How to Set Parental Control on Android Phone

Emilie Burke

Parental control is necessary for the growth of any child, and peace for any parent is stepping out or going to bed knowing their child is safe. The internet has made life easier, but at the same time, it has become every responsible parent's worry. Besides being a source of educative and entertaining materials, the internet is a hub of everything bad for a child's growth. Cyberbullying, online predators, organized crime recruitment, radicalization, and adult-rated content are some of the wrong and harmful things your child could walk into on the internet, and why setting parental control on android phones should be every parent's goal.


Setting up parental controls on Android will restrict the contents, apps, and platforms your child can access on the internet, and it is one of the best ways you can protect your child against the dangers lurking on the internet. Mobile spy apps are another way of exercising efficient parental control. A spy app lets you know all the activities on your child's phone, giving you the chance to ensure that your baby is using the internet responsibly. These apps will block websites, apps, keywords, and contacts that you don't want to be accessed by your child. This article focuses on how to set parental controls on Android phones, the available basic parental controls for Android phones, and how to apply parental control on Android.


set parental control on Android phone

Part 1. Why You Should Monitor Your Child's Phone Activities

As I mentioned, the internet carries loads of things anyone can access. These things can be nurturing or destructive. The big responsibility of ensuring a child is only accessing materials meant to foster their growth lies with the parent's ability to understand how to use parental controls on Android. For this reason, a parent should monitor their child's phone activity to ensure that they are using it responsibly. Monitoring your child's phone gives you the power to decide who has access to your child, what your child has access to, and the time they can spend on their phone. Children, especially teens, can become hard to deal with or control. At the same time, you cannot always stay with them to watch their every move. Monitoring your child's phone activity gives you the advantage of ensuring you have an eye on most of their activities, and you can act wherever you notice they are going astray.


Part 2. Best Way to Set Parental Control on Android Phone

Monitoring apps are a parent's trusted friend for remote control and monitoring a child. SpyX is a dedicated and powerful parental control app for Android and iPhones available in the market today. When you have SpyX installed on your child's phone, you will know their every move, and you won't have to worry about what they are doing, where they are, or what they are planning. With SpyX, you can track and monitor your child's location, messages, calls, social media, browser history, contact list, block app installation, and website access remotely without having physical access to their phone. SpyX is an invisible app which means your child cannot detect it. SpyX is a very affordable spy app with 3 different subscription plans to accommodate everyone. To get SpyX and set parental control on Android, visit the SpyX website, sign up and register. You will receive an email with an instruction manual on installing SpyX on your child's phone, which takes less than 5 minutes. After the installation, log into your remote control panel and start monitoring. The spy app is compatible with iOS and Android devices and can be used by anyone.


GPS Tracker

The SpyX GPS tracker lets you track your child's real-time location from your remote control panel. You can see their actual location and direction without physically accessing their phone.


Call Tracker

SpyX's call tracker monitors incoming and outgoing calls, the time those calls are made, the caller's name, and records all the calls on your child's android phone. You will also view deleted call logs.


Text Tracker

The SpyX text tracker monitors received, sent, and deleted messages on your child's Android phone alongside the sender or recipient details. The spy app lets you view the time messages are sent and received.


Social Media Tracker

With predators preying on children behind fake social media accounts, SpyX gives you a deep and clear view of all your child's social media activities on all social media messenger apps. You get to know what they are posting online, who they are chatting with, and read the messages they are exchanging.


Other key features of SpyX include:

· View browser history.

· View photos and videos stored on your child's android phone.

· Blocking apps and websites that you don't want your child to access.

· A remote control panel where you monitor your child's phone without physically accessing their phone.


Part 3. What Are Basic Parental Control for Android

1. Set screen lock

Setting up a screen lock helps you limit your child's access to the mobile device. A screen lock can be a pattern, password, or pin. To set up a screen, go to Settings>Lock screen>Screen lock type>choose your preferred type>Enter your lock screen Pin, Pattern, or Password>Confirm and set.


2. Set data limit

Setting a data limit controls time and content access on a mobile phone. To set a data limit, go to Phone Settings>Connections>Data usage>Mobile data usage>Select the setting icon on the top right corner>Turn on Set data limit>Select Data limit>Enter the Data limit number in GB or MB>Select Set.


3. Set up a child account or restricted profile

With the restricted profile, you can limit the apps and materials your child can access from that particular profile without tampering with other settings. Select Settings menu on the Android phone>Scroll down and select Users>Select Add user or profile>Select Restricted profile>Set up a password, pin, or pattern password for the added account>Select New profile and enter your child's name>Select OK>Select and toggle on the apps you want to enable for your child's profile.


4. Restricted applications and Google Play Store content

Google play store is the primary source of many apps. Restricting the applications your child can install prevents them from accessing inappropriate apps. Select Google Play App>Select profile icon>Select Family Parental control>Turn on>create a PIN>Select contents you want to filter>Restrict access. 


5. Block third-party Installation

This option allows you to block your child from installing third-party apps. Go to settings>Apps option>Select All>Scroll down and select the App you want to block>click Disable.


Part 4. Conclusion

Parental control is a compulsory accessory for every parent; thus, every parent should know how to activate parental controls on Android. Knowing the best monitoring options available to keep tabs on your child is a necessary trick. These can range from simple setups to functional monitoring apps that give you a variety of features to exercise full parental control. Each of them matters, and your dedication to putting them into action will pay by guaranteeing your child's security and safety where you cannot physically watch them.


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