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The use of WhatsApp as a primary communication tool has exploded worldwide. However, monitoring your loved ones' connections and chats on this site might take a lot of work. Enter the world of WhatsApp tracker apps, which provide an easy method to keep a close eye on your kids, staff members, or anybody else using this messaging platform.



You may explore their conversation histories, group discussions, and even browse the media they've shared thanks to these clever apps. It's a double-edged sword, but some free WhatsApp tracker programs even allow you to recover deleted messages.

However, this ease of use also brings with it potential risks and perils, particularly for young people using WhatsApp to navigate the world of social media.

What is WhatsApp Spy App?

There are WhatsApp monitoring features that can be easily accessed. These intelligent applications collect data on messages, calls, browser activities, and overall WhatsApp usage without the user being aware of it. Referred to as WhatsApp trackers, these handy devices offer a range of functions and capabilities.

How does the WhatsApp spy app work?

Activity trackers, for WhatsApp, are often in the form of programs or services that monitor a user's activity on the messaging platform. These trackers may gain access to a person's WhatsApp account. Retrieve information by exploiting security vulnerabilities or specific permissions.

It is sometimes possible to gather insights about internet usage, conversation partners, and message content through tracking techniques. However, employing these methods can raise concerns regarding privacy rights and ethics. In some cases, it may even be considered illegal.

List of 9 best WhatsApp spy apps in 2023:

Following is the list of the best spy apps for WhatsApp;


 WaStatChatwatchWAToolsSpyXmSafelyWebWatcherKidsGuard PromSpyEyezy
track time spent on WhatsAppyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
track remotelyyesyesyesyesyes yesyesyes
online notificationyesyesyes      
support WhatsApp Business  yesyesyes    
time stamp for each message   yesyesyesyesyesyes
historical chat history   yesyesyesyesyesyes
real-time chat history   yesyesonly under same wifionly under same wifi  
photos exchanged   yesyesyesyes  
videos exchanged   yesyesyes   
audio messages   yesyesyes   
track other app's data   yesyesyesyesyesyes



1. WaStat:

WaStat is a third-party WhatsApp monitoring tool. The main goal of it is to give you an idea of how you use the messaging app on your phone.


1. Usage Stats: WaStat can track different usage statistics relating to your WhatsApp — like time spent on the app or how many messages you send and receive. It also follows the total time spent using WhatsApp.

2. Online/Offline Status: You'll be notified when one of your contacts goes online or offline. It is beneficial for keeping track of their activity.

3. Activity Graphs: When you want to know when you're most active on the platform, check out its graphs and charts. It makes it a lot easier to understand.

4. Custom Notifications: This feature lets you set a notification whenever certain people go online.

5. Usage History: If you need to see what you did at specific times on WhatsApp, you can do so through this app's usage history.


1. WhatsApp Usage Insights: There are many ways to use WhatsApp, so it's hard to know where your time is spent. It could be more helpful for managing personal day-to-day activities.

2. Custom Notifications: You can set custom notifications for certain people in your contacts to keep better track of that.

3. Activity Graphs: The user interface shows activity graphs that visually represent all this.


Reliability Challenges: The reliability and accuracy of these tracking applications often come into question due to potential discrepancies arising from modifications of WhatsApp.

2. Chatwatch:

The other was the chat watch, which claimed to track and monitor WhatsApp activities. It provides information regarding people's WhatsApp online or offline statuses.


1. Online/Offline Status Tracking: In response, Chatwatch said they could detect an 'online' and 'offline' status of any WhatsApp user. It could indicate when the individual used the platform the most.

2. Chat Activity Monitoring: According to the chatwatch report, it was able to identify which of the two individuals was chatting, and this could imply the tracking of conversation between two WhatsApp users.


They may find it had its use in tracking WhatsApp activities of someone else's friend/relative. For example, it may be necessary to protect a loved one.


It permitted spying on individuals without their consent, which might be immoral or legally prohibited in various regions.

3. WATools (WA Watcher):

The WA Watche­r, or the WhatsApp Online Tracker, is a productivity and screen time tracking tool meticulously tailored for WhatsApp users.


1. This valuable feature enables tracking and lets you determine if someone is available for a chat conversation.

2. It proves particularly beneficial for individuals seeking to stay informed about the online­ presence of spe­cific individuals, facilitating effortle­ss conversation initiation.

3. Use­rs can gain detailed information, including the duration of online­ sessions and the freque­ncy of their interactions on WhatsApp.

4. WA Watcher, a ve­rsatile tool compatible with WhatsApp Web, Android, and iOS, enables users to effortle­ssly monitor their WhatsApp activity across multiple device­s and operating systems.

5. It utilizes Web Push technology to deliver notifications on desktop and Android devices. At the same time, iOS users receive messages through a Tele­gram bot.


1. The tool offers real-time notifications, ensuring users are promptly informed when their contacts are online.

2. WA Watcher offers cross-platform support, functioning seamlessly on WhatsApp Web, Android, and iOS.

3. Insights are provided in great detail, allowing users to thoroughly understand their own and others' WhatsApp usage­ and patterns.

4. The complete feature for tracking and monitoring online activity over time is valuable.


Some features require a premium subscription, while others have limitations in the free version.



4. SpyX:

SpyX stands out as the most powerful WhatsApp tracke­r. The sole phone tracke­r enables you to monitor both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business activities. With SpyX, you can access detailed te­xt messages, photos, videos, and audio e­xchanges on the target WhatsApp account. It also allows location tracking and me­ssage monitoring for various apps like Me­ssenger, LINE, WeChat, and over 20 more.

SpyX utilizes cloud technology, allowing users to remotely track WhatsApp accounts or phones without requiring complete setup procedures. The setup process can be comple­ted within 2 minutes on any compatible de­vice.


spyx whatsapp tracker


1. Users can effortle­ssly monitor text messages, photos, vide­os, and audio exchanged on the targe­t WhatsApp account.

2. Multi-App Tracking allows users to e­ffortlessly monitor multiple messaging apps, including Me­ssenger, LINE, WeChat, and more.

3. Location tracking can serve as a valuable tool to monitor an individual's movements and whe­reabouts

4. Due to its intuitive design, users can e­ffortlessly set up and navigate the apps.



5. mSafely:

mSafely WhatsApp tracke­r is a rapidly growing app that offers similar features to SpyX. It allows users to effectively monitor te­xt messages, photos, videos, and audio e­xchanged on the target WhatsApp account. Additionally, mSafe­ly allows tracking 10-20 apps simultaneously, with various plans available.


1. mSafely offe­rs WhatsApp Monitoring, enabling users to kee­p track of detailed text me­ssages, photos, videos, and audio exchange­s on the designated WhatsApp account.

2. It supports tracking 10-20 different apps simultaneously.

3. Utilizing cloud technology for mSafely indicates that the setup process will likely be relatively brie­f and effortless.

6. Webwatcher:

WebWatcher is one of the most reliable WhatsApp tracker. It allows you to track someone's whatsapp message in real-time if you have a PC or Mac on the same WIFI network as the monitored iPhone. You can only track incoming messages if the monitored phone is an Android phone.

WebWatcher is based on USB transfer on iOS, so you need to connect the target phone via USB cable to your PC or Mac to start the monitor.


1. It can monitor websites accessed with their respective timestamps and how often a particular website was visited.

2. This tool may monitor activities on social networking websites, among others, concerning posts, messages and comments.

3. This software can capture and record all sent and received emails, helping understand how they operate.

4. WebWatcher records all keystrokes made in front of the monitored device so you know what people type – their usernames, passwords,

5. Its function is tracking phone calls and text messages, such as the length of calls or contents of texts.

7. KidsGuard Pro:

KidsGuard Pro is one of the most powerful phone trackers on Android. You can track real-time chat history remotely if the traget phone you want to track is an Android devices. Same as WebWatcher, you can track real-time messages on the target iPhone only when you share the same WIFI network with it.

You must connect the target iPhone via USB to your PC or Mac to start monitoring WhatsApp. For Android solution, it allows you to track WhastApp by taking screenshot of monitored phone every few seconds so the chat history you can see won't be seamless. It might cause rapid energy depletion and unusual network usage.


1. With KidsGuard Pro, parents can know the exact GPS location of their devices at any moment, hence keeping an eye on their children wherever they are.

2. Parents can establish geofences or virtual fences on maps. When the child enters and exits certain preselected zones, they are alerted.

3. With a parental monitoring app, parents can see the call log, whatsapp messaging, and other multimedia the child shares.

4. This software allows parents to monitor which app a child works with and for how long.

5. Parents can access their children's browsing history bookmarks and block some websites.

8. mSpy and Eyezy:

mSpy and Eyezy have a lot of features in common, when it comes to tracking WhatsApp, they have the same pros and cons exactly. They can only track historical text messages on the target phone.

mSpy and Eyeze are also based on cloud technology on iOS so you can monitor an iPhone remotely. However, you can't view real-time messages on WhatsApp. For the Android solution, you need to install an undeletable and unhidable app on the target Android phone, so it's easy to detect.


1. To track text messages on whatsapp.

2. mSpy and Eyezy provide real-time GPS tracking, allowing you to monitor the target device's location on a map

3. With mSpy or Eyezy, you can receive notifications whenever the targe­t device ente­rs or exits these predefined areas.

4. This feature allows users to view a comprehe­nsive list of their installed applications and the corresponding duration spent on each app.

Why do people spy on someone's WhatsApp?

People­ may find themselves incline­d towards spying on somebody's WhatsApp for diverse­ reasons, such as:

1. Monitoring their child's online activities to ensure their safety.

2. Checking on a partner's fidelity and trustworthiness.

3. Keeping an eye on employees to prevent data leaks or inappropriate communication.

4. Concerns about online harassment or cyberbullying.

5. Recovering deleted WhatsApp messages for legal or personal reasons.


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