How to Track an iPhone Location by Phone Number

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If you want to locate your iPhone, of course you can use Apple’s Find My app. But if you want to track an iPhone location by number, what should you do? Here we will explain everything you need to know about how to track an iPhone by number. You can read the article to get suitable method.


 Track an iPhone Location by Phone Number



Part 1. Is It Possible to Track an iPhone with Just the Number


Maybe you will be curious about “Is it possible to track an iPhone with just the number?” We can give you answer with details: Yes, you can track an iPhone location by phone number. But, if you want to track other activities on iPhone, such as text messages, photos, only phone number is not enough. At that time, you can try professional iPhone tracker, like SpyX.


Part 2. How to Track an iPhone by Phone Number


Method 1. Track an iPhone by Phone Number with SpyX iPhone Tracker


The easiest way to track an iPhone is using a phone tracking tool, such as SpyX. It’s a well-known iPhone tracker. Setting up SpyX is easy, and the app offers several useful features. You can track the target iPhone or iPad in near real-time. You shouldn’t have to physically interact with the device either.


SpyX phone tracker


You can benefit from SpyX as following:


1. Track an iPhone without jailbreak or app installation


SpyX is a web-based app. You don’t need to download any software on the target iPhone or iPad. What you need do is to sign up SpyX account with valid email, purchase suitable plan, login your SpyX account, type in the Apple ID and password of the target iPhone and start monitoring. Tracking updates are delivered directly to the dashboard, which you can access at any time. No Jailbreak, no app installation.


2. Track an iPhone for all data


If you have the right tool, tracking an iPhone is a breeze. SpyX offers a secure, reliable way to track an iPhone or iPad. It has powerful tracking features. It can track all iPhone activities. Tracking sent and received text messages, GPS locations, photos, phone calls, emails, notes, reminders, etc. Check out the live demo on the SpyX website.


3. Track an iPhone safely


Your privacy is not at risk when you track iPhone with SpyX. Some iPhone tracking software can put your own privacy at risk. SpyX is different it won’t store your personal details in the cloud, where they may be vulnerable, nor share them with employees or developers. If you’re a parent trying to keep an eye on your child, or an employer supervising a problem employee, never hesitate to choose SpyX for iPhone tracking.


Steps to Use SpyX: 


Step 1: Create a free SpyX Account using your email ID.




Step 2: Set up SpyX and login into the iCloud account using the target device's iCloud ID and password.




Step 3: Start monitoring the device from your SpyX' control panel





Method 2. Track iphone location by phone number free with iCloud


If you want to know how to track someone's location on your iPhone for free, you can try Find My iPhone. It's a proprietary Apple app for ipads, iPod Touch, iphones, Apple Watch, AirPods, and Macs if they're lost or stolen. Using this location-tracking app, you can track the location of your iPhone by phone number on a map, track your device using lost mode, remotely delete all personal information, lock the device, and play a voice to detect it.


If your entire family is using Apple devices, then you can easily add your kids’ iPhone to your Apple ID. You can consider signing into iCloud when you are setting their phone up for them. This gives you the chance to find their device by using the Find my iPhone function and they can’t sign out without having your password. This stops them from creating their own account and it also means that you can watch out for them.


Method 3. Track iPhone by Phone Number Online with GeoFinder


GeoFinder is a service that you can use to locate an iPhone by phone number anywhere in the world. It is available to all cellphones. And the operation is so simple. Just type in the phone number of the target iPhone, and you will see precise geolocation on the map.


Method 4. Find iPhone location by number with


In most cases, monitoring a missing smartphone is possible if you have installed one of the mighty iPhone tracking apps, like Localize is one of the cheapest, yet most effective iPhone location tracking apps that only requires a phone number to work. Here’s how you can use it to locate an iPhone by number:


1.Go to website

2.Enter the phone number of the target device

3.Click on “locate”

4.The location of the desired phone device will be shown.

5.Another option is the use of the IMEI number or IMEI tracker. But this only works if you open a case with the police and have them look up the IMEI code.


Method 5. Track iPhone location by number free with GPS Cell Phone Locator


It's a free online mobile phone number tracker. It lets you find your lost iPhone anywhere in the world. You don't need to download it to any device to locate your target phone. It's easy to find a phone with one click.


Method 6. Track iPhone location by number free with Free Phone Tracer


Free Phone Tracer is another Free option for tracking iPhone numbers online. When you enter your lost phone number here, it automatically searches the location for free. The site has McAfee security solutions. It can track landline and mobile phone numbers.


Method 7. Track iPhone location by number free with Online GPS Phone Tracker


Online GPS mobile tracker is a very popular mobile phone tracking solution. The operation is very simple and convenient. Most importantly, telecoms operators around the world are being supported. There is no need to install any third-party applications on your device. The site allows anyone track their iPhone's location anywhere in the world.


Part 3. How to Track a Family Member's iPhone


If you prefer to use a free mobile tracker, Find My Friends is built into the latest version of iOS. The app is not designed to track iPhone location spies, but as a great way to connect with family and friends. You don't need to download this software. To enable the app, users need to track the location of their iPhone for a few minutes and then share their location with your iPhone without their knowledge by changing Settings. It's the perfect solution to the problem of how to track phone numbers on an iPhone. Accept the invitations they send you on your device without sharing your site with them.


Part 4. Why Should Parents Give Child an iPhone


Many parents hold the opinion that mobile phone is bad for children. In fact, mobile phones have benefits if used properly. Parents can’t prevent children from cell phones forever.


Advantages 1.

Easy connection. Parents can connect with children more easily. When children are late for school or go home not on time, parents can have a call to ensure whether they are safe or in troubles.


Advantages 2.

Self-study. Children can download studying apps from app store. This can help children learn more interesting knowledge and open eyes to other cultures.


Advantages 3.

Keep social. If children is buried with homework and study, they will feel boring and lonely. It is very important for them to keep in touch with their friends and surf the internet for interesting thing. They can use cellphone to send messages, have a call ,take photos with their friends. It's also a way to cement friendship.

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