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If uMobix can optimize the operation procedure and update speed on iOS for iPhone monitoring, I believe it can reverse the trend of polarized user experience.


uMobix is a parental monitoring app. It has emerged on the monitoring software market in the last two years. As a brand that was only founded in 2020, why can it appear on the software rankings so quickly and gain the favor of the public. Let's have a look at it.


Part 1. The quick summary of uMobix review



Android & iOS




4 days free trial

Money back guarantee




    uMobix is available in more languages than other competing products


    Most of the features in Android solution


    Android can synchronize data in time


    Ability to show online and offline status of the software



    Both Android and iOS solutions require an app download


    iOS solution can only be updated once every 24 hours, and the update needs to get the verification code again


    Fewer features in the iOS solution and most of the features require login to iCloud to view the data


    Easy to click by mistake leading to repeat purchases


    App will not be hidden


*We only include a characteristic of the brand as a pro if it is better than 70% of the same type of products, and vice versa.


Part 2. uMobix overview


uMobix is able to support both Android and iPhone device monitoring at the same time. For users, they don't have much choice in the solution, both need to download the app. Thus, the advantages and disadvantages of uMobix in monitoring Android and iOS systems are more obvious in comparison. 


uMobix does better in monitoring Android than iOS, either in terms of features or data synchronization. That's why most of the people who leave good reviews are his Android users.


Part 3. uMobix's solution for iPhone


Compared to other competing products, uMobiX's iOS solution is special. It has only one solution. Why is its solution special? Because other products use iCloud directly for iPhone devices, and users only need to bind the iCloud account of the target device.


While uMobix uses APK + iCloud solution, users have to first download and install the app on the target iPhone, and then login to iCloud when they want to check the data of certain features, and if they want to check the data of the social media, they have to login to the social media software as well. This makes the whole operation process more complicated.


uMobix iPhone solution


Part 4. Features of uMobix for iPhone


The features of uMobix for iPhone can be categorized into three tiers.


First, you can view the data of Download files, Adress book, Locations, Browser histroy, Browser bookmarks, Applications, Activities after downloading and installing the app.


  • Adress book & Download files (Deleted or invalid files cannot be viewed)


Screenshot of real data from Adress book & Download files


  • Locations (View precise location, track location time, and form a location track on the map)


Screenshot of real data from Locations


  • Browser history & Browser bookmarks


Screenshot of real data from Browser history & Browser bookmarks


  • Applications & Activities


Screenshot of real data from Applications & Activities


Second, after entering the app, you have to sign in the iCloud account of the target device and complete the backup before you can view the data of Messages, Notes, WiFi, Calendar, Camera, Calls.


  • Take Messages as an example. When you click on the Messages feature, the interface will show you to bind iCloud.


Real screenshot of uMobix binding to iCloud


  • According to the instructions, input the iCloud account and password of the target iPhone.


Real screenshot of uMobix iCloud binding steps


  • In the event that you are unable to bind, you will need to contact customer service to resolve the issue.


Real screenshot of uMobix not being able to bind to iCloud


  • After the binding is done, you need to get the verification code, which will be sent to the target iPhone, so to complete this step you need to get the target iPhone.


Real screenshot of uMobix binding to iCloud to get verification code


Third, on the base of the first two steps, log in to Facebook, Instagram, LINE, Skype, Tinder, WhatsApp accounts to check the data of the corresponding social media.


Screenshot of the real interface of uMobix's Instagram feature for iOS


  • After logging into the social media account, you will also need to input a verification code once, which will be sent to the social media-bound phone number.


Screenshot of uMobix interface to get social media verification code


In summary, for most users, it is basically only possible to realize the first level of uMobix's iPhone features, and a few can realize the second level of features. Because iOS can only be updated every 24 hours, and the update also has to get a new verification code. For the third level of features, it is almost impossible to realize.



Part 5. uMobix's solution for Android


uMobix's Android monitoring solution uses APK solution like other brands of Android solutions, which means that the user downloads and installs the apk on the target Android to realize monitoring. In the case of getting the target device, it takes about 10-15 minutes to complete the setup.


uMobix Android solution


Part 6. Features of umobix for Android


In comparison to the uMobix iPhone monitoring solution, the Android solution can monitor more data types. The data it can monitor has: Messages, Calls, Photo snapshot, Videos, Address book, Browsers, WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Tiktok, Kik, Skype, YouTube, WeChat, Tinder, Viber, Discord.


Moreover, these features data that can be viewed without an additional login. The features already implemented in the iPhone solution are available in the Android solution and will not be repeated. Next, we will have a look at the features that are not part of the iPhone solution.


  • Dashboard


uMobix dashboard data


  • Calls & Messages (Need to sign in to iCloud to view data in iPhone solution)


Screenshot of real data from Calls & Messages


  • Photo snapshot & Videos


Screenshot of real data from Video & Photo snapshot


  • WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Tinder (Need to sign in to iCloud and social media account to view data in iPhone solution)

The data for these features is presented as a screenshot, with the ability to capture the screen once every 10 seconds, so the data seen depends on what the screen captures.


Screenshot of real data from WhatsApp & Instagram


  • Messenger, Snapchat, Telegram, Kik, Viber, WeChat, Tiktok, YouTube, Discord

The data for these features is presented as a screenshot, with the ability to capture the screen once every 10 seconds, so the data seen depends on what the screen captures.


Screenshot of real data from YouTube & Viber


Part 7. Plans and Prcing


Plan Price
1 month $44.99
3 months $80.97
12 months $134.88


The price of the Android package is the same as that of the iPhone package. However, as mentioned in the previous section on features, Android has more features to monitor than iPhone.


Part 8. After-sales experience


Overall, uMobix's customer service responds to messages in a timely manner, the guidance in the process of binding Android is clear, and the data synchronization is timely, so the experience is good for Android users. But for iPhone users, the whole operation process is too complicated and many features are difficult to realize.


A special warning: it has a button on the dashboard to add a device, don't click it. Otherwise clicking on it will default you to adding a device, thus deducting money from your card without notifying you. Each click will deduct money.


Add new device in uMobix dashboard


I only purchased one device and when I accidentally clicked on it four times, it deducted my money for four more devices and there was no pop-up window to confirm if I wanted to purchase them or not. So I asked for a refund, and after a long negotiation, they only agreed to refund part of the amount, but not the full amount of the 4 devices.


Screenshot of adding 5 devices


Part 9. uMobix reviews from other real users


Users’ reviews of uMobix on sitejabber are very polarized. Most of the bad reviews come from iPhone users. The good reviews come from Android users. Below are intercepted reviews from users of two different devices. iPhone users' reviews can be quite honest. In terms of the Android experience, it is worthy of a 4-star recommendation index.


Real reviews from uMobix iPhone user
Real reviews from uMobix Android user


Part 10. FAQs about uMobix in 2024


Can uMobix be detected?

No, although both uMobix's Android and iOS monitoring require an apk to be downloaded first, it does not appear on the device under the uMobix name, but is named Play Service, so it is generally unnoticeable.


Does uMobix really work?

Yes, it works. uMobix works well on both Android and iOS. It's just that iOS has fewer features and there are better options for iOS users.


How much does uMobix cost?

Depending on the user's subscription plan, uMobix supports three plans: one-month subscription, three-month subscription and one-year subscription. The one-year subscription is the most cost-effective, averaging $11.24 a month. The three-month subscription costs an average of $26.99 a month. The one-month subscription is more expensive, costing $44.99.


Is uMobix legal?

It depends on local laws and regulations. In most areas, it is legal for parents to use monitoring software to monitor their underage children. It is recommended to consult the local laws and regulations before using it to make sure it is reasonable and legal.



Part 11. Conclusion


To summarize the review, you can see that uMobix, as a new brand, has achieved what it has now thanks to its Android monitoring. Just by looking at Android monitoring, it can be ranked in the top 10 monitoring software.


One shortcoming is that most of its features are presented in the form of screenshots, which makes it easy for users to miss some important information. But it is both a weakness and a strength, because of the use of screenshots, it is able to monitor more features than other competitive products.


If uMobix can optimize the operation procedure and update speed on iOS, I believe it can reverse the trend of polarized user experience.


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