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When eating dinner, the child to the mobile phone in the spoony smile, the husband to the mobile phone sighing, when you ask them, they always evasive. You feel worried and curious, what happened? What's on their phones? This is when you need phone monitoring software that can be tracked remotely. Here we list top 10 free spy app for android undetectable. You can view the demo free before purchase, and pick up the suitable one after learning about the details.


Top 10 Free Spy App for Android Undetectable



Part 1. Top 10 Free Spy App for Android Undetectable

It is a tiring thing to choose a suitable spy app among thousands of apps. So we've carefully selected the 10 most popular mobile monitoring apps on the market. In terms of price, function, operation and service, their overall performance is very good. Let’s start from the best one phone tracker- SpyX.


Method 1. SpyX Phone Tracker Undetectable

You can’t find better phone tracker than SpyX. It is popular with more than 1 millions of users around the world. Why is it so hot? It wins with amazing monitoring functions, simple operation, reasonable price and sincere customer service.


SpyX phone tracker


1. Stealth Mode of SpyX

If you track target Android phone with SpyX, the target user will never find you. Because SpyX doesn’t need app installation on the target device. Everything is normal just like nothing happened. You can monitor the activities of the target phone on your SpyX dashboard. What an amazing thing!


2. Advantages of SpyX

SpyX provides free demo view before making a purchase. You can see how many tracking features it has. In fact, SpyX works better than you might imagine for actual phone monitoring. Let’s take a look now!


No root

This is a major technological breakthrough. Our technicians put in many days and nights to achieve this goal, but they felt it was worth it because it was better for the user experience. This allows us to have a large user base for our software, even for non-technical people who don't understand root and can easily use SpyX.


Web-based interface

This means that users do not need to install software on the target phone, which saves a lot of trouble and is also less easy to detect. Users can access from any browser and then log in to their personal account to monitor data from the target phone in real time on the Dashboard. SpyX makes phone tracking convenient and safe.


Simple UI

Our UI is very clear and simple and designed for our users. Whatever types of data you want to view, you can find it on the dashboard quickly and easily.


Easy installation

When you choose SpyX, you never worry about the app installation, because you don’t need it at all! So relaxed and happy. This is big advantage of SpyX phone tracker.


Customer support

We provide 24/7 customer service. For any question about producet, just feel easy to send email or live chat. We have professional customer service staff to answer your various questions.


3. Strong Tracking Features of SpyX

The core competitiveness of spyx is its powerful monitoring function.It can monitor all the data and activities on the phone, and let's learn about it.


Call spying

SpyX can track incoming, outgoing and missing calls, including exact person, time and duration. By phone tracking, you can know who is in contact recently and whether it's someone you know.



Keylogger can reveal many essential information, such as password, text messages, user name of account, searches, etc. SpyX can track all keystrokes that are made by the target phone.


Social media spying

SpyX has the ability to track social media of target device, including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Kik, WhatsApp, or any other social identity. You can view all the chats of the user and people they talk to.


Location tracker

With SpyX, you can get the exact location and location history of the target phone. This is very important for parents who want to make sure that the child is safe.


Method 2. mSpy

mSpy is an affordable spyware app that contains a lot of features. You can monitor social media and text messages. In addition, the app lets you view installed apps, calendar, and note entries, and monitor keystrokes. You can also view photos and videos on your child’s smartphone using the app.




Method 3. Cocospy

Cocospy is another phone monitoring app that meet your common phone tracking needs. It works in stealth mode. The user will never find out that you are tracking them if you use Cocospy. It can reach an extensive level of spying without needing to root the target device at all.




Method 4. XNSPY

As a simple and fast android monitoring software, XNSPY can track call history, watchlist contacts, monitor web browsing activities, view photos and videos on the smartphone. XNSPY is a good app for monitoring smartphone activities and remotely controlling the device. You can also remotely control your kid’s smartphone to view the surroundings or wipe off data from the phone.




Method 5. uMobix

uMobix application offers real-time location tracking, internet surfing details, and web browser tracing. One can spy on call logs, text messages, and all social media apps with the help of this spying software.  The app is easy to install and 2MB heavy, which can be easily installed on a decent internet connection.




Method 6. Hoverwatch

This application is easy to use and install. It has a handy dashboard that can be operated by any user easily. It provides guaranteed security, sim location data, text messages details, and web browsing information of the target's Android phone. With the help of this software, anybody can have access to the minute details of the target.




Method 7. eyeZy

This spy phone app allows you to track android cell phone, whether you wish to oversee your children or your employees. With the help of this spy app you will be able to record their calls, text, WhatsApp and Facebook messages, as well as camera data. It also enables you to secretly see such things as online activity, contacts, calendar and geodata (GPS).




Method 8. FlexiSPY

FlexiSpy is a powerful spy app on Android. It has strong tracking features, including turning on the microphone to listen to a device’s surroundings, monitoring chat apps, remote camera capture, keylogging, and the ability to completely hide itself from antivirus apps and the app drawer.




Method 9. Spyine

Spyine is a useful phone tracker. It can track SMS, calls, FB GPS & 25 more data types. It tracks the target phone with invisible mode. Thus users can view activity remotely. What’s more, quick setup, not root and no jailbreak are also advantages. This application is used by over a million users and has a strong list of beneficial features.




Method 10. TeenSafe

TeenSafe can spy on the target's social media apps. It can give minute details such as shared media, documents, browsing history, and bookmarks. This app can set up geofences to make sure the user knows if the target enters or exits any specific area. Users can view deleted messages as well because this app saves all the information on the dashboard. TeenSafe is completely legal and safe to use. It uses non-invasive methods for monitoring.






Q1. Would I need to install the spy app on the target phone?

It depends on the function of the spy app you purchase. Some spy apps need installation on the target device while others don’t need. SpyX phone tracker is a web-based service and it doesn’t need app installation on the target device, which brings much convenience for the users.


Q2. Can I spy on an Android phone anonymously?

Yes, you can spy on an Android phone anonymously. If you want to track someone’s phone without knowing, you’d better choose the phone tracker that doesn’t need root. Or you will be found easily.


Q3. Will I have to pay for Android spying app?

You can try free spying app on the internet. These free spy apps may have limited functions that can’t meet your requirements. And you’d better pay attention to the free spy app with risk of privacy data leakage. So to get effective functions and ensure safety, you can pay for spying app, such as SpyX. It is definitely a good value for your money.


Q4. Is it necessary to install multiple spying apps on target phone?

For some common spying app, it is necessary to install the app on target phone. However, SpyX doesn’t need app installation.


Q5. What should I consider when purchasing a spying app for Android?

To get a suitable spying app for Android, you should consider the following factors: 1. Does it need root? 2. Is it necessary to install app on target Android? 3. How much is it? 4. Is customer service available?


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