6 best Snapchat spy apps for parental controls in 2024

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Snapchat is a popular social platform that allows users to share intimate, personal moments with friends without fear of them being shared publicly. This is also the reason for its popularity.


However, for a parent, it’s always concerning when a child is overly active on Snapchat. Therefore, you may want to use Snapchat spy app for parental control.


Active on Snapchat


Here, I list for you the 6 best Snapchat spy apps to help you understand your children better and give them a good online environment. More and more parents are wondering about setting up Google Parental Controls on their children's mobile phones.


Part 1. Why you need to monitor child’s Snapchat


Before introducing apps, let’s first understand the possible dangers of children using Snapchat.


We all know that Snapchat is famous for its privacy settings. This means that these settings allow Snapchat users to send and receive inappropriate content, especially for minors.


Young people in particular are fond of using Snapchat’s “disappear” feature, which gives them a false sense of security that the content they share will disappear forever. 


However, there are still ways to capture snapshots, which can lead to unintended consequences for children with low awareness.


share location with friends around the world on Snapchat Map


When using Snapchat to share, the location sharing feature of Snapchat can be a dangerous point that you ignore. 


Children like to share their location with their "friends" on Snapchat. Where they are can be known by location sharing. It may bring them harm, which makes them vulnerable to malicious stalking.


If you are worried or even suspect that your child is engaging in the above behaviors, then you are in luck to read this article, you can monitor their Snapchat through a parental control app.


Part 2. 6 best Snapchat spy apps


I have selected the 6 best Snapchat spy apps for you, which can meet your strict standards and needs. Now, let's get into the details.


1. SpyX


SpyX is the best overall parental control for Snapchat. Thanks to its stealth mode, it allows you to monitor your child's phone without them knowing.


SpyX Snapchat spy app


With SpyX you can view all private messages your child has sent and received from Snapchat, even messages that have been deleted.


Pay close attention to the photos and videos your child sends and receives, so you can take action if there is any inappropriate content.


Track exchanged files in Snapchat in real time, view video duration along with photo gallery and screenshots.


Screenshot of real data from SpyX monitoring Snapchat


In addition, SpyX also provides monitoring of mobile phone positioning, text messages, calls, etc. For younger children, you can also set a mobile phone activity range for them. 


When the child leaves the set range, you will receive notification to determine the child’s safety as quickly as possible.




    Monitor 30+ apps and view their every move on the phone in real time


    SpyX can spy Snapchat on Android and iOS devices


    Multiple ways to connect devices, no need to download an app


    24/7 customer service



    When choosing a connection device, you need to choose according to your child's mobile phone model to avoid making the wrong choice


2. KidsGuard Pro


KidsGuard Pro is an invaluable tool for parents concerned about their children's online safety. However, it currently lacks the capability to monitor Snapchat activity on iOS devices.


KidsGuard Pro


With this Snapchat monitoring app, you can see the messages your child receives on Snapchat in the form of screenshots, and then use the keylogger function to see what messages your child sent back to the other party. 


This form allows you to easily understand what they talked about.


Screenshot of real data from KidsGuard Pro monitoring Snapchat


While you can't use KidsGuard Pro to monitor your kids' Snapchat while they're using an iOS device. But KidsGuard Pro can monitor other social media on iOS, such as WhatsApp and LINE.




    Able to monitor 20+ functions


    The app needs to be installed on the child’s phone, but it will be hidden in other forms


    30 days money back guarantee



    Snapchat feature only works if kids use Android phones


    There is no real-time customer service. If you encounter problems during use, it cannot be solved in time


3. uMobix


uMobix is an app that modern parents choose to monitor their children’s mobile phone use. Like KidsGuard Pro, its Snapchat functionality is limited to when your child is using an Android device.




The Snapchat data you view is displayed in the form of screenshots. uMobix will capture the screen every 10 seconds.


If you're lucky, uMobix can capture your child's entire Snapchat conversation. See the photos and videos they sent.


In most cases, you can only see intermittent chat records, so you need to have keen insight to find out whether there is anything abnormal between them.


Screenshot of real data from uMobix monitoring Snapchat


Of course, if you want to use uMobix to monitor other data on your child's phone, you can. Only social media data is in the form of screenshots, and other data such as location information, text messages, and calls are displayed in the normal form.




    Monitor 20+ data types


    The downloaded app will appear under the name of play service


    14 days money back guarantee


    Live customer service support



    You can't monitor Snapchat if your child uses an iOS device


    Easy to make repeated purchases due to operational errors, and refunds are troublesome


4. Eyezy


Eyezy is the cheapest Snapchat parental monitoring app compared to other alternatives. However, its price and functions are directly proportional. The cheaper the price, the fewer functions it can actually monitor.


Eyezy Snapchat monitoring app


Eyezy is only effective for 10 apps on Android devices, including Snapchat. Similarly, it cannot monitor Snapchat on iOS devices, but it can monitor WhatsApp.


Using Eyezy, you can see the chat messages between your child and his "friends", including the specific time and date of messages sent and received.


Screenshot of real data from Eyezy monitoring Snapchat


Eyezy will have some delays in receiving messages, and messages sent by children on their mobile phones will not be immediately synchronized to the app.




    Monitor 10 types of Android data, 20+ types of iOS data


    14 days money back guarantee



    Snapchat feature doesn't work on iOS phones


    Refund trouble


5. Hoverwatch


Hoverwatch is a dedicated monitoring app for Android phones. It is also the only phone monitoring app with a free trial among all alternatives.


Hoverwatch provides users with a 4-day free trial, so you can try out the effects before deciding whether to purchase. Once purchased, there is no refund guarantee!




With Hoverwatch, you can see your child's Snapchat chat history in the form of screenshots. It can help you take screenshots of your Snapchat message list.


If you are lucky, it can capture their call records, pictures, videos, documents, etc.


Screenshot of real data from Hoverwatch monitoring Snapchat


In fact, Hoverwatch has a lot of social media capture functions. In addition, it can also track location and contacts.




    Supports 10+ monitoring features


    After downloading the app, it will be displayed as the name of the WiFi


    4-day free trial



    Only available for monitoring Android


    No real-time customer service


    No money back guarantee


6. Webwatcher


Webwatcher is an old brand that has been focusing on device monitoring since 2013. It has gone through multiple version iterations and is still one of the most trustworthy parental monitoring tools.


As more young brands emerge, Webwatcher gradually loses its advantage. Whether in terms of the convenience of device connection or the comprehensiveness of functional monitoring. Webwatcher still needs to be improved.




Webwatcher's Snapchat function can only monitor your child's Android phone. It can only receive Snapchat notifications, such as who has sent a message to your child, but cannot view the specific message content.




    7 monitoring functions are available on Android


    3 days money back guarantee



    Snapchat monitoring feature only available on Android devices


    No real-time customer service


    No Demo


Part 3. How to choose the best parental control for Snapchat


When choosing the best parental control app for Snapchat, there are several key factors to consider to ensure it meets your needs and effectively protects your child's online experience


Compatibility: First make sure the parental control software you choose is compatible with the device your child is using, whether it's iOS, Android, or another platform. Of course, it’s best to choose one that’s compatible with a variety of devices.


Monitoring features: A professional Snapchat monitoring app should include the ability to monitor incoming and outgoing messages, view shared photos and videos, and track data from other apps on your kids' device.


Parental control features


Security: Ensure privacy and security with the parental control app you choose. It should use encryption to protect sensitive data and take strong measures to protect your child's personal information without exposing any of their data.


Secrecy: This depends on whether you want your child to know that you are monitoring his phone, because most monitoring apps require an app download (except for a very few like SpyX, which does not). This can make sensitive children aware of their presence, which can lead to a crisis of distrust between you and your child.


In addition, you can also consider your own actual situation in terms of cost, user experience, etc.


Based on all aspects of data, SpyX is the best choice if you have requirements in all aspects. If you are looking for low prices, choose Eyezy, and if you want to experience free use, choose Hoverwatch.



Part 4. How to spy on kids' Snapchat with SpyX: Step by step guide


Don’t want to log into your child’s Snapchat account? Don’t want your kids to know you’re looking at their phone? Don't want to install an app? Use SpyX to solve all your problems directly. Follow these steps to start monitoring your child's Snapchat.


Step 1. Open the SpyX website on mobile or PC and register an account. A valid email address is required.


Step 2. Select binding according to the type of device used by the child, iOS or Android.


Step 3. Choose a subscription plan based on your needs. It is recommended to choose a 12-month plan because it is the most cost-effective. After purchasing, you can bind the selected device.


Specific steps to use SpyX


Step 4. Enter SpyX, synchronize data, and then find the "Snapchat" function. Click to enter to view your child's data on Snapchat. 


The same is true for other functions. Just click on the corresponding function to enter and view the specific data. Notifications for apps are also displayed on the dashboard.


Screenshot of SpyX's real data


Part 5. Bonus tips: Spy on Snapchat for free


If your child is between 13 and 17 years old, and you have negotiated with your child. 


Once your child gives you permission to monitor their Snapchat, you can use the free Snapchat Family Center to see who your child is messaging (you can't see their chats, only who your child has been with in the past 7 days chat) and restrict their access to certain content.


Snapchat Family Center


To use Family Center, you need to first add your child as a Snapchat friend. After your child accepts your friend request, add your child to the Family Center. Once your child agrees, you can view your child's recent conversations, friend list, and other interactions.


However, this may be because the child knows that you are monitoring his activity on Snapchat and therefore does not use Snapchat to interact with friends.


Part 6. FAQs


Is there a free Snapchat spy app?


In fact, no Snapchat spy app offers all the features for free. Some specific features are free or available as free trials for a limited time. If you just want to monitor Snapchat, then Snapchat Family Center is free to use.


How do you see deleted conversation history on Snapchat?


You can contact the Snapchat support team to retrieve deleted messages from your Snapchat account. For viewing deleted messages on someone’s Snapchat account, using SpyX monitoring software is the best solution.


What is the best parental control app for Snapchat?


SpyX is the best parental control app for Snapchat. It allows you to monitor your child's Android or iPhone in stealth mode. You can view their chat interactions, photos, videos, call history, etc. on Snapchat.


Is it legal to use a Snapchat spy app?


In the vast majority of countries, it is illegal to monitor someone else's phone without their consent. But if you are the guardian of a minor child and you purchased the phone for him and paid for the phone bill, you have the right to monitor his phone.


Part 7. Conclusion


While Snapchat provides a platform for intimate and private sharing between friends, it also raises concerns among parents about their children's safety and activities online.


Fortunately, Snapchat spy apps enable parents to monitor and understand their children's behavior on this popular social platform.


By using these tools combined with open communication and guidance, parents can create a safer, healthier online environment for their children.

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