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As the need for Android monitoring continues to grow, Android spy apps have surged in advanced features and enhancements. However, the reality is that most brands are not as powerful as they claim. This article takes an in-depth look at various brands of Android spy apps and provides substantial advice to help you make an informed choice when choosing the best tool for your monitoring needs.


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Part 1. What you need to know about Android spy apps

1.1 What are spy apps


Spy apps, also called surveillance software, are often used for parental control or employee monitoring, allowing parents to keep tabs on their children's online activities or employers to monitor employees to increase productivity and ensure company data is secure. General spy apps can monitor text message records, location, photos, etc. of the target device. Some more advanced cell phone spy apps can view data from various social media, such as WhatsApp, Youtube, etc.


1.2 How Android spy apps work


Android spy apps mainly work by being installed on the target device. Most Android spy apps still require physical access to the device to install, but now have brand that can use cloud solutions to connect. Once installed, the Android spy app works in the background in stealth mode, which means it does not appear in the installed apps list or app drawer, making it difficult for users to detect. The spy app for android can then collect and transfer the data to the dashboard, often encrypting it to protect users' privacy.


1.3 Android spy solutions


Before understanding the features of the spyware, users should actually first understand the connection solution of the spy app. The ease of connection determines the feasibility of implementation. The vast majority of Android spy apps on the market work by downloading and installing the apps on the target Android. At present, we found that there is already a brand that has a cloud solution connection method like iPhone spy apps. This means that users can remotely connect to the target device, making the operation more convenient. So next, we will use a table to help you understand Android connection solutions and the differences of different solutions.


Solutions Steps Implementation conditions Data Refresh Frequency Supported data types (based on the latest Android version)
APK Physically access the target Android and install the app on it Need to physically access the target phone and be able to unlock it Once the cell phone is formatted, this solution will become invalid Almost all data types
Google cloud Use the Google account to bind the target device and pass the two-step verification A Google account and two-step verification are required Allow online real-time refresh Most data types including SMS, Calls, Locations, Whatsapp, etc.


Part 2. Introduction of Android spy features

In general, the features of Android spy apps can be divided into regular features and advanced features. Regular functions are the basic functions of the mobile phone itself and are also the most commonly used features by users. Advanced functions are mainly social media features and functions that meet the higher-level needs of users.


The most commonly used features of Android spy apps include text messages, call logs, photos, videos, and GPS location.


Take SpyX as an example:

  • Users can monitor all the text messages sent and received on the target phone, even those deleted ones.
  • Call logs including all incoming, outgoing, missed, canceled calls. All calls details are clear: name, number, duration, email.
  • SpyX is capable of capturing all the pictures and videos taken on the device. Users can also view screenshots, send and receive photos&videos in Google and apps.
  • GPS can show the real-time and historical location information of the device.



Other common features include browser history and bookmarks, contact lists, connected WiFi networks, events recorded in the calendar, apps installed on the phone, email, etc.



The advanced features of Android spy apps include social media(Wechat, Whatsapp, Line, Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, Viber, Tinder, Kik, Snapchat, Youtube, Instagram, Teams, Skype, Tiktok, QQ), remote control, keylogger, etc. The types of data users can view include text messages, pictures and videos, and even voice messages, as well as the specific times when those messages were sent and received.



Part 3. Brand comparison (Solution, Feature, Price, After-sales)

This article collects the most common Android spy apps on the market and tests their features. If you want to learn more about the experience of each brand, you can click the link of each brand to view the individual reviews.


BrandSolutionRegular featuresAdvanced featuresFree trialPrice (12-month plan)After-sales
SpyXGoogle&APKSMS, Calls, Locations, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Calendars, WiFi, Installed appsWhatsapp, Line, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Tiktok, Kik, Skype, Youtube, Wechat, Viber, Tinder, Teams, QQ, KeyloggerFree demo$11.67/month 
Kidsguard proAPKSMS, Calls, Locations, Photos, Videos, Calendar, Contacts, WiFi, App activitiesLine, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Tiktok, Skype, Youtube, Wechat, Tinder, Record surround,      
Record screen, Keylogger
Free demo$9.16/month 
UmobixAPKSMS, Calls, Photo snapshot, Videos, Address book, BrowsersWhatsapp, Line, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Tiktok, Kik, Skype, Youtube, Wechat, Tinder,      
Viber, Discord
Free demo$12.49/monthEasy to make repeated purchases due to operational errors, and refunds are troublesome
mSpyAPKContacts, Locations, WiFi, Installed apps, Browser history, Block Wi-Fi, Block Websites, Block ApplicationsWhatsapp, KeyloggerFree demo$11.67/monthGreat support and guidance, but refunds are annoying
XnspyAPKSMS, Calls, Locations, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Calendar, Installed apps, Internet history, Screen time, WiFi networksWhatsapp, Remote controlFree demo$12.08/month 
EyezyAPKSMS, Calls, Locations, Contacts,      
Block wifi, Email, Screen recorder
Whatsapp, Snapchat, KeyloggerFree demo$7.99/monthRefunds are cumbersome
HoverwatchAPKLocations, Contacts, CalendarScreenshots (Unlock selfies, SMS, Viber, Facebook messenger, Brower)4-day free trialPersonal: $8.33/month      
Professional: $16.65/month      
Business: $41.75/month
SnoopzaAPKSMS, Locations, Websites,      
Unlock selfies
Screenshots(Facebook)4-day free trialStandard: $8.33/month     
Professional: $10.83/month
SpylixAPKSMS, Location, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Call records,      
Installed apps, Events
WhatsappFree demo$9.99/monthNo real-time customer service
WebwatcherAPKSMS, Locations, Contacts, PhotosInstagram, Messenger, SnapchatNo free deme or free trial$10.38/monthNo real-time customer service
CocospyAPKSMS, Calls, Locations, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Calendar, Browser history,Whatsapp, KeyloggerFree demoBasic: $8.33/month     
Premium: $10.00/month     
Family: $16.67/month
FlexispyAPKSMS, Calls, Locations, Photos, Videos, Calendar, WiFi,      
App activities, Installed Apps, Notes
KeyloggerNo free deme or free trialPremium: $12.42/month     
Extreme: $29.08/month
FencedAPKbasic version can view: Messages, Calls, SIM cardPremiun plan can view social media featuresFree demoBasic: $5.00/month     
Standard: $6.67/month     
Premium: $8.33/month
TispyCompared with the apps mentioned above, these apps have basic features (such as Location, Calls, etc.) and do not have any advantages, so I will not write about them here.

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Part 4. How to choose an Android spy app

After we have a certain understanding of Android spy software and understand each brand, how should we choose an Android spy app that is most suitable for us? Here are some directions to help you make an informed decision:


Determine your purpose:

Identify what you need the app to do. For example, use it for parental controls, employee monitoring, or personal device security.

  • If you are parents and you have monitoring needs for several children, I recommend you use cocospy’s family plan, which can monitor 3 devices at the same time. If you only want to monitor one child, then you can consider SpyX and Kidsguard pro, which can monitor most of the social software used by children and are very cost-effective.
  • If it is used for business needs and monitoring employees, using Hoverwatch's business plan is the best choice. It can monitor 25 devices at a time.
  • For personal use, I recommend you choose an app with keylogger feature, such as SpyX, Kidsguard pro, mSpy, Eyeze, etc. Because Keylogger can capture all data typed by users on the keyboard, it can effectively help users solve the problem of forgetting passwords.


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Feasibility of operation:

Understand how the chosen app works and how to connect to the target Android device. Choose an app with multiple binding solutions as much as possible, which can improve the feasibility of operation.


For users who have difficulty obtaining the target device, you can consider using SpyX's Google cloud solution. Currently, SpyX supports features of most data types.


Comprehensiveness of features:

Think about what features you might need. Common features like: call logs and message tracking, GPS location tracking, email access, and more. If needed, consider advanced features like keylogging, social media monitoring, or remote control.


The top apps in the software rankings, such as SpyX, Kidsguard pro and Umobix, all have comprehensive features. These three Android spy apps all give feedback on the data of each feature in the form of screenshots. Among them, SpyX can take a screenshot every 5 seconds.


Good user experience:

Different people will have different feelings when using the software. The software's interface design, operation guidance method, fonts, loading speed, etc. may all be factors that affect the user experience. Therefore, users can enter the official website of the software to experience it as needed.


Whenever possible, choose an Android spy app that is user-friendly, easy to navigate, has a well-organized interface, and has reliable customer support.


privacy protection:

It's important to be cautious and ensure that the apps you use can work in stealth mode, making them invisible to the user being monitored, and encrypt transmitted data to ensure privacy is not compromised.


If you don’t know the privacy policy of a software, you can ask customer service or view the app’s reviews to see what users have to say.


In addition, you can also consider money-back guarantee, compatibility(Some spyware supports both Android and iOS), prices and other aspects. By carefully considering these factors, you can choose a reliable and useful Android spy app for your specific situation.


Part 5. How to spy on android phone undetectable

Here are simple steps that allow you to spy on an android phone undetectable using SpyX:


Step 1) Enter SpyX


Step 2) Create a SpyX account for free with just your email



Step 3) According to your needs, choose the most convenient connection way to bind the target Android



Step 4) All ready, start monitoring!



Part 6. What are the benefits of using SpyX Android spy app

The benefits of using Android spy applications are manifold, whether for child, loved ones, business or personal use. Here are some of the main advantages:


Parental control and child safety:

One of the main benefits for parents of using SpyX Android spy app is that they can track their children’s online activities. SpyX spy app for Android allows parents to monitor their children's Android phone usage, ensure their online safety by tracking their children's location, monitoring Internet usage and supervising social media interactions, and creating a good growth environment for their children.


Employee monitoring and productivity:

Employers can use it to ensure company-issued devices are used appropriately, track employee locations during work hours to ensure safety and improve employee productivity, and SpyX Android spyware can also be used to protect sensitive company information and prevent company data breaches .


Tracking Lost or Stolen Devices:

The GPS tracking function of SpyX Android spy app can help users locate lost or stolen Android devices and retrieve lost or stolen devices in a timely manner.


Data backup and recovery:

SpyX Android spy app provides a data backup feature. When users forget their passwords or their mobile phones malfunction, it can protect important information in the device and prevent data loss.


While these benefits highlight the potentially positive uses of Android monitoring apps, be careful to follow local laws and regulations when using them to ensure you comply with privacy laws and respect the rights of those being monitored.


Part 7. FAQs

How do I know if my Android phone is under surveillance?


If your phone appears abnormal in these aspects, you should be wary of whether your cell phone is being monitored.

  • Monitoring apps consume battery power and cause abnormal battery drain on your Android phone.
  • The phone starts to behave strangely, such as crashing frequently or automatically installing apps.
  • Unusual noise or echo occurs during the call, and the call is intercepted.
  • Your phone can get warm even when used infrequently.
  • Phone performance slows down.


How to protect yourself from Android phone spy apps?


Protecting yourself from Android phone spy apps requires a combination of vigilance, good usage habits, and understanding your device's security features. For daily operations, you can use strong passwords and change them regularly, update your phone system, connect to secure WiFi, download apps from trusted sources, and check the permissions requested by apps.


Are Android spy apps legal?


The legality of using Android spy apps varies by jurisdiction and specific use cases. In many countries, it is illegal to install spy apps on other people's devices without their knowledge or consent. Therefore, please understand and comply with the laws in your area before using such applications.


How to spy on Android without installing software?


Currently, most Android spy applications still require software installation. If you don’t want to install any software to monitor target Android phone, you can use SpyX Android spyware, which can use Google cloud to bind the device, so there is no need to install an app.


Can spyware be detected on Android?


Finding hidden spy apps on Android devices can be challenging, because these apps are designed to be very stealthy. Android spy apps run in private mode on the target phone, which makes them virtually unnoticed by users and difficult to detect.


Can spyware be installed without you knowing?

Generally speaking, the above solutions will not be known to the monitored person, but it is worth noting that there are still some details that will arouse the suspicion of the monitored person, such as the two-step verification in the Google solution, and the APK solution requiring physical access Android device and unlock it.

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