Spylix Review: Unveiling the Secrets of This Phone Monitoring App (2024 Update)

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To protect kids from cyberbullying, pornography, and scams, people are increasingly turning to parental monitoring apps for help. 


Although there are already many solutions in this industry, new brands still appear from time to time, and Spylix is one of them. 


Today we will make an in-depth Spylix review and all the information you want to know.


The quick summary of Spylix review



Android and iPhone



Free Trial


Money back guarantee




    Product interface is concise and clear



    Very few features for iPhone


    Cannot refresh data for iPhone


    No live chat for consumer

*We only include a characteristic of the brand as a pro if it is better than 70% of the same type of products, and vice versa.


Spylix's solution for iOS

Compared with other competing products in our Spylix app review, Spylix has only one iPhone spy solution, which is the cloud solution. 


Like other brands of iCloud solutions, it also realizes tracking by binding an iCloud account.


1280X1280 (8).PNG


Features of Spylix for iOS

After the binding is complete, we can see the dashboard of Spylix, as shown in the following picture:


1280X1280 (9).PNG


To my surprise, they have very few features, such as:


Locations. Spylix displays the GPS location as two views, one is the specific coordinates at different time points, and the other is to connect these coordinates on the map.


1280X1280 (11).PNG


Photos and Videos. Spylix not only allows users to view the photos and videos on the monitored mobile phone but also check the shooting time of these photos and videos.




Notes and Events. I can also view the Notes and Events recorded by the monitored mobile phone through Spylix.




Regrettably, aside from the above 5 features, I can't see any additional data.


88395cf3-971b-4339-a23c-5a2a4e50ca7a.pngae1975f8-8dec-452e-a5ee-987e96ceaab0.png a48dd5e4-82e7-4084-a94e-6eeb583a824c.png



Spylix's solution for Android

Spylix's Android spy solution implements surveillance by installing the app on the phone, just like the Android solutions of other brands. 


The entire installation process takes 5-10 minutes. After the installation, the Spylix app will require the user to authorize each application and set the Spylix app to hide.


Features of Spylix for Android

In the part of Spylix reviews for Android, its solution can realize a lot of features, including text messages, call records, location, photos, videos, Keylogger, Email, and other common features of mobile phones, as well as social media such as Whatsapp, Messenger, snapchat, etc.


Plans and Pricing

Here is the pricing plan for Spylix. 


Device Features Plan Pricing
Android/iPhone Basic features(such as GPS, photos, etc.) 1-month $ 39.99
Android/iPhone Basic features(such as GPS, photos, etc.) 3-month $ 59.99
Android/iPhone Basic features(such as GPS, photos, etc.) 12-month $ 99.99
Android/iPhone Basic features + Social media 1-month $ 49.99
Android/iPhone Basic features + Social media 3-month $ 69.99
Android/iPhone Basic features + Social media 12-month $119.99


After-sales experience

Because Spylix has only one solution for both Android and iPhone, the process of using it is quite simple. 


But the bad thing is that there is no live chat window on the entire website, including the user dashboard, and I can only contact them through the email hidden in the corner.


What other users say about Spylix

In order to avoid my personal use errors and to give readers more comprehensive information, let’s take a look at the professional Review website’s evaluation of Spylix. As you can see, they don't have many reviews so far, but the rating is only an astonishing 2.5 points, which shows that many users, like me, have used their iPhone spy solution and were disappointed by it.





FAQ about Spylix in 2024

This FAQ dives deep into Spylix in 2023, exploring everything you need to know. We'll address common questions about its functionalities, ethical considerations, and legal implications.


So, whether you're curious about its potential or have reservations, this guide will shed light on Spylix's functionalities and the ongoing conversation surrounding it.


Does Spylix really work?

Yes, it works, but it has fewer features. At the same price, users have better choices.


Is Spylix safe?

Yes, in Spylix's Android spy solution and iPhone spy solution, the user's operation processes are relatively simple.


How to cancel Spylix?

Cancel requests can only be submitted by email to [email protected].


Is Spylix actually legit?

It depends on local laws and usage. In most areas, it should be legal for parents to use it to monitor their children.




The End

In conclusion, Spylix offers a feature set that caters to a specific audience seeking in-depth phone monitoring. 


However, ethical considerations and potential legal implications make it a controversial choice. 


Hope this Spylix review will help you have a better understanding of this phone monitor app.


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