Signal app used for cheating?”


Signal's popularity is attributed to the security it offers to its users. People can create chat rooms and communicate with others. The best part is that Signal does not store any information, and no one (even Signal itself) can access the messages.


Signal icon.


3. Tinder


You don’t really expect to see a dating app on your better half’s phone. It is one of the most basic dating apps cheaters use, making finding someone for a romantic relationship easy. Users just swipe right on profiles; if two people swipe right, they’re a match. It is excellent for singles but a nightmare for people in relationships.


You must also check for other dating apps like Hinge, Bumble, Grindr, and others to not miss out on any clue.


Tinder icon.


4. Ashley Madison


What sounds like a magazine or a celebrity’s name, this application is one of the most noteworthy on this list. Ashley Madison is a dating app with the tagline, “Life is Short, Have an Affair.”


Who'd download it except for someone who is or wants to have an affair?


Besides applications for Apple and Android, Ashley Madison also has a website. So, it’s always safe to check the browser too.


Ashley Madison icon.


5. AmongChat


Sometimes, cheaters get away with their deeds as their partners do not find anything fishy in their phones. However, there could be more than what reaches the eye. Apps like AmongChat, Plato, and Yubo are chatting apps with an app icon resembling a game. Men and women often ignore these apps, mistaking them for games.


AmongChat icon.


6. Telegram


While Telegram is not solely used by couples and cheaters, it is among the top hidden cheating apps for iPhone and Android because of its message disappearing feature. At the same time, the application allows users to share unlimited files and offers high-level encryption so no third party can access the data.


Telegram icon.


7. Snapchat


“Hey, you did not send me a streak today!”


Almost everyone using Snapchat to stay in touch with friends and family can relate to this.


Snaps (photos or videos) sent on Snapchat immediately disappear once you send them, and you get notified if someone takes a screenshot. Thus, no proof exists to hold cheaters accountable, and they can easily gaslight you.


Snapchat icon.


8. Wickr Me


When searching for, “what apps do cheaters use on iPhone,” Wickr Me is one of the top applications.


Wickr Me is similar to Snapchat considering features like screenshot detection and self-vanishing or destructing messages. Additionally, it also offers anonymous messages. Users can easily create an account without giving personal information.


Wickr Me icon.


9. Dust


Dust is not a widely used application for communicating with friends and family, making it easy to find. This application also includes an automatic deletion feature and keeps images and conversations secure. Accessing the chats requires a unique passkey, making it one of the most commonly lesser-known apps that cheaters use.


Dust icon.


10. PV Private Album


PV Private Album is a decoy app that stores unlimited photos in the cloud and saves secure chats accessed through a PIN code. Users also get notified in case someone else tries accessing their data. Furthermore, the app lets users change the app icon to another image like notes app or calculator to not highlight it.


PV Private Album icon.


Part 3. How to catch your partner cheating


Catching a cheating partner can be challenging, especially if they have been betraying you for a long time as they know all the tactics to stay safe.


If you want to swiftly and effectively uncover whether your spouse is being dishonest, professional monitoring software is the way to go.


I tested out a few of the top monitoring apps available, like mSpy, Kidsguard Pro, Eyezy, and SpyX. Out of these options, SpyX stood out for its extensive monitoring features. Now, let's take a closer look at what SpyX has to offer!


3.1. Brief introduction of SpyX


SpyX is an incredibly easy-to-use monitoring software. It boasts high compatibility, working seamlessly on both Android devices (such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, Huawei, OPPO, etc.) and iPhones.


SpyX offers a comprehensive monitoring features, enabling you to secretly track all activities on your partner's phone. This encompasses checking installed apps, monitoring sent and received texts, call logs, location tracking, social media conversations, posts, likes, as well as the photos and videos they share.


Screenshot of SpyX's homepage.


3.2. What phone activities can SpyX monitor


Your partner's phone is Android or iPhone, there may be slight differences in SpyX's monitoring features. You can refer to the table below for more information.


[Please note that this table is scrollable horizontally for more details.]



Device General features Social media

Text Message





GPS Locations

Browser History

Browser bookmark



Installed APPs




Wi-Fi networks

iCloud Drive


WhatsApp Business











Text Message

GPS locations



Call logs


Installed apps

Wi-Fi networks

Browser history

Browser bookmark

Live video

Live audio

Live screenshot


Easilydo mail




















3.3. Steps of using SpyX to catch if your partner is cheating on you


Tracking phone activities is incredibly easy with SpyX. Here’s how to using SpyX to find out if your partener is cheating on you.


Step1. Sign up free.


Sign up a free account.


Step 2. Select the target device.

Once you log in, the app will give you options between an Android and iPhone to select the device you want to monitor.


Choose the target device.


Step 3. Choose your payment plan.

After you sign up and select the device, buy your payment plan for 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months.


Pick up your plans.


Step 4. Connect the device.

If your partner's phone is an iPhone, then in the second step, you would choose iOS. In that case, you'll need to input the target device's Apple ID and password.

If you've already chosen Android in the second step, you'll need to add the target device's Google account and password. If you don't have access to this information, you can install the SpyX software directly on the target device. Choose the method that best suits your situation.


Step 5. Verification.

After configuration, you will receive a verification code or SMS on your device to verify the agreement between both users/ devices.


Step 6. Find out the truth.

Once you finish the verification, you can start monitor all your partner's phone activities remotely.


SpyX real user's dashboard.



Part 4. Further consideration: should I check my spouse's phone


A mobile phone is a personal gadget, and it is usually not right to check through your significant other's phone, especially when intending to snoop. However, as partners, there should be enough trust to not cause a fight if you take their phone to make a call or scroll Facebook. It is important to trust each other, and non-cheating partners typically do not make a fuss about picking up their phones.


At the same time, you must not close your eyes intentionally when you doubt infidelity. The cheating apps and signs mentioned in this article can help you confirm if your spouse is cheating. Be vigilant without being obvious; either you’ll know who they’re cheating with or strengthen trust in your partner’s trustfulness.


A couple is experiencing relationship breakdown.


Part 5. Further consideration: what should you do if you find out he/she is cheating on you


Collect the evidence

Finding your partner cheating on you can be shocking, especially when they have been nice to you throughout. However, instead of thinking emotionally and mentioning that you know all about it, collect the evidence; your partner might remove the cheater chats from their app, leaving you confused.


Confront them

When you have all the information, confront your partner eye-to-eye. If you do not want to confront yourself and feel uneasy, ask someone from your immediate family to talk to him about it.


Ensure safety

In case you think your partner might resort to physical violence to cover his disloyalty, it is better to avoid talking to him at home. Alternatively, inform the law enforcement department if he tries to hit you.


Take couple’s therapy

While most cheaters do not accept their wrongdoing and may blame you for everything, some take responsibility and are willing to change. If you want to give your significant other another chance, you can go for couple's therapy. It will help you understand the situation better, identify the gaps in your relationship, and decide what to do moving forward.


Remember: It’s Not Your Fault!

Cheaters, especially narcissists will try to tell you that they cheated because of you. It might range from excuses like you gained weight to asking for more money or disrespecting them. But always remember that cheaters do not need a reason to cheat; they cheat because they want to.


Get tested for STDs

Apart from the mental trauma of being cheated on, the chances of STDs are high with cheating partners. So, get yourself tested for STDs at the earliest to ensure they have not transmitted any disease to you.


Part 6. FAQs about cheating & apps


Q1. What to look for in a Cheater's phone?


When suspecting your partner to be cheating on you, check their mobile for names or numbers with frequent communication that you do not recognize. Plus, look for the above-mentioned apps cheaters use. Decoy apps may also help find out if there’s something fishy.


Q2. Do cheaters use WhatsApp?


WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used apps globally for staying in touch with friends and family. While it is popular, it is also easy to access. However, some cheating partners may use WhatsApp to avoid installing an additional app.


Q3. Is Signal app used for cheating?


Signal is one of the most widely used cheating apps. It offers incredible security to its users. It provides end-to-end encryption so that even Signal cannot access messages. Users can also change the app icon on their phone to avoid suspicion.


Q4. How do cheaters hide messages?


Cheaters usually use decoy apps or applications that look like games to keep their messaging apps hidden from their partners. They might also opt for apps like Snapchat and Dust, where the messages vanish immediately.


Q5. Is the X app used for cheating?


While X is generally used to stay updated on current affairs, cheaters can go any length and use X to communicate with the other person. They can send messages and share images on the app without being doubted on.


Part 7. Summary


No one deserves to be cheated on, and you can confirm your doubt by checking your partner’s phone for these hidden cheating apps for iPhone and Android. The most common apps cheaters use are Snapchat, Signal, Ashley Madison, and Telegram. Moreover, you might also find cheating apps like Viber, Tinder, AmongChat, PV Private Album, etc. on their phone. If your suspicion turns out right, think rationally instead of making an emotional decision; staying or leaving is your call.

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