How to Get Call History of Any Mobile Number for Free?

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Checking call history has become very important nowadays because you can get to know who was contacted and when. It turns out to be very useful when people want to check their partner's, friends', or kids' call history of any number to better know their recent status.


It has a lot of advantages to track call history of a mobile number and get call details, but not easy and limitations-filling. It is also a fact that most of the users have no idea of call history of mobile number online free. But don't panic it too much, this charpter will give you full guide on how to get call history of any number on others' Android and iPhone device.


If you want to know about this procedure, read the following article carefully. Let's go!




Can I Check Someone Call History Online?


Yes, it is definitely possible to get the call history of any mobile number. There are multiple methods available for that purpose like using the official service provided by your carrier.


However, if you want to check call history of any number on others' device, then you had better ask for third-party tool for help, such as SpyX, which can help you track call history of mobile number on others' devices (Both Android and iPhone deivce).


How Long Does a Phone Keep Call History of Any Number?


The answer varies depending on several factors. By default, most smartphones will store call history for around 30 days. However, some phones may keep call history of number for longer periods, with some devices capable of storing call logs for up to a year.


That being said, it's important to note that this duration is not set in stone. Some users may choose to clear their call logs manually, while others may configure their device to automatically delete call history after a certain period of time. It's also worth considering that some carriers may store call records for longer periods, typically for billing or legal purposes.


In addition to the default settings, there are several ways you can manage your call history of any number. For example, you can use third-party apps or built-in features to backup your call logs to cloud services or external storage devices, ensuring that you have access to your call records even after they are removed from your phone.


How to Check Recent Call History of Any Number?


It's different to check recent call history of any number on Android and iPhone devices. The following will give you full details on how to checl the recent call history of any number on Android and iPhone devices.


1. How to Check Call History of Any Number on Android Devices


Just follow these steps to check all history of any number on Android devices:


    · Open the Phone app.


    · Look for Recents tab in the bottom menu, and tap it.


    · Scrolling down to find the number you want to get call history.


    · Tap the Exclamation mark (!), there will be Call details of the number. In some devices, you should tap the phone number, then tap History to check Call histroy.




2. How to Get Call History Any Number on iOS Devices


Getting call history any number on iOS devices is little different from doing that on Android device, that's how it works:


    · Open the Phone app on your device.


    · Tap Recents tab in the bottom of the call logs. You will find all recent phone history there.


    · Looking for the number and tap it to review any call history.




How Can I Get Call History of Someone Else's Number?


If you want to track someone else's call history, the best way is to use some 3rd party call tracker apps since it can help you get call history of other number with 100% successrate. The following introduce top 2 methods to track call history of other number.


Way 1: How to Get Call History of Any Mobile Number with 3rd Party Apps


    · Time required: a few minutes


    · Steps involved: 3 steps


How to check call history of a number? If you are not able to get the call history of any mobile number via carrier then you will find many capable tools on the Internet, equipped with advanced technologies and ground-breaking features, among which we highly recommend SpyX being your best choice.


SpyX is an smart phone monitoring tool, which supports Android and iOS devices. It is also an exceptional cell phone monitoring app with productive features. with the help of SpyX, you can easily track all call history of any other numbers without being knowing.


SpyX -- Best to Get Call History of Any Mobile Number


large_l_C7_Cm_Gx_U3_R_cb7089bb1c (1).jpg


    · Track all the incoming and outgoing calls and showing detailed caller info.


    · Compared with similar phone number call history tracker apps, it's moderately priced.


    · It syncs the call history of any number remotely in real-time. As long as your account is valid, you have unlimited access to the data.


    · The app also tracks SMS, contacts, real-time location, social apps, etc. from the target device.


    · The best way to check your cheating boyfriend's Text messages without him knowing.


The Best Cell Phone Monitoring Solution: Track Call History of Any Number


    · Remotely check all incoming and outgoing calls & SMS


    · Track cell phone location in real time and view location history


    · Spy on social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Viber, Discord, Skype and more


    · Listen to someone's call contents without them knowing.


    · Record phone calls, phone screen and surrounding live to know everything around person


  • Set up geofence as well as keywords and get alerts when someone in/out the zone and match the words


1. Use SpyX to monitor someone's iphone activity


Operating SpyX is very easy.


Step 1. Sign up Free

Before start monitoring, create a free SpyX account using your valid email.


track someone's location without them knowing


Step 2. Purchase suitable plan.




Step 3. Connect Target Phone with SpyX

Set up SpyX and login to the iCloud account using the target device’s iCloud ID and password.




After verifying the icloud account, enter the verification code received by the target device.




Step 4. Start Monitoring

Start viewing the activity information of the target device from the SpyX control panel.





Way 2: How to Check Call History of Any Mobile Number with Network Provider


    · Time Required: 5-10 mins


    · Steps involved: 3-4 steps


If you want to go through the call history of a different number and you want to do it online via the service provider's website then you would find the procedure very easy.


But first, you have to determine the service provider of the target device. In most cases, the name of the service provider is visible at the top left corner of the mobile screen. Then you can go to their official website, provide a proper ID and password and you will find out the call history associated with that number.


How to Get Call History on Spirit


Taking Spirit as an example, if you want to get the call history of a Spirit mobile number then you can simply use the self-service portal to get the awaited call history and even view the pending bill. You can use the following guide to get the call history from the online portal of Spirit:


Step 1: You need to go to the official website of Spirit and sign in via the target's account.




Step 2: On the My Account page, click "My Bill" and then "See my bill".


Step 3: Scroll down and find For Call Details and select the phone number.


Step 4: Then click on Bill data and select the date to view call details. You can also click See Bill History to view the previous 24 months of call logs.




How do AT&T Users View Call Logs


Step 1: Log into the My AT&T account.


Step 2: Under My Plans, select Phone and then Voice features.


Step 3: Click on the Call Logs tab and you will be able to view or even download the call details.


How do Verizon Users Check Call History


Step 1: Still begin with signing in My Verizon online.


Step 2: Go to View previous cycles.


Step 3: Scroll down and find the My Bill option, then select a previous cycle from the dropdown menu.


Step 4: From the Get the details tab, choose Data, talk and text activity.


So, generally speaking, in order to check the call history for another number, you need to know the account related to that particular mobile number using the proper ID and passwords. Only then this method will work.


FAQs about Getting Call History of All Number


When it comes to the topic of how to check the call history of any number, there are some frequently asked questions on the internet. Here you can have a look.


Q1: How to get call list of my mobile number?


The answer to this question can be very simple. To check the call history of a number, you have 2 options: You can get the phone in hand to open the Calls app to view all the call history or look up all the call history of the number through the network provider. But the latter may need you to provide some credentials.


Q2: How to track call log of another number?


If the number belongs to the one who is close to you, you can just check it on their phone. How can I check Someone's call history without their phone? Maybe you should ask for the help of some third-party apps.


One of the popular is KidsGuard Pro, it can not only solve questions like "how to get call history of any mobile number online" or how to track call history of a number with very detailed information, but also record the phone calls. It was regarded as one of the best phone number call history recorders, it's worth a try.


Q4: How to get call details of any mobile number free?


You may have heard that there are some online ways to check the call history of another phone for free, but it can't definitely give you the call details like contact info or the call duration.


So you can only get it with the help of third-party apps like SpyX.

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