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Kidsguard Pro is ClevGuard's main parent monitoring product. Fast forward to 2023, Kidsguard Pro is on its way to becoming one of the most powerful parental monitoring apps. It has customized multiple sets of solutions for parents with different needs, so let us find out what features can be realized by Kidsguard Pro now.


The quick summary of Kidsguard Pro review



Android and iPhone



Free Trial


Money back guarantee




    More solutions than competing products


    More features in iPhone USB solution


    Android spy solution with the most features at present


    The icon of the Android spy app can be hidden



    Less features in iCloud solution


    The installation process of android apk is very slow


    Customer service not good

*We only include a characteristic of the brand as a pro if it is better than 70% of the same type of products, and vice versa.


Kidsguard Pro's Monitoring Solution for iPhone: How to Choose It?



Like mSpy, Kidsguard Pro also has three monitoring solutions for iPhone, which are iCloud solution, iTunes solution and jailbreak solution. Users who want to monitor iPhone had better choose according to their actual situation, otherwise they may not get the data they want.


Kidsguard Pro for iCloud.

The iCloud solution is currently the most convenient solution. It does not even need to touch the iphone, and it also supports refreshing data online, but the only troublesome point is that you need to know the icloud account and password of the monitored phone. This solution is suitable for users who can get the icloud account of the monitored iphone.


1280X1280 (3).PNG



Kidsguard Pro for iTunes Backup

The iTunes Backup solution needs to connect the iPhone to the computer via a USB data cable. Installing the Kidsguard Pro desktop application on the PC, unlock the iPhone and start the backup. In this way, you can monitor the various data of iPhone on the PC. If the PC and the monitored iphone are under the same wifi, new data can also be refreshed on the PC. Their solution can monitor far more types of data than their icloud solution. The only problem is that it must view the data on the PC side so that it cannot be remotely monitored in real time outdoors.


1280X1280 (4).PNG



Kidsguard Pro for Jailbroken iPhone

This means you need to jailbreak the target iphone. Once the jailbreak is successful, the program can get more data permissions. But it should be noted that not all iPhones can be jailbroken, especially models between iPhone 7 and iPhone 14. Jailbreaking will void the iPhone warranty, and once the iOS version is updated, jailbreaking will also void. In addition, to implement this monitoring solution, you also need to know the Apple ID and password used by the child on the iPhone.




Features of each iPhone monitoring solution

Solution Features
By iCloud Locations, photos, videos, calendar, reminders, notes, iCloud Drive
By USB Messages, contacts, photos, videos, WhatsApp, Wechat, LINE, Viber, Kik, QQ, notes, voice memos, Safari bookmarks, reminders, calendar
By Jailbreak Contacts, call logs, messages, photos, videos, browser history, location, Wi-Fi logger and capture screenshots.

The above features are all tested and effective. Let’s take a look at the actual display effect of several commonly used features:

Text Messages - Not only can you see the content of the SMS, but also the sender and the receiving time.




Locations - This feature not only allows users to see the location of the latest time node, but also includes the location of past time nodes, so that users can clearly see the movement route of the monitored iPhone.




Contacts - The contact list also includes their contact details and email addresses.




Photos and Videos - The test of this feature works very well, I can see all photos and videos.




WhatsApp, LINE, Viber and other social media - What is better than more competing products is that I can not only see text messages, but also more pictures and video messages.




Other commonly used features such as calendar, reminder, Notes, browser, etc. But it is a bit strange that Kidsguard does not get browser history.





Kidsguard Pro's Monitoring Solution for Android

At present, the android monitoring solution used by Kidsguard Pro is also the common apk solution on the market. This solution needs to install the application program provided by Kidsguard Pro on the target device, and then hide it. After completing the operation according to the process provided by Kidsguard Pro, click back to the dashboard of Kidsguard Pro to verify, so that you can start monitoring the target device.




Features of Kidsguard Pro for Android

Kidsguard Pro for Android support viewing Call logs, text messages, contacts, browser history, photos, keyloggers, calendar, location, call recording, ambient recording, screen recording, keyword search, screenshots, photos and social software: Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, Telegram, Kik, Viber, Line, Youtube, TikTok, Skype, Discord, WeChat and QQ. It can be seen that the Android solution of Kidsguard Pro is very powerful. Next, I will focus on introducing the features that Android has but iPhone does not:


· Record Surround

Kidsguard Pro allows users to remotely turn on the microphone of the monitored phone to record the surrounding sounds, which is a very rare feature.




· Record Calls

Kidsguard Pro allows users to remotely record the calls of the monitored mobile phone, which is also a very rare feature.




· Record Screen

Kidsguard Pro allows users to remotely record the screen of the monitored mobile phone, but there is a condition that the monitored mobile phone cannot be locked.




· Take Photos

Kidsguard Pro allows users to control the monitored mobile phone to take photos remotely, and even select the front and rear cameras. You can imagine that if your child's mobile phone is robbed by other classmates, you can even know who is using it through this function! Of course, enabling this feature also requires the phone to be unlocked.




· So Much Social Media

Kidsguard Pro allows users to monitor more than 15 kinds of social media because it takes screenshots . When the monitored mobile phone views these social media, Kidsguard Pro will take screenshots at a fixed frequency. The disadvantage of this approach is that it does not allow users to see all text messages.




Plans and Pricing

Device Plan Pricing
Android/iPhone 1-month $ 39.99
Android/iPhone 3-month $ 59.99
Android/iPhone 12-month $109.99

After-sales experience

This might be one of the few downsides of Kidsguard Pro, their customer service bot is not very smart and often fails to answer questions. I can't even find help center or an email address in the Dashboard.


What other users say about Kidsguard Pro

These are the more objective positive and negative comments about Kidsguard Pro that I selected from a professional evaluation website, for reference only.






FAQ about Kidsguard Pro in 2023

What are the pros and cons of Kidsguard Pro?

Their pros are mainly in these aspects: more solutions and more features than most of the competition, and they are cheaper than the main competitors. Their cons are mainly that they have less features in some solutions commonly used by some customers, and their customer service is not very good.


Is Kidsguard Pro hidden?

Yes, either their iPhone spy app or Android spy app is stealthy. Ordinary users are unable to detect Kidsguard Pro on their phone.


How do I set up Kidsguard?

If you want to monitor an Android phone, you need to install their application on the monitored phone according to their guidelines. If you want to monitor iPhone, there are three different monitoring solutions, please refer to "Kidsguard Pro's monitoring solution for iphone" above for the specific setting process.


Is Kidsguard Pro free?

No, all features of Kidsguard Pro are paid. But the current price is lower than the main competitors, so it is also a good choice.




To be honest, after doing so many reviews of similar products, Kidsguard Pro is a surprise. Their brand is not big, but in fact their product features are even stronger than the top competitors, but most users don't know it.



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