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Losing your Android phone is annoyed. That means you lose important data, pictures, videos in your phone. Except for asking the police for help, there are still many other methods you can try to track and locate lost Android phone from iPhone free. Even if you can't find your lost phone immediately, you can remotely secure lost Android phone. Now, let's start to use 7 methods to track your lost Android phone with iPhone.


track android phone from iPhone free



Part 1. How to Track and Locate Lost Android Phone from iPhone Free


Once you lose your Android phone, and your friends or family members don’t use Android phones, you can try to find your lost Android phone from iPhone. First start with a phone tracker- SpyX.


Method 1. Track Phone with SpyX


SpyX is mainly designed for parental control and employee surveillance. You can use SpyX to track someone’s phone without knowing. It has strong tracking features as following:





● Track login, outgoing and missing phone calls


● Track sent and received text messages


● Browse recipient, sender, date of email


● Track GPS locations


● Track calendars, notes, reminders, events


● Track photos


Why Choose SpyX for Phone Tracking


SpyX stands out in the phone tracking market because of powerful tracking features. It is one-stop solution for phone tracking. If you are not tech-savvy, and want to track children’s phone without them knowing, SpyX is your priority choice. You can view demo free.


1. No jailbreak, no root

This is the biggest advantage of SpyX. To make SpyX wide-use, technician spare no effort to accomplish the technical breakthrough. You don’t need to jailbreak or root the target phone while tracking phone with SpyX. This makes phone tracking easier and wilder.


2. Simple Operation

SpyX is web-based service. That means you don’t need to install the app. And the user of target phone will not find that you are tracking his/her phone. What’s more, SpyX is compatible with almost phones, including main types of iPhone and Android. You don’t worry about the phone compatibility.


3. Reasonable Price

We provide three subscription plans, 1 month plan, 3 months plan, 12 months plan. If you just need a short-time tracking, you can choose 1 month plan. 12 months plan is suitable for long tracking and it is lowest for every month cost. 3 months plan is the most popular choice. All plans are automatic subscription for better user-experience. You can choose suitable plan according to your practical needs.


4. High Safety

SpyX will not hack the target phone for steal private information. It will not store the data on the server. That means once you stop using SpyX, you can’t find previous monitoring data any more.


Method 2. Find My Device


Find My Device is an Android App and cannot be installed on iPhone device. However, you can visit website on iPhone device, and track Android phone. However, tracking your Android phone with the Find My Device feature has some limitations. If your Android phone’s GPS is off, then it becomes difficult to trace it. Attention: you have enable Find My Device on your Android phone and your phone has an active Google account. Then you can take the following steps.


Step 1. Visit on iPhone.


Step 2. Login with Gmail and password, then click on Next.


Step 3. The map will show on your iPhone with the coordinate information of your lost Android device.


Step 4. You can track and locate your Android phone’s location from iPhone


Method 3. Check IMEI number of Android remotely using iPhone


Through IMEI number, you can know the status of your lost Android. What’s more, you can use IMEI number to track and block your device by the legal authorities.


Step 1. Visit, click i button next to your device’s name.


Step 2. You will see the detailed information about your Android on the screen-IMEI, First registered and Last seen.


Step 3. The Lase seen means when was the Android last online. Thus you can check the status of your phone.


Method 4. Remotely ring Android phone using iPhone


If you lost your phone but not make sure whether it is stolen, You can remotely call your Android phone through Find My Device. Attention: this features is not available when the sim is taken out, replaced or no network connection.


Step 1. Visit, click Play Sound.


Step 2. The screen will slide into calling mode and ring your Android device.


Method 5. How to remotely secure Android device from iPhone


In case that important data of phone is stolen, you can remotely lock the Android phone with Find My Device.


Step 1. Click on SECURE DEVICE.


Step 2. Enter a Recovery message, a Phone number where you can be reached and tap Secure Device.


Step 3. Your android device will be locked by Find My Device. All app notifications are hidden during this time. So, no one can access any message, email, or notification received during this time.


Method 6. Remotely erase data from Android device using iPhone


If you are sure that you have lost your phone, you can remotely erase data in case of data leakage.


Step 1. Tap Erase Device on the main device page.


Step 2. Confirm the action by clicking on Erase Device and follow the onscreen instructions.


Method 7. Track lost Android with Family Locator by Life360


Life360 is a good option to find your lost Android device. It lets you create a collective circle to find where your friends and family are by their phones. It also presents a feature that controls who can find you or the phone. Before using Life360, you should finish the following settings, then you can track lost Android from iPhone.


Step 1. Download Life360 App on both Android and iPhone.


Step 2. Open Life360 App on both Android and iPhone and finish the configuration.


Step 3. If your friends or family members use iPhone, share real-time location of Android with iPhone.


Step 4. If your Android phone is lost, you can open Life260 on iPhone and will find the location of the target Android phone.



We provide you with 7 methods to track your lost Android from iPhone. Most methods are based on previous settings. Or if the GPS location is turned off on the target phone, you will not track it. So, make phone tracking easy and reliable, you can use third-party apps like SpyX. It enable you to track GPS location anywhere, anytime.




Q1. How can I track a phone without them knowing on Google Maps?

You can track a phone using Google Maps without them knowing by enabling the feature without them knowing. Once the Google sharing or Find My Device feature has been set, you can track their phone without them knowing.


Q2. Can you track a phone without location on?

Yes, you can track your Android phone and iPhone without turning on the location. You can use SpyX Location Tracking or any other apps to track the location of your phone even when the location of the phone is not on.


Q3. Can I Track a Cell Phone with Just a Number?

Yes, you can track a cell phone with just a number. You can use the phone number tracking app or reach out to that cell phone carrier. You may be asked to provide other details like Country Code, ID, and IMEI number.


Q4. Can you track the location of an Android phone?

Yes, you can track the location of an Android phone. In addition, you can track it from another Android phone, an iPhone, or your PC.


Q5. How to share location between an iPhone and Android phone?

1. Download Google Maps from the App Store

2. Open Google Maps, and enable location services by selecting ‘Allow While Using App’

3. Tap the blue arrow in the bottom right corner to see your current location in the app.

4. Select ‘Share your location’.

5. Choose a period of time to share your location, or ‘Until you turn this off’.

6. Tap the Message icon and type in your Android contact to share your location with them.

7. Hit send as is, or modify the message.

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