How to Secretly Track an iPhone

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If you are a responsible parent, you want to know exactly where your child is when he is out; when you suspect that your partner is cheating, you want to know his recent chat records on the phone or on WhatsApp. You want to know how to secretly track an iPhone. If you can secretly track an iPhone, you can know all of the other person's activities.


As technology evolves, tracking an iPhoneis not very hard. But it's not that easy to remotely and secretly track an iPhone. You need professional and reliable mobile phone tracking software to help you. In this article, we will detail you on 3 ways to secretly track an iPhone. First, let's start with the fastest and most effective mobile phone tracking software, SpyX.


Secretly Track an iPhone



Part 1. SpyX-How to Secretly Track An iPhone with High Efficiency

If you are considering choosing a software to secretly track iPhone, then SpyX is your first choice. With SpyX to track the target iPhone, the partner won't find you tracking his phone remotely. Whether real-time updated data or historical data, SpyX can track it.


SpyX is stronger than you imagine. It is use-friendly, reliable and secure. With SpyX, you can secretly track an iPhone without any difficulty.





1. SpyX Features


Real-time GPS location tracking

Want to track your husband's mobile phone to check his location? SpyX can remotely and secretly monitor the phone and track its location in real time. Of course, you can also use SpyX to track your husband's his location history and see where he's been before.



You can set your geofencing for your child with SpyX and you get notifications when your child's range exceeds the set area. You can ask or stop your child to ensure his safety.


Social apps monitoring

SpyX can track installed apps on the target iPhone as well as the text messages, photos shared via social apps, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, LINE,etc. If you are wondering how to secretly track an iPhone and all text messages, SpyX can accomplish secret tracking easily.


Access all messages

SpyX enables you to access to all incoming and outgoing messages on the iPhone. You can view all these messages with details, such as sender, receiver, timestamp. Both updated messages and deleted messages are available. If you need, you can export these text messages from SpyX dashboard.





Ability to read emails

If you want track someone’s email remotely, SpyX can help you view the email with details as content, sender, receiver, timestamp. You can know who your child is emailing with and what they are talking about.


Track media files

SpyX allows you to track the media files videos or audio on someone’s iPhone. With SpyX phone tracker, you can easily access all the media files on the target phone. That means you will never miss any valuable data with SpyX monitoring app.


Track browser history

With SpyX phone tracker, you can track someone’s browser history. Even the user browses with stealth mode, SpyX can help you find out what he searched and browsed. What’s more, you can block the sites.


Trace all the contacts

You can view all contacts clearly on SpyX dashboard. SpyX allows you to learn more about who you know and don't know in their social circles. Of course, the other person doesn't find you using the software to track him remotely.


SpyX is an all-in-one tool that lets you track an iPhone instantly. With SpyX, you will achieve more than just tracking the iPhone, from the control panel, you will access all the device’s activities. SpyX will be the best of any cell phone tracking software you've ever used.



2. Advantages of using SpyX

SpyX has won the praise and trust from many users because it is your best choice to secretly track iPhone. Let's understand the advantages of SpyX to secretly track an iPhone!


Track without the target phone

SpyX can easily implement the need to remotely and secretly track an iPhone. Without a negative and miscellaneous operation, you just need to enter the iCloud information of the target phone to remotely bind it, and then drink a cup of coffee, and turn on your remote monitoring. You don't even need to get your target phone.


Work in stealth mode

Using SpyX, you don’t need to install app on the target iPhone. It's just so convenient. The SpyX is completely invisible. The other person doesn't find anything unusual, and he doesn't realize you are monitoring him remotely.


Track more than 40 types of data

SpyX can track over 40 kinds of data, including text messages, photos, gps locations, videos, installed apps, social media chats, browsing history, etc. This means that all the data on the target iPhone is tracked. You know what the other person do with iPhone.


No jailbreak required

For many non-technical users, jailbreaking is very difficult. With SpyX, you don't need to jailbreak at all. Is it very simple? And you no longer have to worry about the possible damage to your partner's phone.


100% safe and reliable

SpyX is very secure and credible. A lot of free mobile phone tracking software online is dangerous because they can carry a virus. And the SpyX doesn't pose any security risks to the phone. At the same time, SpyX does not leak data from its target phones to other people or other platforms.


User-friendly user interface

SpyX has user-friendly interface so that you can follow all the steps to finish the operation. The whole SpyX dashboard is also compact. Just click the data item list on the left, then you can types of data separately.


3. How to Secretly Track an iPhone with SpyX?

Now your clear about the features and advantages of SpyX, you will learn about how to secretly track an iPhone with SpyX step by step.


Step 1. Register for a free SpyX account

Sign up free with an valid email. And then you will receive email that contains the information of your SpyX account and original password.




Step 2. Set up SpyX

Choose suitable plan and bind the target iPhone with SpyX. No need to install app on the target phone, just enter iCloud details of target phone.




Step 3. Start tracking the iPhone

Go to your SpyX dashboard and view all data of target iPhone. You can also export all data from dashboard to your computer.




Part 2. How to Secretly Track an iPhone without iCloud Using Find My Friends

With Find My Friends app, you can secretly track an iPhone. Because the app enables you to get the location of an iPhone in real-time.


Find My Friends


Follow the steps to track location of target iPhone with Find My Friends:


● Open the Find My Friend’s app.


● Scroll down and click the contact image.


● Enable the Share My Location icon.


● Ensure that for you are available to everyone on your iPhone, and then using the target iPhone, click Add.


● Click your contact image.


● Choose the option to share indefinitely.


● Accept the sharing location alert.


● When asked if to allow sharing of your location, select the Don’t Share option.


Compared with SpyX:


1. Find My Friends can only track the location of target phone while SpyX can track all activities of target iPhone.


2. SpyX is totally undetectable. If you use Find My Friends, you need to physical access to the target phone, thus you will be caught easily.


3. You need only three steps to operate SpyX while you need to more steps to operate Find My Friends.


Part 3. How to Track Someone’s iPhone Secretly Using mSpy?

mSpy is another alternative app you can use to track someone’s iPhone secretly. mSpyX is mainly design for parental control. You can use it to track target iPhone remotely without being detected.


mSpy phone tracker


To use mSpy, follow the steps below:


Using your email, register on Spyine’s web-based app.


● Choose your monthly payment plan.


● Once the purchase is successful, follow the set-up link to set up the device.


● Choose the target platform.


● Enter the iCloud login details of the target iPhone.


Compared with SpyX


1. mSpy can’t track more than 40 types of data as SpyX does.


2. mSpy needs jailbreaking for iPhone while SpyX doesn’t need jailbreaking at all.


3. SpyX has online customer service while mSpy doesn’t have such service.


Part 4. Conclusion

When you considering to secretly track an iPhone, which app will you choose. After reading the article, obviously the answer is SpyX phone tracker. Spx is the best tool to track an iPhone. It works in a hidden mode and remotely. What’s more, you have access to many features while other apps don’t have. All in all, SpyX saves your time from wondering how to secretly track an iPhone. Try SpyX today for quick and easy tracking of an iPhone secretly.


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