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As an old brand that has been focusing on device monitoring since 2013, Webwatcher has gone through multiple version iterations of iOS and Android, and is still one of the most reliable products today. How does its function compare to other competing products currently on the market? Let's take a look.


The quick summary of Webwatcher review



iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, Chrome



Free Trial


Money back guarantee




    More features in iPhone USB solution


    Update Data in real time through wifi



    Mobile users cannot view iPhone data anytime, anywhere


    Only 1 spy solution for iPhone, Limited user scenarios


    No live chat for unpurchased consumers

*We only include a characteristic of the brand as a pro if it is better than 70% of the same type of products, and vice versa.


Webwatcher Overview

Webwatcher should be the brand that supports most types of monitored devices, but because the comparison of competing products in this series is all about mobile phone monitoring, this article only discusses the monitoring of iPhone and Android phone by Webwatcher. Both the product introduction on its website and the dashboard user interface are very simple and clear, which is very helpful for novice users.


Webwatcher spy solution for iPhone

There is only one iPhone spy solution for Webwatcher, which is to connect to PC via USB, and then use their backup software to obtain data. After the first successful connection, the user can continuously obtain updated data through the wifi network which the monitored mobile phone is connected to. The only disadvantage of this solution is that the monitoring data can only be viewed on the PC, which is inconvenient if the user is away from home.


1280X1280 (6).PNG


Features of Webwatcher for iPhone

Compared with the competing HSB solution for iPhone, Webwatcher supports more features, including photos, Music, TV, Podcasts, Ringtones, Books, Messages, WhatsApp, Phone calls, Safari, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Voice Memos , Installed Apps, Files, File System.


1280X1280 (7).PNG


Next, I will introduce its 5 features one by one according to the level of user demand.


The first is text messages. As one of the most frequently used features by users, it becomes an important indicator to judge the effectiveness of spy solutions of various brands. It can be seen that Webwatcher not only allows users to view text messages, but also to view SMS contacts and specific contact time.




The second high-frequency feature is data viewing of the popular social media WhatsApp. Some competing products only support viewing text messages, but Webwatcher also allows users to view pictures and videos in WhatsApp.




The third high-frequency feature supports viewing pictures and videos on the mobile phone. It is also worth mentioning that many competing products only allow users to see part of the photos and even no videos on the monitored mobile phone, but users can see almost all pictures and videos through Webwatcher.




Viewing the geo location of the monitored mobile phone is also one of the very frequent user needs, but unfortunately Webwatcher does not support this feature. Actually, all brands of USB iPhone spy solution do not support this feature.


The fifth most commonly used feature is call history. Webwatcher can accurately display all call history to users, including contacts, date and time, call duration, numbers.




In fact, the 5 features mentioned above can already meet the needs of 80% of users. Next, let’s look at other features as bonus items such as LINE, Snapchat, Messenger, Kik, Wechat and other social media. It is also a pity that the iPhone spy solution of Webwatcher does not support these features for the time being. But Webwatcher still supports users to find the clues they want from some other features, such as browser history, installed apps, calendar, Notes, Voice Memos and Files.





Webwatcher spy solution for Android

At present, the monitoring solution developed by Webwatcher for Android is also the mainstream apk solution on the market. The user needs to get the monitored mobile phone to download and install the apk, and the whole process takes about 5-10 minutes.




Features of Webwatcher for Android

Compared with Webwatcher's iPhone monitoring solution, its Android monitoring solution can monitor more data types. The features already realized by the iPhone solution all can be realized by the Android solution, so I won’t go into details again. Next, we will focus on the features that are not included in the iPhone solution.


· GPS location


Webwatcher supports monitoring different locations at different times and connecting these locations into a path. Webwatcher users who want to monitor Android devices can use this feature.


· Screenshots


When someone uses the monitored device to check social media, the Webwatcher Android monitoring app will automatically take screenshots at regular intervals. In this way, the user can see the specific scene when the monitored mobile phone accesses social media.


· Instagram, Messenger, Snapchat and other social media


In addition to the social media screenshots mentioned above, Webwatcher also allows users to see text messages in social media and the specific time of sending and receiving messages.


Plans and Pricing

Plan First subscription Price
1 month $39.95
3 months $59.95
12 months $129.95

*The price of the Android package is the same as that of the iPhone package.


After-sales experience

Webwatcher organizes the common problems and solutions of users in his knowledge base. If users want further support, they can apply for tickets. Their only flaw in terms of after-sales service is their live chat button is hard to find and often fails.




Other user reviews of Webwatcher

I am very surprised that Webwatcher has such a low score on the well-known review website sitejabber. Of course, this at least shows that they are not cheating on the review website. From my experience, most of their features are working, and the user operation process is not complicated. Maybe everyone still has high expectations for this old brand.




FAQ about Webwatcher in 2023

How does Webwatcher work?

When monitoring Android, Webwatcher relies on installing apk to the target device and obtaining data sharing permissions. When monitoring iPhone, Webwatcher uses PC software to backup iPhone data. Both solutions are currently pro-tested to be effective.


How to install Webwatcher on iPhone?

Users do not need to install Webwatcher on the iPhone, they only need to install Webwatcher on the PC and then connect the iPhone to the PC via USB.


How to install Webwatcher on Android?

After purchasing the Android package, Webwatcher will provide an apk download link, and the installation can start after the apk file is downloaded. After the installation is complete, the app needs to be authorized, and the whole process takes 5-10 minutes.


What does Webwatcher do?

Webwatcher can help parents monitor their children's mobile phones to prevent children from being exposed to inappropriate content such as violence, pornography, and cyberbullying. Specific data types include photos, Music, TV, Podcasts, Ringtones, Books, Messages, WhatsApp, Phone calls, Safari, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Voice Memos, Installed Apps, Files, GPS location, etc.




It has to be said that the old-brand Webwatcher is under the siege of new brands, and users always need more monitoring solutions and stronger functions. Those products that are always improved around user needs will eventually be favored by more users.



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