mSpy Review 2024: Still the best tracking option?

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As the most popular phone spy app, mSpy must be indispensable in the evaluation list. By 2024, will its functions and services still be the top among its peers? let's find it out.


The quick summary of mSpy review



Android and iPhone



Free Trial


Money back guarantee




    There are currently the most iPhone spy solutions, although each one has fewer features


    Better customer service and user guidance



    Each iPhone solution has fewer features


    The Android monitoring app can't hide


    Relatively high price


    Difficult to request a refund


mSpy Overview

mSpy is the Phone Spy Solution with the earliest development time and the largest number of users among the same type of products that are still on sale. mSpy is compatible with iPhone and Android. For iPhone it has three monitoring solutions, and for Android it has one monitoring solution. In terms of features, the iPhone monitoring solution has relatively few features but can also meet the basic needs of users, while the Android monitoring solution can achieve more features. The price is relatively high among similar products. Their customer service system is well established, but it is a bit difficult to request a refund. 


Complete Introduction to mSpy's solution for iPhone

SolutionsStepsImplementation conditionsData Refresh FrequencySupported data types (based on the latest iOS version)
iCloudUse the iCloud account to bind the target device and pass the two-step verificationAn iCloud account and two-step verification are requiredAllow online real-time refreshNotes, Calendar, Photos, Files, Reminders (Contacts, Videos, Locations in the navigation but cannot see the data)
USBUse a USB cable to connect the target iPhone and PC, unlock and start backupNeed to physically access the target phone and be able to unlock itNeed to reconnect the USB to refresh the data. Some low-version models can update data through WiFi.Contacts, Text messages, Events, Notes, Wi-Fi networks, Installed apps, Browser history&bookmark, WhatsApp, Kik, LINE
JailbreakJailbreak the target iPhone and install the app on itSupport limited models and iOS versions, very tedious processOnce the phone is restarted or the iOS version is updated, this solution will become invalidKeylogger, Calls, Photos, Videos, Files, WhatsApp, Wi-Fi networks, Locations




Features of mSpy for iPhone

Because the iPhone jailbreak solution is very cumbersome, considering the actual usage of the user, I mainly show the features usage under iCloud and USB solutions. I will show it step by step from high to low according to the user's frequency of use.

· Messages. Text messages monitoring is usually one of the most desired features of phone spy app users, the mSpy iphone solution allows users to view the content of SMS messages, send and receive objects, and send and receive time, but only for the USB solution.




· WhatsApp. WhatsApp monitoring is also one of the most frequently used features by users. mSpy's iPhone monitoring solution allows users to view WhatsApp chat content and time, as well as calls in WhatsApp. But unfortunately it cannot view the pictures and videos inside. This feature is also limited to use in the USB solution.




· Photos&Videos. Violence, bullying, pornography and other clues often appear in photos and videos, so these are also two of the features that users pay most attention to. mSpy allows users to monitor photos in the iCloud solution, but I can't find the video content under the two solutions.




· Locations. With this feature, when family members are in trouble, we can rush to them as soon as possible to ensure their safety. In addition, this feature can also prevent kids from going to places they should not go. So it is also one of the high-frequency needs of users, but it is a pity that mSpy's USB solution does not have this feature. The dashboard of iCloud solution can see this feature, but even if I follow its instructions to set up family location, it still doesn't work. 





· Calls. Viewing call logs, caller and call time is currently the fifth most requested demand when users use mobile phone monitoring solutions. But it is also a pity that this feature is not available in mSpy's two viable iPhone spy solutions.





· Other social media apps. Currently, mSpy for iphone supports monitoring of social media apps including LINE and KIK, which can also only display text information but other information such as pictures and videos. And these features are limited to use in the USB solution. If you purchase the iCloud plan, you cannot use these features.






· Other commonly used features. Such as viewing browser history and bookmarks, installed applications on mobile phones, WiFi networks and event records can all use the USB solution. iCloud drive, calendar and reminders can only be viewed in the iCloud solution. Among all the features, only the notes are valid in any solution.

· Wi-Fi networks. Many monitoring devices on the market today are capable of doing this, and mSpy has this feature as well. mSpy allows users to see the name and time of the Wi-Fi connection.




· Brower history. This feature allows users to quickly understand the browsing habits of the target phone. With mSpy, users can see the name of the website, the URL, and the number of times it was viewed.




· Browser bookmark. Users can see the website title and specific URL of the target device via mSpy.




· Installed apps. mSpy allows users to see the apps installed on the target phone, but the page presentation is not very good, not clear and simple enough.




· Calendar. You can see the calendar of the target phone and the markings he's made on it.




 · Files. With mSpy you can see the icon of the file, its name, when it was created, and its type.




· Reminders. The feature is common. Through mSpy you can view the name of the reminder, when it was created, and whether or not it was reminded.




· Recent notes. It's impressive that users can see not only the exact time and title but also the exact content of the note.




It must be mentioned that although mSpy has three iPhone spy solutions, compared with other iPhone spy products, it can achieve relatively few features.



mSpy's solution for Android phone

Because the Android spy solution is easier and more effective, there is only one solution at present. It has more features, but one big disadvantage is that it is no longer possible to hide the mSpy app on the latest version of Android phones. Although mSpy has modified the name of this app, its sudden appearance is still easy to arouse the suspicion of the monitored person. I believe that a large number of monitored people will not be able to resist deleting this sudden app.


SolutionsStepsImplementation conditionsData Refresh FrequencySupported data types (based on the latest Android version)

1.Get the target device


3.Download and install the apk

4.Root the phone

Need physical access to the phone and be able to unlock it. The Android version that can be rooted.Real-timeSMS, Calls, Photos, Videos, Contacts, Events, WiFi Networks/Block, Keylogger, Installed apps/Block, GPS locations, Geo Fencing, Browser History, Keyword Alerts, Block Websites


Features of mSpy for Android

The effect of some features has been explained in detail in the iPhone part, and then we will focus on some features that are unique to the Android spy solution.

· Screen Recorder. Whenever the monitored mobile phone visits some social media, mSpy will automatically take screenshots. When I tested with the latest Android version, it is found that this feature can currently be used on two social media, WhatsApp and Telegram.




· Keylogger. This feature is to record key information from the perspective of user keyboard input, so it is also a feature favored by many Android users.




· Blocking and early warning features. mSpy allows users to restrict calls, wifi usage, app usage and website browsing of monitored Android phones, and can also set keyword alerts. When violence, bullying, pornography and other related content appear on the child’s Android phone, parents can be notified as soon as possible.




Plans and Prcing

1-month price: 48.99, 3-month price: 83.99, 12-month price: 139.99


It is worth noting that this is the price of their single iPhone solution, which means that you cannot use multiple solutions at the same time unless you purchase multiple packages. But the Android solution does not have this problem.


In addition, mSpy also set up two paid services for customers. One is a remote assistant, which assists customers with installation, jailbreak, reinstallation, etc., the price is $26.99, the other is customer service priority support, the price is $12.99.


After-sales experience

When we purchased mSpy products, the good news is that it provides very comprehensive installation guidelines and usage support, this is pretty good. But the bad news is that if users find that the monitoring solution is not suitable for them, or make repeated purchases due to misuse, it is very troublesome to ask them to refund. They have a lot of excuses to prevent you from refunding.




Other user reviews of mSpy

These are the ratings of mSpy by trustpilot and sitejabber, which are relatively authoritative review websites. I put it here for your reference. If you look carefully at the comments inside, you will find that many of the positive and negative reviews are fake and do not conform to the actual situation. Therefore, please make a comprehensive judgment based on the content I wrote above.




FAQ in 2023

Is mSpy detectable?

No, neither the mSpy for iPhone nor the mSpy for Android solutions are detectable. It should be noted that after the user installs the Android spy app of mSpy, an app will appear on the monitored mobile phone, but this app will be displayed with another name, and will be directed to the phone settings when it is opened.


How long does it take for mSpy to work?

It depends on the device and the selected solution. If it is an iCloud solution, it will work within 5 minutes. If it is an iPhone USB solution, it will take 10-30 minutes to complete the installation and sync the data. If it is an iPhone jailbreak solution or an Android apk solution, because jailbreak and Root are required, the time-consuming cannot be estimated.


Do you have to install mSpy on target phone?

Again, it depends on the device and the solutions. The iCloud solution and USB solution of the iPhone do not need to install the app. The iPhone jailbreak solution and the Android apk solution need to install the app on the target phone.


Does mSpy notify target phone?

No, you only need to go to the target phone to check the verification code at certain times, but this verification code is also sent by the official mobile phone brand, and mSpy will not be displayed.




To be honest, since mSpy is the most well-known mobile phone spy application, I have high expectations for it. But after actually using it, I am a little disappointed with it. Of course, my original intention is to write the most authentic product experience from the user's point of view, including the reviews of other similar products. I hope that you can learn more about the actual situation of each brand. If I have made any omissions, welcome to leave me a message in the comment area.



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