How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Texting Another Guy

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When you notice that your girlfriend behaves abnormally, for example, she stays glued to her smartphone at odd hours, tying frantically, you must want to know whether your girlfriend is texting another guy. You are so lucky to read this blog, and will get effective methods for how to tell if your girlfriend is texting another guy. Finding evidence of cheating in your girlfriend's mobile phone, some people will choose to forgive the cheater some may break up decisively.


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Even if you suspect that your girlfriend is cheating, never confront her. All you need is rock-solid evidence at your disposal. Give up the idea for accessing to your girlfriend’s phone to read text messages. This is crazy! You will have high risk of being caught. What are effective methods to make reading your girlfriend’s text messages remotely possible? We have researched and tested for you. Here we list top 3 spyware to check your girlfriend’s text messages without her phone secretly. Using these phone spy apps, the probability of you getting a hold of your girlfriend’s texts without her phone can reach 97%. Many women in gender relationships also want to catch their cheating boyfriends.


With so much to say, let’s get started!


Part 1. How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Texting Another Guy?

In fact, it is usual for your girlfriend to chat with another guy, maybe they are just common colleagues and communicate for work problems. However, you desired to know whether your girlfriend is cheating on you. So you need to know who she is talking to and what she is typing. So, it is essential to keep tab on your girlfriend’s conversation to develop trust and build viable relationships.


You can notice several obvious signs indicate that your girlfriend is cheating on you via text messages. Here, we will list three of those signs to help you tell if your girlfriend is texting another guy.


Sign 1: Secured Device and Apps

The most obvious sign is that your girlfriend lock all chatting apps, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram. If you find that your girlfriend puts password on those social media apps, it is clear that your girlfriend doesn’t want you to know text messages. She must hide something important that you don’t know. If you express the need to access her social media chats, she gets confronted or refuses your request directly, you must be aware of the possibility that your girlfriend is cheating on you via social media chats messages.


Sign 2: Multiple Deleted Messages

If your girlfriend deletes texts regularly, she doesn’t want you to find out who she has been texting lately. If you have chance to access your girlfriend’s phone and read her text messages, and you feel that the content of text messages is missing for non continues meaning. That means she deleted the most essential part. She most likely has affairs with someone else.


Sign 3: Changes Mood During Chats

No one can hide the admire or happiness from beloved one. Maybe your girlfriend pretends at first, but she can’t behave as usual all the time. You can observe the mood and emotions of your girlfriend when texting with other guys. For example, she talks with you without any emotion, but suddenly smiles happily when one text messages appears on her phone. That means she receives the text messages from her beloved one. If these scenarios happen often and she refuses to share text message content with you, she is chatting with another guy and cheating on you.


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Part 2. Top 3 Apps to Use If Your Girlfriend Is Flirting With Another Guy

Having someone you love cheat on you is heartbreaking. How to know if your girlfriend is flirting with another guy? Cry and tears can’t help you find what you want. Stay calm and find the most useful tools to check whether your girlfriend is cheating on you.


Cheating happen anywhere and anytime. For people who have experienced with cheating girlfriends, we will take you through the following top 3 tested and trusted apps. They can help you know whether your girlfriend is talking to someone else. Hope these apps will work for you. Let’s begin now!


1. SpyX-You Best Choice to Spy on Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages

When comes to find a great phone tracker to spy one your girlfriend’s text messages, SpyX ranks top. The biggest advantage of SpyX is that you don’t need to install app on the target phone. SpyX is totally web-based service. To bind and monitor your girlfriend’s phone, all you need is her iCloud credentials.


SpyX phone tracker



You will never worry about the operation steps. Because we have 24/7 instant customer service. You can ask for help through sending email or live-chat on the website, we will reply to you as soon as possible.


As a popular phone tracker, SpyX wins customer’s high praise and trust with robust monitoring features. It enables to track your girlfriend’s installed apps, shared photos and videos, social media chats, gps locations, emails, ect. Let us get more details of SpyX advantages.


Features of SpyX


Deleted Text Messages

With SpyX phone tracker, you can even access to the deleted text messages. That means what ever your girlfriend chat with another guy, you can be clear about all content. You can view text messages with details, such as the name, the sender, the receiver, the time and date. Deleted text messages contain the key point of cheating. So, it is essential for you to be able to read deleted text messages, especially the chats history of social apps.


Social Media Chats

With social media chats monitoring feature, SpyX will never let you disappoint. You can be clear what apps your girlfriend installs, and what she chats via these social apps with other people.Even those deleted and hidden text messages are available. Through spying on chats history and updated text messages in real-time, you can check whether your girlfriend is cheating on WhatsApp, Facebbok, Snapchat or Instagram.



SpyX phone tracker also allows you to browse all emails with details. You can view sender, receiver, the email content, the date. Someone likes to chat essentials via email. So, you can’t miss out your girlfriend’s email to check whether she is cheating on you.



Keylogger feature enables you to track every key messages that your girlfriend types on the phone, such as password, name, places, locations. All these information can show you the clue that your girlfriend is dating with another guy, not just send messages.


100% Stealth Mode

SpyX phone tracker is totally invisible and undetectable. You can use SpyX to monitor your girlfriend’s phone for long term without being caught. That’s because you don’t need to install app on the target phone. And there are no abnormal signs on the phone, such as strange noise when calling, faster power drainage, extra traffic consume.


Read Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages in 3 Steps


If you are new to SpyX phone tracker and wonder how you can get started with relative ease, you can follow the steps to start your monitoring now.


Step 1. Create Your SpyX Account


Visit website on any browser, then sign up free with valid email. Then you will receive an email with your SpyX account and original password.



Step 2. Choose Plan & Bind Target Phone


Choose suitable plan, the begin to bind the target phone with SpyX. All you need to is entering the iCloud credentials of target phone for remote monitoring.




Step 3. Start Monitoring Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages


Go to your SpyX dashboard and you can click “text messages” on the left column and you can view all text messages stored on your girlfriend’s phone.





2. mSpy- Phone Spy App to Help Find out Who Your Girlfriend Is Textig

mSpy is a great phone tracker with wide users. If you are considering to find out who your girlfriend is texting, you can try mSpy. It can meets your main needs for phone monitoring. Except for text messages, you can also track other data of your girlfriend’s phone, such as social apps chats (WhatsApp, LINE, KiK, Facebook Messenger), photos, emails, ect.


mSpy phone tracker


But you will face limits with mSpy phone tracker. You are required to jailbreak for iPhone, which makes the whole process difficult for users not tech-savvy. You can’t track GPS location of target iPhone.


3. SpyBubbe-Alternative App to Know If She Is Talking to Another Guy

SpyBubble is an ideal phone monitoring app to catch cheater. It is compatible with Android an iOS devices. SpyBubble works in the background. That means your girlfriend will not notice you are remotely monitoring her activities.


SpyBubble phone tracker


With this spy app, you can track text messages, calls, media files, photos, videos shared via social media apps, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram on your girlfriend’s device.


Part 4. Conclusion

Which spy app come first when you considering how to tell if your girlfriend is texting another guy? We describe top three phone monitoring apps. We advise you to pick SpyX phone tracker with strong monitoring features, affordable price, 24/7 customer service, remote and undetectable monitoring. Now that you know the efficient and effective mediums available, it’s up to you to get the suitable one.




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